Minions of Darkness


We never act alone. All through your entanglement with us we will utilise the services and dedication of those who are loyal to us. Before we have even spoken to you we will be compiling a dossier of information about you by contacting those who know you. We will utilise our lieutenants to approach you and gather intelligence which will all be passed back to us for the purpose of analysis and subsequent application. Once our seduction of you has begun you will be taken in by my butterflies. The butterflies are those who do my bidding and they always do, who always appear and please you. Like a beautiful butterfly he or she will flutter around you, making you smile with his or her pleasantries, charm and general goodness. Like a butterfly with striking colours and that delicate movement they have been sent to enchant you on my behalf and alongside my own endeavours. My butterflies will only ever say pleasant things to you, repeating and consolidating the charming words which I have sent your way. They will flutter around you complimenting the things that you dp, how you look and who you are. They will remark what a wonderful couple we are together and how they can see it lasting forever. Primed with all the speeches, sentences and rhetoric that we use, these butterflies will remind you of all our magnificent attributes and thus reinforce how fortunate you are to be with someone like us. They will point out how happy you are and confirm that you make us happy too, far happier than that other harpy that came before you. You must watch out for her by the way, she is a trouble maker and will want to split you and us up. These butterflies will primarily be friends of ours but over time we will want to recruit your own friends and family to be our butterflies as well. Not only is such a recruitment a massive boost to our egos, it also means that there will be added credibility when they fly around you issuing their compliments about us both. When you are told time and time again how wonderful you are, how sensational we are and how magnificent we are together, any doubts that you may have had, any degree of modesty about such over compliments will soon melt away as the array of fluttering butterflies transfixes you.

Real butterflies only live for somewhere between one and five weeks and like their real-life counterparts my butterflies have a limited shelf life as well. This of course is down to you because as usual you always end up spoiling everything. If you maintained my interest and ensured that the high-grade, positive fuel you have supplied for the last year or so was maintained then my butterflies would have continued but your fuel diminishes, it turns stale and is not at the required level we demand. Accordingly, the selfishness you exhibit in behaving in this manner causes those beautiful and mesmerising butterflies to fade away. Your lack of loyalty and treachery means that these beautiful creatures become replaced by my crows.

Noisy, dark and petulant my crows will descend on you as I commence my devaluation of you. Remember you have brought this on yourself so you cannot expect any sympathy from my dark minions who have been recruited, brainwashed and controlled in order to further my own malevolent ambitions. My crows act at my command as they, like you, relish any opportunity to gain my favour and attention. Like some medieval king I will grant them access to me and allowing the crow to bask in my radiant brilliance secures their loyalty. Like the butterflies my crows come from my ranks of friends and family but once again I shall seek to corrupt those from your support networks so that they might first appear as a butterfly before transforming into a squawking and mocking crow. It is even the case that some of my cast-offs, desperate to remain around me and be subjected to my wonderful largesse are recruited as my minions. Thinking that they will win my favour and more importantly keep you from it, they readily agree to carry out my will. Some of my minions do not realise that they have been manipulated into doing what I want. Instead they carry out my instructions in an oblivious fashion. Others are well aware that they act as my agents of destruction but they revel in this role. Their loyalty is without question. I have flattered and charmed them as I did with you. They recognise you as the enemy who has sort to usurp their king and therefore you must be destroyed. No wonder the collective noun for  crows is a murder.

My crows are unleashed to perpetuate the devaluation against you. My dark minions come forth in order to do my bidding. The crows flap around you, their dark wings making it difficult for you to see clearly. Their incessant squawking fills your ears as they scold you for your treason. My crows move quickly, announcing to your support network the terrible way you have behaved and before they can be struck down they fly away to flap around you once more, their cacophony of insults swirling about you. This near constant noise of insult and vitriol has all been fed to them by me. Like dark messengers they repeatedly assail you with their name calling and lies, making you anxious as you are under sustained attack. You try and swipe them to one side but they merely dodge your attempts and continue to mock you. As you grow weaker from these repeated assaults they fly closer and then begin to peck at you. Just as we control you through our notorious salami-slicing techniques this pecking from my crows steadily erodes your confidence, your self-esteem, your self-worth and your identity. The crows land on your shoulder and with vicious beaks peck away something more of you as you try to fight them off but the weakness that has gripped you makes this difficult. More crows come, ordered by me to continue this campaign against you. The deployment of my dark minions saves me energy and allows me to create my butterflies for my new target whilst you lie there curled up in a ball, the dark crows hopping over you, twisted beaks pecking at you, weakening you further. Those in my coterie, my lieutenants, my agents of darkness provide a fundamental role in both my seduction and devaluation of you. I cannot succeed without them and will always ensure that I have both a box of butterflies to open for you and a tree full of black crows waiting to attack you. Perhaps you need to find a scarecrow?



  1. HG I understand how you, as a Greater, with excellent manipulation ability, can accumulate Lieutenants. How does that apply to Mid rangers and lessers? Curious if they have lieutenants, if they utilize them in the same ways, and if there is the same strength of loyalty?

  2. I have contact with what I believe is a greater narc. He has constantly been saying he wants me to meet his team. I believe they are his evil minions. He had my mom meet them they looked super normal according to my mom; But she does not understand narcs. I think these minions will turn into crows soon enough. I feel he will also triangulate me with some (which he tried to do once but that was when I escaped)
    I want to minimize interactions with minions. It’s surprising how much the narc insists I meet them. Do narcs really lack ideas? can they not function with their team?

    Good writing HG. great categorization of behavior.

    1. Meant to say “can narc not function without their minions?” This narc is very focused on having me engage with his team and work under the circumstances he defines.

  3. I find the word “flying monkeys” more suitable because those doing this are either:
    -boneless to have their own dignity, morality, values and tastes and stick to them (“butterflies” willing to put their nose in nearly everyone’s business to receive some crumbs of attention from the narcissist or others) or
    -selfish and wanting to reach their purposes at someone else’s expenses, not that they give a s**t on others sufferings, anyway- (crows – usually a lesser or a mid ranger because they are so mean as to carry on those malign hoovers).

    Reading another of your articles (Malign Hoovers Campaign), I understood why I never met someone as mean as you! I would have erased all those malign hoover messages (let’s get serious, no one is leaving you phone messages at work when it’s obvious you’re not there, even if one works with people from a different continent, there are e-mails and mobile phones to reach for someone if something very important arises; usually, if one has a secretary, she’s not on the first hierarchy’s steps so… no one (normal) would call her at night unless the company itself is in danger) and laugh at how you or someone used by you lowered themselves that much (a man otherwise calling himself a gentleman!). And someone as intelligent as you should have known that he wouldn’t receive fuel.
    I’m immune to malign hoovers and that would have only strengthened my NC, showing me that the man wasn’t good for sure. The good man’s untouched image fooled me in nex. I have a visceral aversion to injustice/bad men (as I previously said, I physically defended mother from father when I was 5 yo, getting my lips broken). When it comes to only words thou, I’m not getting into pointless fights.

  4. Washington (CNN)In July 2011, an article in a Maryland newspaper titled “Jarrod wants to be your friend” told of how a man had befriended a former female high school classmate on Facebook and began a “yearlong nightmare” of harassing her over the Internet.

    Eventually, the female classmate pressed charges and then promptly fled the state so Jarrod Warren Ramos (the shooter) turned his malice obsession towards the Capital Gazette for writing the article, which eventually culminated in the shooting deaths of five employees.

    Imagine if the classmate knew what she was dealing with and had the information to disengage, go NC and get off of FaceBook. Maybe those five employees would be alive today.

    The APA should be ashamed of themselves. Useless.

      1. Thank you HG

        I wrote to the Capital Gazette this morning about NPD-I will probably be ignored-and I will be e-mailing E. Ronningstam about her inaccuracies regarding NPD with a link to: But I Can Change. She was manipulated by her patients and she doesn’t even know it.

        They (the APA) are looking at it from the wrong perspective and their armchair discussions are unhelpful. They don’t understand what they are dealing with and your instructions to disengage, reduce giving fuel, GOSO and go NC are applicable to all of the cluster B personalities IMO.

    1. Hi K,

      Let’s not forget that Bundy graduated from University of Washington with a degree in psychology in 1972. That probably “helped” him a lot (to attract more victims, unfortunately…).

      1. Hello Somewhere over the rainbow
        It most certainly helped. He probably used his degree as part of his facade, to gather fuel and manipulate his victims and he dabbled in the fine art of necrophilia.

  5. Hello et al,
    Birds have strange links,although it seems relevant in this instance, not necessarily true.
    Crows are great! They are strong and independent and very clever, saw a jack daw recently and they are beautiful as well.

  6. HG did you get my post of What about flying monkeys and YOU being on Love Fraud?? Why and how did it happen you were on Love Fraud. Are you aquatint with D. A. and also, she is aquatint with Joyce Short of Rape by Fraud. Lying to get laid laws that she is passing. Curious minds want to know ??

  7. I am the scarecrow. I stand tall and dont give the crows anything. Gray rock for everyone, not just for the narcissist

  8. Do you ever get tired of playing your games? Do you never want something real and lasting?
    What a sad and lonely existence you lead.
    The thought of death must terrify you. Nobody knows the real you so nobody cares about the real you. When you die you will be remembered only for the pain you caused and used as an example of a waste of life (actually HG you have done something hugely positive by educating others but even so you’re a nasty piece of work).
    I feel sorry for you and your kind. Sorry from a distance like looking at a rabid dog.

    1. Jaya

      I understand your thinking about them in general being forgotten as that is what I told my StepNarc. He contributed nothing and to no one. In HG’s case I believe he will be remembered for many things, chief among them the information and education he is providing here that has the ability to change lives. You dont need to like the teacher to learn and accept the lesson.

    2. Jaya. he is what he is. AT least he is trying to do some good, even though this feeds his fuel supply. I just know there is no changing them, as they are missing a humanity switch. Do NOT feel sorry for him, He HAS CHOICES. The thing I do not know. HAVE THEY THE NARCISSIST as any of them, done any major therapy, like go into a clinic and stay there and give up all things that give them fuel and see if any change happens. I do not know. AS committing themselves? DO not ever feel sorry for a Narcissist. Feel sorry for all that came into their life and got Mentally Find Fucked Raped. AS this all has to do with mind control. They know how to fuck with our minds. Like Hitler Charlie Manson Jim Jones. Just my take on this…Be well stay strong S.W.

  9. HG I saw you were on Love Fraud. Were you asked by MS. D. A. to be on there? You and her talk and set up things together. Or it was just a thing you decided to do to get feed back of people on these online support groups?? On this TOPIC what happen to Flying Monkeys?? YES, my ex GF who show their lovely life on her FB, That is where all of his women found out the truth of him, because of her. She exposed the lies to the world of the secrets women. Their family and friends knew differently…OH you are so lucky. He takes you all over the world. YOU are so lucky…blablabla…Until ONE night when he and her were sending me awful texts being drunk and putting me down. I FB messages ten of her friends and family. Showing his photos of my phone with his text to me date and his number. They were away for her B-day. Then she got a call from a friend then others or messages Hmmmm I got a weird text showing the EX….narc. name number a text from his recently. ARE you too okay. Is he cheating on you…blablabla…OHHHH he called me yelling and she was yelling in the background…oohpps I guess I ruined her B-day trip….bad me….He and she fucked with me so much. So I fucked back…BUT the thing is the NARC still moves on and survives…they are like a cockroach that doesn’t die…. HG…So you and Love Fraud ??? What gives….Do you know D.A. is connected to Ms. J. Short of Rape by Fraud laws that they are passing of consent under false lies to get laid…Lying to get laid ? Change is coming….the #Me Too movement is helping. Cheers.

  10. HG has minions. My mother has flunkies. I know for a fact, if you want to piss one off, call them a Flying Monkey! They grumble and threaten and speak in half sentences! She acted like the top of her was going to pop off. Enjoy!

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