Ex Machina




I wake. I sigh. I wait. I see. I smile. I rise. I look. I notice. I awaken. I observe. I pause. I brush. I spit. I view. I hear. I glance. I surge. I type. I halt. I listen. I note. I grin. I step. I stand. I lather. I rinse. I wipe. I turn. I move. I check. I nod. I collect. I foam. I shave. I clear. I admire. I piss. I flush. I smear. I moisturise. I turn. I catch. I dry. I spray. I dress. I adore. I answer. I speak. I understand. I climb. I descend. I eat. I compliment. I accept. I plan. I consider. I formulate. I read. I zone. I screen. I drink. I kiss. I extract. I gather. I accumulate. I garner. I stockpile. I brush. I check. I rise. I exit. I call. I tease. I plot. I move. I drive. I sing. I cruise. I forge. I advance. I frustrate. I lie. I speed. I overtake. I gesticulate. I rage. I growl. I glower. I overcome. I bristle. I prowl. I dictate. I oversee. I lead. I achieve. I pioneer. I evaluate. I target. I flirt. I chastise. I laugh. I frown. I complete. I direct. I orchestrate. I demand. I secure. I fabricate. I succeed. I triumph. I challenge. I inspire. I decide. I action. I activate. I consume. I quench. I envy. I roar. I rage. I burn. I slash. I throttle. I lash. I denigrate. I belittle. I strike. I wound. I attack. I conquer. I despise. I hate. I overrun. I dominate. I sign. I shake. I clench. I maintain. I read. I assimilate. I conduct. I move. I touch. I preserve. I continue. I subjugate. I exceed. I impress. I frighten. I illuminate. I shine. I blaze. I buy. I offer. I grace. I favour. I entertain. I joke. I outrank. I outflank. I identify. I attract. I bind. I deceive. I con. I dedicate. I pretend. I know. I understand. I grasp. I press. I pull. I remove. I shadow. I lure. I beckon. I bestow. I receive. I evade. I deny. I deflect. I swing. I duck. I blacken. I obscure. I hide. I take. I grab. I have. I remove. I strip. I push. I enter. I thrust. I delight. I lick. I bite. I tug. I caress. I probe. I stroke. I entrance. I hypnotise. I mesmerise. I float. I soar. I smooth. I sooth. I confuse. I defraud. I steal. I distract. I depart. I ignore. I sneer. I calculate. I follow. I invigilate. I guard. I misinform. I perjure. I mislead. I falsify. I construct. I destroy. I tell. I withhold. I reduce. I erode. I cloud. I arrive. I amass. I harbour. I harvest. I pluck. I suck. I drain. I acquire. I takeover. I obliterate. I annihilate. I beat. I overcome. I assure. I ignite. I manipulate. I control. I assuage. I decide. I conclude. I reflect. I dismiss. I ascertain. I point. I click. I review. I tap. I send. I spin. I trap. I block. I unblock. I do. I don’t. I will. I won’t. I can. I cannot. I should. I shouldn’t. I would. I wouldn’t. I did. I didn’t. I oppose. I combine. I bewilder. I daze. I encircle. I defend. I swoop. I revel. I increase. I fume. I snarl. I infuriate. I retaliate. I provoke. I win. I switch. I lower. I triumph. I outsmart. I outreach. I succeed. I delight. I accomplish. I remember. I twist. I turn. I grimace. I scratch. I scrape. I whisper.

I close.

I sleep.

I wake.

I am.

I repeat.



  1. With the possible exception of “delight”, I assume that the list is devoid of any feelings by design? Also curious why I laugh didn’t make it in?

  2. Lost … My heart, my soul, my dreams, my passions, my beliefs, my faith, my hope, my desires, my outlook, my nature, my feelings, my love, my friendship, my brain, my thoughts, my goodwill, my dignity, my trust, my life.

    I have … my hurt, my anger, my frustration, my shame, my guilt, my damage, my wounds, my bamboozlement, my brain fog, my 1am insomnia.

    1. O.Overthinker
      Theyre not lost. They just took cover so they couldnt be destroyed. Uncover, enjoy, and share them again.

      1. Thank you that has just made me cry… The 2 biggies I missed (brain fog! I am getting worse not better) My happiness and Joy … I wish I could wipe my mind! X x x x x

          1. WS, I was a unicorn of course. I had white wings and was corrected that Pegasus had wings, not unicorns. I don’t care. I love those wings. I will wear them as often as possible. And glitter is life! My unicorn tail accidentally dipped in the toilet and made its way to the trash fairly early Halloween morning. We all had the best time laughing about the demise of my tail!

          2. MB
            I was a witch with green skin, purple hair and large black hat with spiders hanging off, spider earrings a long black dress and witches broom. I sat on my daughter’s porch next to a big black caldron full of candy under hanging spider webs full of spiders. Had 112 trick or treaters. 6 adults jumped in shock when I moved. They thought I was a decoration! It was a ton of fun!!

          3. I think next year for Halloween I’ll be Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada. I’ll give everyone the once over, drop something in the bag, and dismiss them with: That’s all.

            Wait…thats what I do now……

  3. This makes me wonder, the absence of emotions that essentially make us feel vulnerable humans such as sadness, love, empathy and happiness must make narcissists feel like machines. Looking at everyone else as appliances must be a type of projection as well because narcs do not have the stuff that makes them feel humans.
    So we are basically appliances that complement the narcissist machinery to make them efficient and running at full capacity (in their mindsets).

    1. That sounds legit. In the end, it’s all mirroring and projection both ways. Fuel is the goal for both sides as well.

      1. I am but a toaster… albeit a sleek, white model. Great order, good springs, rounded edges and no dings. Now where’s my electricity supply?

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