Understanding the Fuel Matrix



All narcissists have fuel matrices and you need to understand where you fit into that fuel matrix and how that particular matrix functions as part of protecting yourself.

This Logic Bulletin takes you through :-

1. The Fuel Matrices of all sub schools of narcissist. This includes updated and expanded information about the Upper Lesser Type A and Upper Lesser Type B Narcissists, plus the Middle Mid Range Type A and Type B Narcissists.

2. What the Fuel Matrices look like, their size, the nature of the matrices and who sits in them.

3. How the relevant narcissist of each sub school relies on the individuals in the Fuel Matrix

4. What the Virtual Fuel Matrix is and how it operates.

5. How a Long Distance Appliance fits into it the narcissist fuel matrix and how that functions.

6. Detailed descriptions of each sub-school of narcissist, their behaviours and actions to increase your understanding of the different types of narcissist. This is a comprehensive expansion which will help you understand a lot more about the way different sub schools of narcissist operate.

A fascinating and educational exploration of the fuel matrix and the interaction between you and the narcissist, this is essential to know how the narcissist behaves so you can ensure your No Contact Regime is as effective as possible. It is also advanced reading for those who feel they are well-acquainted with the narcissistic dynamic from their existing reading and consultations.

This extensive Logic Bulletin is available at just US $ 10 and is a bulletin you will read several times and refer to often and can be obtained here

9 thoughts on “Understanding the Fuel Matrix

  1. princesssuperempath says:

    Dearest HG: I belong to a private group on Facebook named JetsetBabes (I am not a jettsetter, but a still a member The group supposedly has over 10,000 members) and this young woman posted for help today. HG: I think she has been bitten by a Narc and am asking you for one of your youtube videos that you can give me a link to, to post on the site to her, because no one is giving good advice to her. I posted for your review down below, the only reasonable post to her for her to get counseling, and I posted my post to her as well telling her the guy may be a Narc. HG: Here is her post today(name redacted)__________________.
    I literally fall in love with this group. Amazed by how supportive girls are from this group, and you guys give helpful advice❤️❤️
    Here’s my another story to tell, a story that has been haunting me for a year now.
    There’s a guy I really liked from an affluent family. We got along well until some drama between him and me and some other girls. He “hit on” a girl I introduced to him by getting in touch frequently behind me when I was still dating him. And he also invited some sort of tinder girl he dated to a party when I was dating him. Now I don’t talk to him anymore and he’s still keeping in touch with these two girls,( yes, I’m addicted to stalking him online, which is really bad for my mental health), which pisses me off. Because I think why these two other girls can outplay me in every way to get his attention. And he is the first guy who introduced all the tricks and games to me. He played “ pull and push”, “ string me along”, “hot and cold”, “make me jealous” games on me to make fall for him again and again in few months. I had a period of getting super addicted to stalking him online, including checking up on new girls he dated, which went crazy, and I was totally devastated by him and by my own actions. I forced myself stop thinking about him and getting super jealous from girls he follows on socia media. ( even that time we weren’t seeing each other anymore) … One year later today, I’m not that attached or addicted to him anymore but somehow there’s still part of me that is lost and not found, and part of me is still broken because of him. I doubted myself thousand times, drowning into my own insecurities because of him for a long time. here are my questions:
    how can I forget about him completely?
    Why women like them will catch his attention but not me, am I not worthy enough?
    If you were me, what would you do to feel better and do better?
    I know we should support each other as girls, not comparing and getting jealous over other girls, but somehow I feel insecure. How can I become mentally strong in this?
    I appreciate your answers and stories❤️❤️❤️
    HG: This response I think was pretty good I think:
    (Name Redacted)_______You were mentally abused. The best advice is to see a counsellor or phone a charity online. The abuse has affected you – don’t give him that power. Work through the issues and come back stronger. I’m so sorry this guy chose you to victimise. If it is any consolation – he will be doing the same to the other girls. You were the one blessed to get away. First thing to do – stop stalking – it is a form of being co-dependent which suggests the mind games have had a very bad affect. Get help now it will be the best thing you will do.
    HG: This is my response to the young lady:
    He sounds like a Narc. If he is, a lot of counselors do not understand how psychologically devastating they are. She may have escaped the worst thing ever. That stalking has to stop. She may be in love with a monster. And if she does not see what she is doing, she may fall for another of that type. Boundaries she needs. To push bad men aside immediately when their behaviour goes against her well-being.. Next! HG: CAN YOU GIVE ME ONE OF YOUR LINKS TO YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO POST ON THIS SITE to help this young woman? This young woman is devastated. She is in her early twenties. I know their are so many videos on Narcs, but I want her first one to be good, plus I want the other women to be introduced to the best. Especially also because it is coming from my suggestion. Thank you if you can do this for me and for all of us on the JetsetBabe site.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you for spreading the word. There are many videos that would assist but at this juncture I would suggest The Devastation of the Illusion and those which address triangulation.

  2. DoForLuv says:

    So Scenario Two a little different . If he/she interact with the IPss everyday morning untill bed time video calls pictures will be send troughout the day sexting and normal conversations claiming the IPss as a girlfriend/boyfriend ( online ). Are we talking about a Candidate IPPS then ?

    The Tv-show catfish shows this dynamic alot

    1. HG Tudor says:

      That is likely to be a Candidate IPSS.

      1. DoForLuv says:

        Oh yes off course > IPSS < . Thank you for answering !

        Ps. I Googled this article recently. 🙂

  3. princesssuperempath says:

    Dearest HG: What in the world, has this world come to. It is incredibly disappointing to see how far we, as people, have fallen. I have to analyze myself in this, and see what I am doing, as well. I am afraid to really reflect on myself and my own contribution to all this. Thank you for showing us some very inconvenient truths.

  4. Supernova DE says:

    Are these virtual S-IPSS in addition to proximate SIPSS, or in place of (for a cerebral)?
    Thank you.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      They can be either.

  5. JR says:

    Wow. I look forward to “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Empath”

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