The Overload



Intriguing. Curious. Interesting. Exciting. Fascinating. Absorbing. Compelling. Gripping. Riveting. Captivating. Magnetic. Engaging. Enthralling. Alluring. Diverting. Distracting. Titillating. Tantalizing. Stimulating. Thought-provoking. Amazing. Brilliant. Magnificent. Scintillating. Astonishing. Mesmerizing. Hypnotic. Happiness. Joyful. Elation. Stunning. Alluring. Ecstasy. Uplifting. Empowering. Glowing. Buoyant. Overjoyed. Euphoric. Blissful. Exhilarated. Enraptured. Cheerful. Merry. Gleeful. Carefree. Smiling. Jovial. Fascinating. Unique. Breathtaking. Glorious. Beaming. Shining. Glittering. Sparkling. Blessed. Jocund. Exuberant. Gregarious. Charismatic. Sensational. Thrilling. Startling. Staggering. Lovely. Handsome. Beautiful. Caring. Gorgeous. Wonderful. Bonny. Radiant. Unforgettable. Unmissable. Enchanting. Entrancing. Bewitching. Wonderful. Exquisite. Remarkable. Outstanding. Impressive. Memorable. Arresting. Eye-catching. Masterful. First class. Delicious. Delectable. Scrumptious. Formidable. Virtuoso. Swell. Awesome. Fabulous. Divine. Heavenly Majestic. Noble. Engaging. Loving. Passionate. Ardent. Zealous Fervent. Encompassing. Intense. Impassioned. Vehement. Fiery. Sexual. Sensual. Mysterious. Animated. Spirited. Consuming. Burning. Mercurial. Vigorous. Athletic. Energetic. Erotic. Lustful. Amorous. Sultry. Torrid. Steamy. Electric. Devotion. Tenderness. Intimacy. Adoration. Endearment. Doting. Attentive. Idolization. Worshipping. Ardor. Desire. Adulation. Infatuation. Friendly. Besotted. Obsessed. Beloved. Perfection.

Distant. Aloof. Remote. Detached. Unresponsive. Unapproachable. Isolated. Formal. Cold. Icy. Stand-offish. Stiff. Austere. Withdrawn. Reserved. Indifferent. Unforthcoming, Uncommunicative. Unfriendly. Cool. Chilly. Unsociable. Disdainful. Frosty. Frigid. Supercilious. Haughty. Cut-off. Separated. Removed. Reticent. Taciturn. Forbidding. Introverted. Retiring. Private. Reclusive. Diffident.

Furious. Enraged. Raging. Infuriated. Inflamed. Fuming. Boiling. Incandescent. Irate. Irritated. Incensed. Seething. Mad. Ranting. Shouting. Violent. Ranting. Raving. Angered. Livid. Outraged. Indignant. Wrathful. Explosive. Destructive. Riled Apoplectic. Aerated Turbulent. Tempestuous. Fierce. Wild. Howling. Roaring. Insinuate. Blame. Label. Castigate. Accuse. Demean. Belittle. Disparage. Denigrate. Downgrade. Deprecate. Trivialize. Deride. Mock. Ridicule. Criticize. Scorn. Condemn. Abuse. Malign. Revile. Decry. Reprimand. Censure. Control. Harm. Hurt. Maltreat. Wound. Decry. Injure. Damage. Cripple. Disable. Maim. Mutilate. Scratch. Hit. Punch. Kick. Throttle. Strangle. Beat. Assault. Molest. Damage. Torture. Maltreat. Imprison. Misuse. Pervert. Exploit. Maul. Oppress. Bully. Insult. Grope. Manhandle. Push. Pull. Slap. Curse. Jibe. Tease. Rebuke. Upbraid. Slight. Disrespect. Defame. Segregate. Foul. Terrible Horrible. Unpleasant. Awful. Dreadful. Abominable. Loathsome. Vile. Frightening. Terrifying. Scary. Petrifying. Revolting. Repulsive. Odious. Sickening. Repellent. Nauseating. Repugnant. Horrendous. Hideous. Appalling. Atrocious. Offensive. Objectionable. Obnoxious. Unpalatable. Unsavory. Filthy. Off-putting. Noxious. Rank. Ghastly. Gruesome. Diabolical. Dangerous. Bad. Nasty. Severe. Alarming. Painful. Ugly. Muzzle. Suppress. Stifle. Gag. Grotesque. Unkind. Grave. Critical. Serious. Annoying. Unwelcome. Frustrating. Aggravating. Maddening Vexatious. Pernicious. Mendacious. Toxic. Poisonous. Virulent. Deadly.

Jettison. Discard. Scrap. Hurl. Dispose. Repudiate. Abandon. Leave. Drop. Relinquish. Reject. Axe. Fling. Dump. Ditch. Trash. Shed. Forsake. Vacate. Disappear. Vanish. Flit. Evaporate. Dissipate. Retire. Retreat. Pass. Ebb. Fade. Silence.

Appear. Hoover. Surprise. Pester. Stalk. Harass. Surface. Arise. Materialize. Occur. Emerge. Visible. Apparent. Reveal. Badger. Hound. Harry. Plague. Bedevil. Smear. Slur. Persecute. Bother. Annoy. Worry. Disturb. Trouble. Ghost. Haunt. Vex. Stress. Agitate. Provoke. Nag. Chivvy. Bait. Hassle. Bug. Pressure. Interfere. Mither. Regretful. Penitence. Contrition. Repentant. Rueful. Remorseful. Abject. Guilty. Apologetic. Sorry. Sheepish. Shameful. Ashamed. Pitiful. Pathetic. Woeful. Lamentable. Tragic, Wretched. Miserable. Plaintive. Forlorn. Promise. Pledge. Honour. Assurance. Vow. Oath. Guarantee. Chance. Commitment. Undertaking. Covenant. Swear. Change. Convert. Transform. Adapt. Modify. Rebuild. Remake. Refashion. Reconstruct. Beg. Plead. Beseech. Entreat. Implore. Ask. Request. Adjure. Exhort. Enjoin. Petition. Humble. False.

Repeat. Parrot. Recurrent. Regurgitate. Replicate. Duplicate. Restate. Reproduce. Again.



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15 thoughts on “The Overload

  1. Kelly says:

    Narcissists even want you to feel sorry for them for being narcissists.

    We all have free will. Even narcissists.

    HG – is it fun being able to be open and honest about the things you do?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Do you mean being honest and open about them here on the blog? If so yes it is liberating.

      1. Kelly says:

        It would be nice if narc’s could feel that way in person, once we learn what they are and understand.

        1. windstorm says:

          Sometimes narcs can be open and honest about themselves – to an extent. If they know what they are and they know you know also and if they find that amusing – like playing a game.

          But I doubt you could ever just sit down and talk to them straight up about themselves. They all lie like they breathe and the temptation to lie just for the fun of manipulating you would be too great. Also the fear of being too honest and being wounded.

          The best I’ve accomplished is bits and pieces revealed over time. My exhusband often likes to explain his machinations of others. That way he gets extra fuel from me. He wont explain how he manipulates me until I figure it out and mention it. then he’ll laugh and talk about it.

      2. Kelly says:

        Thanks Windstorm,

        Yes, just like HG’s writings, I can’t help telling my narc everything, I hinted about narcissism to him, and he seemed like he was caught off balance but handled it. I texted a screenshot of Creed Cologne from HGs article & said, Hey look, this narcissist uses the same cologne you do, and dumb things like that. But our relationship now is about kidding around, cutting each other down, as he explains to anyone in the room, he enjoys giving me a hard time. I don’t think he’s ever really gotten mad at me. I would hope we could laugh about it like you do with yours, without actually talking about it.

        1. windstorm says:

          Mine has certainly gotten mad at me! How long have you been with yours? We’re pushing 45 years and thankfully we’re past the “getting mad” stage now – more like brief irritation.

          Mine knows about the blog, but is not fond of it. He considers it a waste of my time. He believes that labeling people is a manifestation of ignorance – a failure to think for yourself. He thinks instead of classifying people into types of narcs and empaths, I should just observe everyone more closely and use logic myself to think about what their individual actions mean. Which is, of course, what he does.

          Unfortunately I lack his level of dispassionate observation (and possibly reasoning ability, but I don’t like to admit that!). I see everyone thru an empathic, caring, more optimistic lens. I tend to expect the best, and would not change that, but it does often leave me feeling like a little bunny hopping blissfully thru the clover. Lol!

          Now I’m wondering, if I asked him if he’s ever felt like a little bunny hopping blissfully thru clover, would he laugh or have a look of shocked horror? I’ll have to remember to ask that the next time I see him! 😝😝😝

      3. Kelly says:


        Tell him you’re on this site for the friendship! And his people observations are surely a bit tinted through a narc negative bias. An empath has excellent people sensory skills. We need more bunnies hopping around in this world, and less meanies!

        Mine is a just a working relationship, but it seems like we spend as much of our day with coworkers as with family. He’s the boss, and has moved steadily up the ladder over the past eight years to president of the region. I know how he got there too, how he romanced and stole part of that region from another manager, and I know he did it for vengeance on the company where he and a lot of others of us used to work. He took the same territory of his old boss, who lost his job defending his girlfriend and was arrested-that man was the nicest person and was being chivalrous. Narcissist vengeance is a mysterious achievement. But I just solved the mystery this year about his narcissism. It’s freed me so much, I don’t have to watch and get after him anymore. Now I can give him what he’s always wanted, to just be nice to him, lol.

        Thank goodness for HG’s website, please don’t ever leave it, or we’d miss out on your helpful posts!

        1. MB says:

          Kelly, my vote is for more bunnies and less “meanies” too!

  2. WiserNow says:

    Empathic. What about that word?

    I’m not quite sure what the point of this article is. Is it meant to show all the adjectives used to describe the narcissist? Is it meant to show all the ways a narcissist behaves to draw fuel?

  3. Narcaic says:

    Educated. Informed. Cognizant. Grounded. Well-versed. Knowledgeable. Aware. Familiar. Alert. Savvy. Practical. Perceptive. Careful. Restrained. Mindful. Wary. Vigilant. Watchful. Cautious. Guarded. Suspicious. Detached. Thoughtful. Serene. Grateful.

    1. Tam says:

      Excellent piece of writing!

    2. OhSiberian says:

      Oh, yes!

  4. Christine says:


    This is how you make us stop caring about you. This is why those of us who would do nearly anything to save a stranger would throw you a brick if you were drowning. Though no, that sounds like too much energy expenditure. Drown or not on your own time — it’s nothing to do with me.

  5. Blank says:

    OMG.. this time I feel sorry for the overload of comments you have to deal with today HG.
    Hope you’ll enjoy your weekend 😘

  6. OhSiberian says:


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