9 thoughts on “THE NARC DAYS OF CHRISTMAS – NO. 7

  1. Nika says:

    I wish he’d take back his gift.

    1. Serene says:

      I am getting the gift of silence, anxiety and divorce
      Merry Fucking Christmas.

      1. Nika says:

        Serene, I am sorry. 😞

      2. Caroline R says:

        How exhausting for you!

    2. Serene says:


      1. Nika says:


        Thank you for your kindness.


  2. Empress1 says:

    What a gift this time of year! Thank you!

  3. veronicajones1969 says:

    HG i have an ex-narc hanging around he knows I don’t want to see him it made me so angry that he is just acted like he did nothing wrong like a old friend you bump into and really happy to see them I just want him to go away and I really don’t want to give him any type of fuel again today he was all over me trying to suck me into conversation trying to buy me things and put on the charm trying to act like a gentleman I just avoided eye contact with him turned down everything I talked to him like I would any other person I don’t know well I gave no real input mainly just answering him he is definitely not a greater somewhere in the midrange I’m trying so hard to put in practice staying detached I think it got to him a bit he said well looks like this is going to be a fun conversation when I didn’t take the bait I wasn’t mean or rude to him I just left him standing there with a sad face told him to have a good night maybe catch up another time got in my car and went home normally I would be in tears by now this guy caused a lot of pain he loves playing head games but I feel oddly comfortable with it am I better off continuing to treat him like that or completely ignore him?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Impose a robust no contact regime to reduce the risk and incidence of hoovers and should any get through, ignore him.

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