Understanding Word Salad


What is word salad?

Why do narcissists use it?

What does it sound like?

How do you deal with it?

This provides you with a comprehensive example of word salad and then detailed explanations about its use and how you may tackle it.

Toss the word salad here

7 thoughts on “Understanding Word Salad

  1. Supernova DE says:

    Has anyone reported problems purchasing through gumroad with prepaid visa? I can’t seem to get it to go through either directly or with PayPal.
    So many things I want to buy but can’t…..

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I think gift cards can be problematic if you have used it elsewhere, FYC is the expert on this. I recommend you make a list of what you want and the total, email this list to me, I will invoice you through PayPal and once paid send it to you.

      1. Supernova DE says:

        Perfect I will! Thank you

        1. Lorelei says:

          Gumroad is a pain in my ass.

  2. Roberta Swanson says:

    Excellent! I knew it was “word salad”. I knew it was confusing, but this says it all!

  3. Laurie says:

    Brilliant article Mr. Tudor. Quite brilliant. I honestly don’t know whether to pity you or envy you.
    When I think of the heartbreak I felt a few months ago when my Dog died, I envy you. The physical pain that felt like a knife in my chest as she closed her eyes and slipped away was horrendous.
    The unbearable heartbreak I am feeling right now as I watch my Narcissist husband gradually losing his battle to stay alive.
    The deep sadness I still feel when I think of my parents who are no longer alive. Yes, there is a part of me that envies you.

    To never feel heartbreak or grief or sadness……..it sounds wonderful…..so how come I feel so sorry for you?
    I mean, it sounds like you have a rich and rewarding life, you seem to be at the top of your game…….it appears that you have no problem attracting beautiful women, you seem to have lots of friends and acquaintances…….your life sounds great.
    But I could cry for you. You see, I want you and others like you to experience what it feels like to TRULY love……….you described me as a ‘Love Devotee’ and I think you are correct. I want the whole world to be able to feel love and empathy…….a ridiculous dream I know, but eh, we all need our dreams don’t we?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you. I require neither pity or envy, use the work to your advantage.

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