The Geyser Empath


The Geyser Empath is an individual who is empathic in nature with the additional tendency to fountain with emotion. All empaths are emotional, it goes with the territory but some empaths are far more emotional than others.

This type of empathic tendency is marked by high energy levels. One might even go so far as to say that shades of hyper activity start to appear with the Geyser Empath. He or she is always on the go, heading here and travelling there, seeking out people to see how they are and to exhibit their significant caring side with plenty of suitable expressions of concern, empathy and understanding.

The Geyser Empath is very useful for our kind because of how expressive they are with regard to their emotions. Their responses are exaggerated. This does not mean that they are false, far from it, the exaggeration appears as a heightened response which is very useful for us to witness and then allows us to mimic it.

There is no subtlety involved. When the Geyser Empath is happy it is shown as a torrent of joy, their concern is grave and focussed and their hurt is not of a silent tear but the wail and tears of the tortured. Such displays may seem melodramatic to some, but they are not, they are exactly how the Geyser Empath feels.

The Geyser Empath, owing to the high energy levels talks often about how he or she feels but this is not a case of them explaining that because it must be all about them, but rather they will convey those feelings in order to help others by causing them to better understand. When someone talks about being in despair, the Geyser Empath will relate how they know despair only too well and will articulate that feeling in order to demonstrate that they understand how the listener feels.

This person has a tissue thin skin and is highly sensitive. They are very easily hurt and when we lash out against them, they respond with a fountain of emotion. If they are praised, their thanks will gush from them with greater intensity than a Gwyneth Paltrow Oscar acceptance speech. If they are denigrated, the tears will not flow but they will cascade along with that trembling bottom lip and a near histrionic response to the pain caused by wounding words.

The Geyser Empath is unable to put on a brave face. Whilst the Carrier Empath is dogged and stoic in the face of adversity, focussing their empathy on resolving the situation in  a practical fashion, the Geyser Empath will dissolve in a bubbling mess of tears. They are completely unable to conceal their emotions, even for a short time. A Carrier Empath can do so because they shift their feelings on to solving a problem. The Geyser Empath does not have that function. They are excellent at tea and sympathy, kind and comforting words flowing, but of little use practically.

Unlike the Magnet Empath, the Geyser Empath is better dealing with intimate and one-on-one situations rather than handling a crowd. The Geyser Empath loves nothing more than finding an individual as their project and wanting to use their biggest asset in order to resolve issues; their utter devotion to love.

They are the greatest love devotees of all empaths, they truly believe that with love everything can be solved. Love conquers everything, all you need is love, love will save the day. If you were to ask them just how this happens, they could not answer, but explain that love works in mysterious ways and by being loving, showing love and acting with love in each and everything they do, this will resolve problems, heal hurt and bring happiness to all.

This devotion to love means that the Geyser Empath is big on romance and will readily fall prey to overt exhibitions of passion, love and romance from our kind. Any narcissist which presents as the knight in shining armour will have the Geyser Empath’s attention from the beginning as he or she believes they have found a kindred spirit.

The Geyser Empath’s overt displays of emotion make our task of mirroring so much easier. He or she will wear his or her heart on their sleeve and they will suffer repeated heartbreak. Notwithstanding this outcome, the Geyser Empath is undeterred. They will suffer misery and pain from this broken heart and they will then affirm their belief in love and bounce back.

No matter how devastated they are following the shattering of their heart, they will piece it back together and will do so with greater speed amongst the empathic types. They may suffer considerable pain and they will exhibit the effect more greatly than other empathic types but they also re-charge with a greater speed as a consequence of their devotion to love. Their belief is unshakeable.

No matter how many times they are let down, hurt, cheated on and so forth, they will soon bounce back. They are not naïve but rather have an undimmed and undented belief in the power of love. This capacity for returning to the arena of love so promptly after heartache means that they are ideal candidates for post discard and post escape hoovers as they ‘refuel’ so quickly.

The Geyser Empath is highly sensitive and will be moved to tears regularly be they tears of joy or tears of pain. There will often be a need for a tissue when this person is around. One might be moved to consider them as someone pathetic but that would be an inappropriate label. Yes the Geyser Empath is very easy to manipulate into spurting out fuel and because of their beliefs they will suffer repeated hurts but their strength lies in their unwavering belief in love and how they soon bounce back following their set backs.

They will do Misery 2.0 when they are wounded and hurt, the sobbing, the wailing and the tears will be extensive but it will not last. They do not wallow, but wipe away the tears, reapply the mascara, smooth down the rumpled clothes and climb right back on to their Unicorn of Love and Hope and gallop into the fray once again. The Geyser Empath can exhibit unpredictability of response.

There will always be emotion, which suits our kind, but the extent and intensity of it may at times be so startling that it actually affects the standing of the narcissist with third parties who look on and witness what appears to them to be histrionics and melodrama. Exerting control over this emotional output can at times prove difficult for all save the Greater Narcissist.

The Geyser Empath lacks the serenity of the Magnet Empath and there is no cool deliberation of the Carrier. The Geyser will erupt with emotion with squeals of delight at the good news of a friend who is to be a parent, the triumphant praise for a colleague who has secured a promotion and the devastated collapse following the death of a loved one. The Geyser Empath believes that everyone has the capacity to love and that once they do, all their ills will be solved.

This person appeals to all schools of narcissist because of the high fuel content that is provided and the ease by which it can be provoked. They are easy to seduce but tend to suffer swifter devaluations than other empaths because they shine brighter and thus run the risk of our kind becoming familiar with their fuel in a quicker time so that the potency loses its lustre sooner.

As explained above however, they are prime candidates for hoovers and often the hoover bar is lower for them as a consequence of the narcissist knowing that so much delicious fuel will become available with the added bonus of it being hoover fuel and furthermore because the devotion to love means that the Geyser Empath has a greater susceptibility to giving second, third and fourth chances.

The Geyser Empathic tendency is evident in all of the classes of empathic individuals. This tendency is often seen amongst the Co-Dependent class when this tendency manifests in an extreme form. Its presence will exist in Empaths but tends to be mixed with other empathic tendencies as well so the effect will be slightly diluted but not muted.

With regard to the Super Empath it is unusual to see the Geyser Empathic tendency because of the Super Empath’s inherent resilience to both a sudden devaluation and being hoovered.

The Lesser is drawn to those with this tendency because the effort required is so minimal to prompt a response and thus accords with the Lesser narcissist’s lower energy levels and reduced cognitive function for manipulation and machinations.

The Mid-Ranger will also be attracted because of the fuel on offer and the ease by which it can be harvested but the emotional volatility can become wearing to the Mid-Ranger because he will struggle to assert control to achieve some of his aims.

The Greater revels in those with Geyser Empathic tendencies finding the sudden eruptions amusing and playing straight into his portrayal of the individual as unbalanced and unhinged. He or she will take a perverse pleasure in provoking the Geyser into giving more and more fuel.

34 thoughts on “The Geyser Empath

  1. Katalina says:

    Is it maybe an advantage of the Geyser that he seems to be more naive because of the urge of showing the feelings to everybody and therefore the Geyser ist underestimated?

    I’m a Geyser, I guess, and for me it is very hard to withhold something, so even if I know absolutely that it is not clever to tell a narc that I know he is one I do. I just can’t stop myself. This seems to be a weakness. Also I get easierly trapped if a narc is talking gossip to me to manipulate me by saying my true thoughts about it even if I know it might be a bad idea. Is this also a Geyser problem?

    And if you want to relegate me to your paid consultation, I need to wait till next month and also I got four more urgent questions.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      The Geyser is not underestimated. The geyser’s urge to emit fuel naturally attracts a narcissist and wrapped up in this outpouring of fuel is often information, thus the geyser ‘leaks’ in this way which increases the geyser’s vulnerability.

      1. Katalina says:

        Unlike with the super empath it’s not the case for me that complete strangers tell me about problems, but it often happens that people, especially other women that I don’t know, smile to me like they knew me and I like this very much and smile back.

        And yes, I’m very vulnerable, always told I should be more thick-skinned. But I don’t know how to do that. And I feel naturally attracted to narcissist if they are not the primitive kind of (then I despise them deeply). I run to them like a sheep.

  2. Katalina says:

    I’m that kind of empath, I guess. But what happens if that kind of empath gets the knowledge from your site? Can they develop without loosing the positive aspects of having such a deep believe in love? I also don’t want to be a narcissist victim all the time.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes, absolutely. You do not have to sacrifice what you are, you weaponise what you are with my work.

  3. kel says:

    I’m trying to figure out if someone at work is a narcissist or this Geyser Empath. Are there similarities to the two?

    She fits this as she’s always on the go, always saying she’s juggling so many things, always running late to meeting up with people. She’s very goal minded, but she works harder at it than narcissists – I mean like it’s a chaotic, turbulent mess she’s trying to always manage- whereas narc handle things much more quietly and calmly. She’s very competitive and wants to win awards and climb high, but she seems to put a lot more sweat into it than others. I wouldn’t put it past her to cheat a little to get there, but at the same time she seems highly emotional. She will talk over you, insists she’s always right, and has the impression she knows more than everyone else.

    She’s had trouble with almost everyone in the office, telling nonsense offenses on them to the manager, crying about injustices. She and I did not get along at all in the beginning but made amends, and now are always joking it’s funny how well we get along. She had me in such turmoil once when she gave me a silent treatment and refused to tell me why. But she was suffering over it too. She thought I’d slighted her when she walked in and I was telling someone something that I wouldn’t tell her before. I didn’t mind that she’d walked in on it and wouldn’t have minded at all talking with her about it – it was a matter of time passing to the point that I was ready to talk about it – not about who I told.

    She also apparently steals things sometimes- as the manager kind of eluded to her when I asked who would be taking all the reams of paper, and also when I was telling my narc boss- the Toys for Tots collection box was missing somehow- and he looked right over at her & said Sounds like someone took it, like he knew she had done it.

    She’s also always helping people, but she goes overboard taking over, taking credit, expecting favors in return. Still she’s very nice to everyone, exuberant, but then she’s moody and suddenly not smiling, not talking. She’s great when she’s happy- a little flaky but fun- but when her mood’s bad which isn’t often- she’s a closed door.

    I don’t really understand what a borderline is either, but I’m thinking they operate more along a state of depression.

    Does she have the traits more of a narcissist or a geyser empath? She seems to me to have traits of both. She’s narcissistic with emotions.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Kel, a Narc Detector consultation will provide you with the answer concerning this colleague.

      1. kel says:


    2. Katalina says:

      To me it does sound most like borderline traits. At least it doesn’t sound like me and I consider myself to be a Geyser. I don’t give silent treatments and I wouldn’t talk nonsense offenses. I am not that moody also. I would not steal.

  4. Mrs.Wright says:

    This has opened my eyes to so many things, Mr. Tudor, thank you. Yes, we are all emotional as empaths, but my emotions have been burdensome and curse like; more in my younger years than recent. I remember, fighting back tears after witnessing a suffering vagrant on the street. Or, on that occasion when mygrandmother found a nest of baby mice in one of the drawers home and proceeded to burn them. “They’ll get bigger and become a problem for us.” she tells me, but I ran to the bathroom, locked the door and cried. The movie “Roots” had depressed me for weeks when I first watched it at about age, nine. + The death of my first puppy (he was hit by a car) did a number on me. They say, on my side of the world, that water is the representation of emotions, well, for decades my dreams have been watery and tumultous. I can totally relate to this type of Empath, eventough I never heard about it. My life has been a bitter sweet one. Bitter when its bitter and sweet when it is sweet,but I find myself happier in my own company. “Wrong doings” and “injustice” enflames me beyond reason, and narcissitic types are drawn to me. The lesser ones can’t stand to have me around, my presence for whatever reasons causes them to react as if jealous and the look in their eyes betrays them, everytime. There’s a love hate thing between the midrangers and I’ve met the greater ones almost only in the form of bosses and managers. As a highly sensitive person I carry alot of heavy feelings in my heart so attaining authentic power has been a struggle. With such emotions, achieving “Zero Impact” dealing with your kind, as you have put it across, is draining, but also a labor of love. First of all, like a candle fly in the dark, your kind can pick me out. You guys are doers of wrong, and your peoples are enabler of wrong doings. As I have said, this enflames me and I end up retaliating and losing my power. I often consider it as retaliating with a purpose. Which is, directly exposing the narcissist to themself. My greater neighbor narc, for example, has got a lot of people fooled. I have given this person ammunition during my emotional reactions, and as you have stated; and yes, I have seen exactly what you are talking about, that this person finds a preverse pleasure in provoking me. In reality, it feels as if I am being brought down as a human being, and being punished for something I did not do in the first place. But I have wounded the narcissist by instantly sending the arrow of provocation back across the fence. This external power has caused me additional suffering, since, this sneaky bastard seems to has no life and the negative fuel brighten up their day. I hate that they can get away with it. I always break my commitment to ignore but one thing’s for sure, and I am learning, is that authentic power is a labour of love. I want my fellow overly sensitive and emotional empaths to know that love wins. I want them to remember that emotions are messages from the soul. And that they should seek out the works of author Gary Zukav and join the earth school, as I have. + Even if I stubble in the face of insensitivity and cruelty, I’m still a student of the earth school. Authentic power can be accomplished. I mean, after witnessing how nasty and proud with it some people are, I’d rather be cursed with empathy, because I can bless someone else, help them to stand and contribute to the safety of our world. “Love does not prey.”

  5. ANM says:

    This is what my mother is. She is a Geyser with Borderline traits. I used to think her energy level were disturbing. The Borderline traits have tone down quite a bit with age, but the Geyser Empath traits are still very dominant. I find the Geyser interaction with Narcissist the most interesting of the Empaths. Here are what my Ex-Narcissist in my life’s thought of my mom.
    GREATER: The ex of mine who was a Greater was close friends with my Geyser mom. She helped run a political campaign for him, and gushed with excitement around him. Even after the narc and I broke up, she still likes and comments regularly on his social media post. He feeds her crumbs of positive feedback for his own facade management.
    MIDRANGER: If my mom is painted white, she is seen as a wholesome and positive person.
    If my mom is painted black, my ex midranger thinks my “promiscuous ways” are inherited from her. She has that outgoing personality and all.
    UPPER-LESSER: My Upper-Lesser Ex always has me painted black, and thus my mother is too. She is “Bat-Shit-Crazy” “Nutter Butter” “Crazy Train” “Man Hater” “Whore”.

  6. Tex says:


    is there a kind of empath which is more prone to give negative fuel? For example a person who is not so easy to throw on her knees in the beginning of relationship, a person who is a little bit reserved, don’t trust so eaisily so will not fountain a narcissist with positive fuel just because he tries to be charming on day 1 and needs some time to feel really comfortable and open about giving positive reactions? But at the same time when it comes to negative fuel – a different story – easy to provoke defensive reactions, because she recognizes superior comments and tries to fight back?

    1. HG Tudor says:


      1. Getting There says:

        HG, would this be a Carrier Empath style? If not, what type of a Empath would follow Tex’s description?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          That would be one applicable cadre, yes.

          1. Twilight says:

            Hmmmm that may explain why the UMR would follow me when I warned him to stay away from me when he made me angry. One incident was when he said something while I was eating cereal. I dropped my spoon into the bowl and started to walk away, when I notice I warned him to leave me alone…..he didn’t, in fact he cornered me and IMO was a bad move. For fuel it was a good move.

      2. Getting There says:

        Thank you, HG!

        I am assuming then it is a characteristic of multiple cadres. Is it a characteristic of multiple schools of empaths as well? If not, and is a characteristic of only one, can you please identify which one?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          It is found amongst the Carrier Cadre which means it can be applicable to the various schools of empath.

      3. Getting There says:

        Thank you, HG! I now understand.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You are welcome.

    2. Bibi says:

      You just described me! Though I did give lots of positive once I felt it was earned.

      So they had to work for it, in other words. I was overly trusting once they managed to earn the trust. But I am not one to fall for the pretentious, popular know-it-all/braggart type. All had to work for it.

      “But at the same time when it comes to negative fuel – a different story – easy to provoke defensive reactions, because she recognizes superior comments and tries to fight back?”

      This is especially true of me, esp. when one condescends/patronizes. Oh, holy hell, you will get an earful.

    3. nunya biz says:

      I like this question, Tex.

  7. mommypino says:

    There are a few days in each month that I become a Geyser Empath. That’s when my husband avoids me. It always falls around the same time each month so he knows around what time he needs to avoid pissing me off.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Ha ha tin helmet time.

      1. MB says:

        Sounds more like AST time!

    2. Caroline R says:

      Hi mommypino
      Just noticed this little girl in a sundress. Is it you? What an adorable little lamb!

  8. Tammychardsofglass says:

    Being that of a geyser pretty much ruined me.
    Things hurt a little less these days because I decided to practice giving myself the love I gave him.
    AGAIN HG, I’m glad you’re here to explain thing’s.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

    2. mommypino says:

      I loved when you said that you decided to practice giving yourself the love you gave him. More power to you Tammychardsofglass!

  9. Veronique Jones says:

    Honestly I don’t know what kind of empath exactly I am other than
    I’m definitely a super I will give as good as I get
    My belief in love is unshakable I also believe forgiveness is essential for happiness but at the same time I’m very practical I find way to help people in practical ways also I can physically feel others emotions that one can be a curse at times
    I genuinely want people to be happy and I have a moral code I live by also my own emotions are always heighten I love being around people but I have to have alone time to recharge because it can be very draining how would you describe me?

    1. windstorm says:

      You sound sort of like a contagion to me.

    2. nunya biz says:

      Veronique, yeah, I relate to what you are saying.
      Ha, been hiding a bit lately, it’s been good. I kinda go back n forth. I feel like I’ve missed a lot of comments on here! Kind of afraid to wade through them, but my momentum comes in spurts. Then I sometimes can’t find the conversations I’m looking for.
      This is so interesting, I’ve been trying to evaluate myself for some time. Reading this I tend to think less likely for me is Magnet or Geyser. I have qualities of all the groups I think, but while I can do reasonably well in front of a group (somewhat variable) I will follow up with being reserved and because of the physical feeling part it gets too much if it’s not in doses or somehow managed. I have kept myself out of situations on purpose to keep things even. (My mother hates me for that)

  10. windstorm says:

    I have a sister in law that is so totally like this it is eerie. You absolutely described her to a “t.” I hadn’t thought about her being codependent, but on reflection she probably is. She is certainly completely devoted and takes obsessive care of her narc son and runaway husband.

    Pretzel MnM lives in her basement. I’ve often wondered if he is abusive to her. I’d think he couldn’t help himself, since it’s his nature to abuse anyone he spends much time with. After reading,

    “The Greater revels in those with Geyser Empathic tendencies finding the sudden eruptions amusing and playing straight into his portrayal of the individual as unbalanced and unhinged. He or she will take a perverse pleasure in provoking the Geyser into giving more and more fuel.”

    I just feel a deep sadness. That description is so totally him. I’m sure he plays her like a drum and she just takes it, because he’s her brother and she loves him and love conquers all.

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