A Letter To The Narcissist – No. 13



I bet you weren’t expecting to hear from me. Surprise surprise!
Since I have the good fortune of not being face to face with you, I would like to touch base with you, because I haven’t, since our DIVORCE.
(yes yes I know…you don’t consider us divorced, but, well the Law says we are, so what can I say…..)
I see you find yourself hoovering me these days AGAIN! Well, trying to.
I find that rather odd, since you know for a fact I have no desire to engage you. Why would I? You are nothing to me. Nothing!
‘Yesterdays trash’ comes to mind…
What was it you used to call me? Oh thats right, ‘rubbish person’. Hmm. Funny how I am not considered such by anyone else isn’t it. And the other names? Ahh. I wont get into those right now. It just reminds me of how sad and pathetic you really were. Oh….hows the Welfare payment these days? Have you received an increase? Speaking of children, well we weren’t, but thought I’d let you know, I saw some of yours recently. We were all at that Birthday party you never got an invite for. They say they’ve not spoken to you for months now. Actually apart from that, they didn’t even mention you. Hmm.
How happy they seemed to be. I had a wonderful time catching up on all their news.
Now, I was wondering, do you remember all those times you were playing those terrible mind games with me? You know, all the word salad, the lies and the rages? (just to name a few)…Then, can you also remember me telling you, that you had met your match? Surely you do! I said it more than once..
Well…those words are the reason for me writing to you now.
There is an Intervention Order in place is there not? Admittedly it seemed to work for nearly a year, but for some reason now you have this great need to stalk me AGAIN! Why? What a sad state of affairs that is! Do you honestly think that I would be interested in you ever again? After all that you did? After all that you are?You are decrepit now to say the least, you’ve aged 15 years, you look just awful!
I was with all my friends while you were sitting alone at the local the other day remember? You must have noticed how well I am doing now yes? Everyone says I look great and am so much happier. They don’t understand what the hell I was doing, ever being with you. I told them, “it’s ok. Its over now. I wont be going back.” I believe we even toasted on it. Ahhh. It was such a good moment….I’m sure you’d have seen just how much fun we were having.
I digress. Now, the point to this letter…
The Order is still in place. You are trying to suck me back into your hole of a world. Hell hole I would call it.
Here’s my plan. It’s my game now.  Please follow along…
You stalk me. You send me more hate mail. You rage at me when you get the chance. You think we are playing by your rules….?
I will lead in this game ok?
Be sure to harass me just as you were planning to do of late….

Off we go………..

Oh, I’ts the Cops! What? I ring the Cops?? Who me??
Off you go to your 8×10.
Welcome……to your own personal  HELL HOLE !!!
Suck THAT up, buttercup!

Byedie byes….

3 thoughts on “A Letter To The Narcissist – No. 13

  1. Veronique Jones says:

    Love it 😍

  2. lisk says:

    One of my favorite letters!

  3. SMH says:

    Anything that ends with ‘suck that up, buttercup,’ works for me.

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