Black Hole

Be prepared. Avoid his black hole.

Know the hoovers and how to counter them.


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UK e-book here

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AUS e-book here


2 thoughts on “Black Hole

  1. NarcAngel says:

    Just a suggestion:
    Perhaps it should read: Avoid THE black hole instead of HIS. Gender neutral and all that, but of course that’s not the real reason…………

  2. E. B. says:

    This book is about all the different types of hoovers including timing and frequency, who narcissists hoover and how, what they gain from a hoover, why narcissists do not leave their target alone, among other things. It gives advice to neutralize the hoovers and avoid being sucked into the relationship once again.

    Since *all* narcissists hoover their targets, I find this book very helpful to understand the mind of the narcissist and why they need to use this tool, which is quite effective and this is the reason why the narcissist succeeds, unless we are aware of what is going on.

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