Narc Tales

Narc Tales

The Three Little Pigs? They’re bacon now.

Rapunzel? Had a nightmare and all her hair fell out.

Sleeping Beauty? Overslept and missed her appointment with her plastic surgeon.


You may be familiar with fairy tales but prepare yourself for Narc Tales, a collection of dark, entertaining but most of all instructive and educational tales written by the creative and insightful HG Tudor.

What better way to equip yourself with unique information about narcissists, empaths and the dynamic between them than to do so through the medium of story telling. Yet, these are no ordinary tales, no fluffy yarns with a happy ever after. No, these are Narc Tales and you will find fantastic knowledge wrapped up in amusement, intrigue, beguilement and shock. Where Prince Ultra Charming roams, The Very Wicked MatriNarc schemes and The Super Empath Strikes Back – a delicious read from the most delicious of dark minds.

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10 thoughts on “Narc Tales”

  1. I really enjoyed this book.

    I was reading a story from this book to my daughter and then the next story was the Empath who cried Narcissist.

    And I realized I am the ”empath who cried, narcissist.”

    So far every time I tell someone about narcissism they end up being a narcissist. At some point I have a oh shit moment. Nevermind.

    It’s hard not to say anything.

  2. Dear Hg, will this one be available in paperback? I’d love to have this on my shelf..

    I love your witty wordplay.

  3. I purchased it yesterday. Didn’t finish reading it yet. But the few parts that I have read was so funny, the way HG twist the situation from reality into fantasy tales was hilarious; the poor lieutenant who needed to please the King Narc, hahahaha.

    Glad to see you back, HG. Having you back feels as if the room become filled with pure Oxygen.

  4. Oh can’t wait to read it. I always prepare myself before I read one of your books. Have been known to toss one mid paragraph because it’s so eye opening and spot on. Haven’t read one that isn’t.

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