Minions of Darkness: The Use of Lieutenants


We never act alone. All through your entanglement with us we will utilise the services and dedication of those who are loyal to us. Before we have even spoken to you we will be compiling a dossier of information about you by contacting those who know you. We will utilise our lieutenants to approach you and gather intelligence which will all be passed back to us for the purpose of analysis and subsequent application. Once our seduction of you has begun you will be taken in by my butterflies. The butterflies are those who do my bidding and they always do, who always appear and please you. Like a beautiful butterfly he or she will flutter around you, making you smile with his or her pleasantries, charm and general goodness. Like a butterfly with striking colours and that delicate movement they have been sent to enchant you on my behalf and alongside my own endeavours. My butterflies will only ever say pleasant things to you, repeating and consolidating the charming words which I have sent your way. They will flutter around you complimenting the things that you dp, how you look and who you are. They will remark what a wonderful couple we are together and how they can see it lasting forever. Primed with all the speeches, sentences and rhetoric that we use, these butterflies will remind you of all our magnificent attributes and thus reinforce how fortunate you are to be with someone like us. They will point out how happy you are and confirm that you make us happy too, far happier than that other harpy that came before you. You must watch out for her by the way, she is a trouble maker and will want to split you and us up. These butterflies will primarily be friends of ours but over time we will want to recruit your own friends and family to be our butterflies as well. Not only is such a recruitment a massive boost to our egos, it also means that there will be added credibility when they fly around you issuing their compliments about us both. When you are told time and time again how wonderful you are, how sensational we are and how magnificent we are together, any doubts that you may have had, any degree of modesty about such over compliments will soon melt away as the array of fluttering butterflies transfixes you.

Real butterflies only live for somewhere between one and five weeks and like their real-life counterparts my butterflies have a limited shelf life as well. This of course is down to you because as usual you always end up spoiling everything. If you maintained my interest and ensured that the high-grade, positive fuel you have supplied for the last year or so was maintained then my butterflies would have continued but your fuel diminishes, it turns stale and is not at the required level we demand. Accordingly, the selfishness you exhibit in behaving in this manner causes those beautiful and mesmerising butterflies to fade away. Your lack of loyalty and treachery means that these beautiful creatures become replaced by my crows.

Noisy, dark and petulant my crows will descend on you as I commence my devaluation of you. Remember you have brought this on yourself so you cannot expect any sympathy from my dark minions who have been recruited, brainwashed and controlled in order to further my own malevolent ambitions. My crows act at my command as they, like you, relish any opportunity to gain my favour and attention. Like some medieval king I will grant them access to me and allowing the crow to bask in my radiant brilliance secures their loyalty. Like the butterflies my crows come from my ranks of friends and family but once again I shall seek to corrupt those from your support networks so that they might first appear as a butterfly before transforming into a squawking and mocking crow. It is even the case that some of my cast-offs, desperate to remain around me and be subjected to my wonderful largesse are recruited as my minions. Thinking that they will win my favour and more importantly keep you from it, they readily agree to carry out my will. Some of my minions do not realise that they have been manipulated into doing what I want. Instead they carry out my instructions in an oblivious fashion. Others are well aware that they act as my agents of destruction but they revel in this role. Their loyalty is without question. I have flattered and charmed them as I did with you. They recognise you as the enemy who has sort to usurp their king and therefore you must be destroyed. No wonder the collective noun for  crows is a murder.

My crows are unleashed to perpetuate the devaluation against you. My dark minions come forth in order to do my bidding. The crows flap around you, their dark wings making it difficult for you to see clearly. Their incessant squawking fills your ears as they scold you for your treason. My crows move quickly, announcing to your support network the terrible way you have behaved and before they can be struck down they fly away to flap around you once more, their cacophony of insults swirling about you. This near constant noise of insult and vitriol has all been fed to them by me. Like dark messengers they repeatedly assail you with their name calling and lies, making you anxious as you are under sustained attack. You try and swipe them to one side but they merely dodge your attempts and continue to mock you. As you grow weaker from these repeated assaults they fly closer and then begin to peck at you. Just as we control you through our notorious salami-slicing techniques this pecking from my crows steadily erodes your confidence, your self-esteem, your self-worth and your identity. The crows land on your shoulder and with vicious beaks peck away something more of you as you try to fight them off but the weakness that has gripped you makes this difficult. More crows come, ordered by me to continue this campaign against you. The deployment of my dark minions saves me energy and allows me to create my butterflies for my new target whilst you lie there curled up in a ball, the dark crows hopping over you, twisted beaks pecking at you, weakening you further. Those in my coterie, my lieutenants, my agents of darkness provide a fundamental role in both my seduction and devaluation of you. I cannot succeed without them and will always ensure that I have both a box of butterflies to open for you and a tree full of black crows waiting to attack you. Perhaps you need to find a scarecrow?

20 thoughts on “Minions of Darkness: The Use of Lieutenants

  1. baileykaren2011 says:

    I appreciate your comments more than you know. If I have to choose a liar I would prefer the one who lied to himself by saying “there is only her” as one who lied to me with “there is only you.” If me sharing him is good enough for him, why did he get angry when another man would ask me out? It has to work both ways. If he can sleep around then he should allow me the same privilege.

    1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

      Bailey. What belief system says that a man will not mind a woman sleeping around as well? It is Radical Feminism. Also, the Theory of Relativity. More Fairy Tales foisted on people to believe or not. Neither in history nor in religion are women ever judged the same as men. Women are held to a higher standard. Especially because we give birth to children and men want to know that a child is their own. A woman will always be judged on the impressions of her virtue and chastity, no matter what radical feminism and relativity theory persuades and teaches. And many women find this out the hard way,these days and feel deceived. So, in short, no man wants his woman to have another man, if he has feelings for her, and even if has no feelings for her, he still does not like it. Rare are the exceptions. So say it is unfair, or say it is hypocritical, but do not say it is not reality, as you are seeing yourself, by what you just posted.

  2. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

    Dearest HG: What about when the monkeys and lieutenants are the first ones to devalue you? Not the narcissist. That is what happened to me. I did not understand what was happening, but now I do know. The monkeys and lieutenants devalued me to the narc constantly when I arrived on the scene, because they did not understand me and really could not understand why the narc was interested in me. I often come off as sort of bland. That could be the reason, but, who really knows. They loved devaluing me to him, and did it in my face. They ganged up. It was 4 of them, that bonded more with each other, going up against me, and I know they bonded more, because I watched and observed it happening. I was confused as how to fight them back, because I did not want to risk making a misstep in front of the narc. I wanted to appear wise and diplomatic in front of the narc, so I took a lot of passive aggressive flack from them that I ordinarily would not have done. ~~~~When the narc finally started devaluing me as well, that is when the line was crossed and I had to start backing away. The monkeys and lieutenants noticed my subtle backing away, after 2 plus going on 3 years finally, and I could tell they were quite pleased. ~~~~However, I soon noticed that when I started backing away that they were with the narc more and more, without me to bind them all together. And, I noticed they became irritated and started having problems with each other. All of them together, including the narc. Even arguing. I was surprised by all this. Where was the love. ~~~~They all did not realize that I was a sort of a “stabilizer “ for the narc. I had done it quietly and gladly for so long, as a NIPSS. The narc and I did not talk much small talk, mostly big issues, or when something interesting and very good or very bad happened, but not much at all, other than that, and even less in front of other people, but I saw him more than they knew, because I went to his other locations as well. I knew him way more than they did, but they could never guess that, by my company demeanor. And, the narc and I practically had mental telepathy together. So, we were talking silently, so to speak, a lot. I am moving away from all that now. ~~~~Maybe the monkeys et al, did me a great favor actually by devaluing me to the narc first, but they should not have done what they did. And they can not fill my shoes with him, especially since they did not know all the shoes that I wore for him, so to speak. Many different styles. ~~~~But, now they know something is not so good between him and them, and now they are stuck with keeping up the united group farce for him, but without having the benefit of riding comfortably upon my skirt hem, and now, by my disengaging from him and them, I have given the narc, inadvertently I admit. the gift of at least a pretended more unified and even larger coterie. Good. My dis-engagement gift. My hands are clean from them all. I shake the dust from all of my shoes. And my mantra is: Always Resisting!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Malign hoover by proxy.

      1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

        Dearest HG: Malign hoover by proxy? It never ends. By the Narc? By all of them, both the Narc and the monkeys? So, the mid ranger was enjoying it all, all along? Is there an article that explains this type of hoover?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          The lieutenants carry out the malign hoover by proxy on behalf of the narcissist. He will have been benefitting from the flow of information and fuel arising from these hoovers.

          1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

            Dearest HG: Yes. I see it clearly now. Of course. I use to wonder why he did not break it up. I was disappointed in him for not doing so. He would just stand there. I finally stopped talking to him whenever they were around. I even said to the mid ranger and those 4 lieutenants once during a conversation, in exasperation, that: whenever you all are together, conversations just go bad! They ALL just stared at me with no response when I said that. For some reason, I guess I caught them all by surprise with that statement, and they were ALL speechless for the first time ever. You could hear a pin drop. I turned and walked away. So yes, always the two companions: information and Fuel. Thank you. Of course.

        2. K says:

          This article is a good example of a malign hoover by proxy. Make sure you read the thread so you can find out what the message was.

          1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

            K. Thank you.

          2. K says:

            My pleasure, PrincessSuperEmpath.

  3. Narc noob says:

    Do you think the amount of time in the GP is inversely related to the empaths questions, insight or probing into the relationship? More blind following means a longer GP?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      See the article about the 5 reasons why we devalue you.

  4. Bubbles 🍾 says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    This just happened recently to our dear old friend, softie brother, B1
    B2, bully narc brother, manipulated his crows to organise a catch up coffee with softie brother, B1
    B2 managed to get his crows to spread rumours he was dying of cancer …. he’s not
    B2’s Crow even paid for the coffees and no apology from B2 (which was owing to B1)
    B2 didn’t lift a finger
    Another win for the bully narc, B2
    Perfect manipulation
    I’m going shopping to buy B1 a scarecrow eagle 🦅
    Your detailed description is so spot on, such an eye opener when played out in real life
    Thank you
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  5. baileykaren2011Karen says:

    Oh so very sick. He said something to me on our second date that I know I never told him. It was so personal that I could not say “Me, too!” for fear he would think I was lying!!! He doesn’t need to use anyone on my account anymore. I am gone as far as he and I are concerned. I am only gone though as long as his girlfriend doesn’t see me. I continue to wear the necklace he got me. She’ll see it. I will never be out of their relationship. I will always remind her that he cannot be trusted. I can do all this without minions. I win.

    1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

      BaileyKaren, I read your post 3 times, but I do not understand…do you know his girlfriend? How would she see the necklace? Is the “it“ the necklace? Were you deceived, somehow? And, knew it by something he said on the second date? Did he leave you for her, and you need to remind her? I want to put it all together more, but, of course, only if you feel comfortable enough to explain more.

      1. baileykaren2011Karen says:

        Yes, I met her. We have spoken many times. He had me first then started seeing her. We did not know about each other for over three years! We were both crushed to find he had been cheating. He had been living with her while fake future planning with me. She was so very hurt that I got the better gifts. He never bought her jewelry, but I still wear the infinity cross necklace he got me. I have the symbol tatted on the back of my neck. We all live fifteen minutes from each other. BTW, she stayed with him. I have been avoiding running into them, but that will not last. I will make sure of it. She will see that I am still wearing the gift he bought me. We will always remind her of what she perceives I meant to him thus will always be reminded of the pain his cheating caused, I do not want to hurt her, but I don’t want him to be permitted any peace in his relationship with her. As for the second date…he claimed to have been with five women before me..with one being a one night stand. That is not even close to the women he had. That was my information that he could have only gotten from someone close to me. He already had his first minion.

        1. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

          Baily. Maybe he loves both of you. Why not share. Who cares what people think. It is your life.

          1. baileykaren2011Karen says:

            Thank you. I know we both love him, but I cannot stand the thought of him making love to her. He had mentioned before that a man can love both women he is making love to. I thought we were talking about his brother and sister in law. Appears we were talking about him, too. I do want him to be happy, but I also want him to know how much he embarrassed and hurt me. A fifty year old man lying like he was twelve years old is not who I envisioned myself with. I guess the immature side of me wants neither of us to have him.

          2. Bailey. I once got in trouble with a relative for telling her daughter a bedtime story I created on the spot. The young daughter remembered the story and told her mother. The little girl loved the story, but the mother (one of my relatives) told me to not tell her daughter any more of my stories. Here is the story I told the little girl. I called it, Cinderella Part 2: Cinderella and Prince Charming lived a wonderful life. One day Prince Charming took on a second wife. So, Cinderella thought it was a perfect time to start her own business. However, after some years, Prince Charming died in an unfortunate accident. Then Cinderella took on the children of Prince Charming and his second wife, because the second wife could not boil water for an egg, nor cook a can of soup, and agreed to give custody to Cinderella. After a few years, Cinderella met another Prince Charming and he loved her so much, because she was very wise, and they married and lived a good life with the children of the first Prince Charming and the Second wife and later Cinderella had a child with the second Prince Charming as well. The second wife also remarried and moved far away. One day the second wife also died and Cinderella cried for both the first Prince Charming and the second wife. Then Cinderella wiped her tears and went shopping for her family, and treated them all very special and was thankful for all of them, and they all loved her very much. ~~The End. Bailey, I got in trouble for this story. So what. I did not want the little girl to be raised on fantasy the way I was.

        2. PrincessSuperEmpath says:

          Bailey. We all have to lie in certain scenarios to fit in to the dictates of our various societies and countries. Societies fade away and do not give us a backwards look at the end of our days. So, remember, the house always wins, so do what is best for you. If you like a lot of free time, and excitement, and he is not an actual pathological narc, the dynamic could be good for you in the long wrong. You have to weigh the pros and cons of your long term needs. Male monogamy is a societal construct, not even a religious one, of judea/christian religion anyway. And it is enforced on men more in western society, than in other countries. So, men have to lie a lot to survive it all. So just do what is best for you. Many women do, throughout history and even now, and often do not tell anyone, or at least everyone, in their family or in their friendships. This world will pass away. Be happy the best way you can and as legally as possible.

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