The First No Contact


The first no contact the empath did try,

Was to certain dire narcs to counter their lies,

The hoovers they used to lure them back in,

But the empath was not fooled by that oh so false grin,

No C, No C, No C, No C,

No contact ends the misery.

The empath stayed focussed and then blocked the ‘phone,

And kept the narc from their email, their messages and home,

They studied hard and they all read HG,

So they understood that his works would give liberty,

No C, No C, No C, No c,

No contact will set you free.

And so the defences were built, both firm and high,

The empath knew not to laugh, smile, shout or cry,

Thus starved of the fuel and feeling beat,

The wounded narc withdrew and beat a retreat,

No C, No C, No C, No C

No contact will secure your destinythe

7 thoughts on “The First No Contact

  1. Kathy Mor says:

    Am I being paranoid?????

    Is this a Hoover????

    Please say no, it is not. I don’t want to be hoovered!!!!

    My son is 10y old. Some days ago he sent a message from his number to my old phone number that is under the narc’s control. Ok. So that would explain the narc knowing my son’s number.

    It was a little message like: hi mom.
    That was it. Nothing else.

    I have a new phone number by myself that The narc does not know of. But The narc is a programmer, an IT guy….

    Last night something strange happened. I was sleeping at 2 am when my son’s phone rang and woke me up.
    I looked at it and it was my number on the screen as if I was calling my son’s number.
    However my phone was also by my bed side and it was not dialing anyone. If you look on my recent phone calls, my son’s number is not listed there.

    The same just happened two minutes ago!

    What the hell is happening then?

    I don’t like the way this feels.

    I have had dreams with the narc lately.

    If someone has any knowledge of technology, please shed some light….

    HG, you know some of these tricks. Can you use someone’s number and if so, is he spying on me??? It is like someone calling my son using my number when I have my phone in my hands.

    No I didn’t answer because it was eerie.

    What is your opinion?

    Thank you!

  2. Caroline R says:

    Clever man HG!

  3. lisk says:

    I started full-on No Contact exactly four weeks ago, after reading posts elsewhere on “how to get your ex back.” Getting my ex-partner back was my original goal for No Contact.

    After finding Knowing the Narcissist two weeks ago, after gaining clarity from HG Tudor and the commenters here, I have realized that my ex-partner is an ex-narc (biggest clues: so many silent treatments, so many hoovers). My new goal is to never see or hear from my ex again and for him to know nothing else about me ever.

    While I still have visions of catching him in his lies and letting him know that I am onto him, these potential fuel-giving fantasies are fading fast, accelerated by each visit to this site (I check in here at least three times a day).

    I would not be surprised if my ex is surprised or nervous about my unusual invisibility and my sustained silence, wondering if I’m lurking around the corner. The last he knew of me was that I didn’t want the relationship to end.

    If he’s smearing me as crazy, his imagined attempts at contact or being the fact of No Contact both fit into his painting, so it doesn’t really matter what I do in terms of what he thinks.

    But, for me, silence is sweeter.

    1. Caroline R says:

      Good decision going no contact. Stick to your guns and hang out here with us for support. You deserve to be treated with respect, not silent treatment BS.
      This is your best Christmas present ever.

    2. freedgypsysoul says:

      Congrats lisk! You’re doing really well on the no contact.

      I too, originally didn’t want the relationship to end and wanted him back or rather wanted to work on things like normal people, and then there was HG.

      Let me think about how much I want him back now for one quick second…..NO!

      I’ve watched him come up to the house, call, text, ring the doorbell, knock on the door, leave messages saying he doesn’t understand why I won’t respond to him, literally captured his look of confusion on his face while recording him as he turned to look back at the house while driving away!

      HG is definitely an eye opening experience.

      To an empath, Silence IS Golden…..

  4. .💜. says:

    I am so enjoying your personal twist on these traditional Christmas songs w/ the Narcissist spin…very creative indeed, HG!

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