Sex and the Narcissist

No holds barred and no strings attached

The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform

Read about how the narcissist views and uses sex and how you are central in that

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18 thoughts on “Sex and the Narcissist

  1. Fenris says:

    “I’ve been”::::excuse my english😊

  2. Fenris says:

    This will be interesting,I’ve bin looking for this topic here….just bought the book

    1. NarcAngel says:

      Great book. Prepare to run a gamut of emotions but exit amazed.

      1. Fenris says:

        Remarkable reading…like my own experience is right,for all to read…lots of emotions, lots of tears .

  3. Leolita says:

    I have read that many narcissists have homosexual tendencies. Do you find this to be correct? Are you a metrosexual yourself, HG?

    A narc I knew would often make homosexual «jokes», and for example told me about having what he called «a homoerotic experience» at work, when they had to shower together (all men) only wearing gas masks…🤣 I am sure he could be a «hidden» homo- or metrosexual person…

    Oh, and he also can not get an orgasm with any women- don’t know if this would also apply if he would be with a man(?) but I know several women who have had sex with him, all saying that he has to jerk off afterwards to come. Haha! Love that we can talk about everything -and everyone – here…. (Sorry if it is too much)

    is it common amongst narcs to have this kind of «problem»?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I am neither homosexual or metrosexual, think Vikingsexual. To understand this matter of sex, sexuality and the narcissist further you can do no better than read the excellent Sex and the Narcissist, written of course, by me.

      1. Leolita says:

        I will go online and buy it right away. I knew it! Viking sexual! 😉

        1. HG Tudor says:

          HG approves.

  4. santaann1964 says:

    I get it now, I didn’t when H responded to me. I hear loud and clear now.

  5. katebd19 says:

    Just finished it, following HG advice. An absolute must read. Best book so far. I am still under shock. It is a shower of cold reality. Hard and painful to believe how they face sex with us (beyond the natural pleasant orgasm) and how they use sex to maximize the harvesting of positive fuel but above all of negative fuel with all manipulation around it during devaluation to gain power over us. Thank you, HG for sharing the depths of a narcissist mind with respect to sex. I appreciate the direct and graphic observations. Utterly educative.

    1. NarcAngel says:

      I agree it’s a must read. It’s a cold but necessary blast of reality for those clinging to any romantic notion of the sex that keeps them addicted.

  6. Joanne says:

    Best book. This was the tipping point for me. Really dismantled the entire fantasy entirely.

    1. foolme1time says:

      Joanne, My ex will be addicted to the end of his life, I’m sure of it. The book is certainly an eye opener.

  7. santaann1964 says:

    Read the book, low and behold. My narcissist, again a text book sex addict. But yet tells me I’m a sex addict. He can’t ever touch me again. Mr.H what’s up with the hygiene when the primary source leaves? I still hear and see these things at a 1000 mile away. It sickens me with the very young girls and probably underage. I’m trying to get my questions together for my email consultation.

    1. K says:

      I see projection.

      My narcissist, again a text book sex addict. But yet tells me I’m a sex addict.

      1. santaann1964 says:

        YES! I get it.

        1. K says:

          Ha ha ha…you can’t see it when you are in the thick of it. I am trying to get a better understanding of projection and your experience helps me recognize it.

          1. santaann1964 says:


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