Further Confessions of a Narcissist

Further Confessions SolidFurther confessions from the dark-hearted narcissist.

Learn more about the world of HG Tudor and his background.

Why does he exhibit his attitude to money? What is his response to the question of your needs? Did he ever actually love you? What was that which he showed you during your dance with him? How does he know so quickly who will provide him with the most potent fuel? These questions and many others are answered in this unforgettable foray into the mind and behaviours of a narcissist.


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5 thoughts on “Further Confessions of a Narcissist

  1. Mary Robinson says:

    Could change your phone #

  2. yanki says:

    Worthy read

  3. Blank says:

    Met with Matrinarch and family.
    At a certain point I discussed my worries about my eldest son, probably having NPD, just like his dad (didn’t dare to say just like Matrinarc as well).
    As usual Matrinarch was very ‘supportive’ telling me how it is all my fault, I should have chastised him more and not offer him food and shelter now that he is an adult and back home with me (because his relationship ended). I just have to throw him on the streets, that’ll teach him!
    Don’t you just love her?
    I gave her ‘the look” and told her “First time in my life I feel finally at ease and nothing.. NOTHING that is happening from now on will ever drive me crazy again”. She looked down and said nothing anymore.
    I felt narcishly powerfull 🙂
    I’m starting to get what narcs are about, I’m slowly turning into one.
    Now don’t tell me this can’t happen. I feel it. Gonna buy me some sheepsclothing soon, cause I’m already growing a coat and a tail.

  4. Wishing Star says:

    “This looks like an interesting and insightful read!”

    Mr. Tudor: “Indeed, it is.”

    “Maybe I will purchase it soon.”

    Mr. Tudor: “A wise choice.”

    Okay, I will look into it within the month.

    Mr. Tudor: “Duly Noted.”

    Thank you.

  5. Pixie says:

    How did Annette Benning get an elite greater like Warren Beatty? Do u think she’s a super magnet?

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