Little Acons – No. 22




  1. Dear Mr Tudor
    The “piece de resistance” the weasel gave me was my “chucky doll” ….. the other classic was a DVD n CD……..
    Of himself 🤣
    Everything he gave me, I returned….. except the wine, we drank that 🍷 😁
    Our youngest’s partner has given us some strange n ugly stuff … what’s with these narcs ?
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  2. I did not let my narc ruin my birthday… I booked a trip, he wasn’t invited. End of Story lol. I’m sure he had a great time cheating on me while I was gone and I had a great time wounding him by changing our plans he was trying to ruin. Thought I would sit home and cry did he? I don’t thinks so.

  3. The days leading up to my birthday were stressful and I deep down I knew it was because I was afraid he wouldn’t acknowledge it. When the day arrived, he did wish me a HBD but later on acted distant and aloof which was a drastic change. The following day he reverted back to normal, of course.

  4. My birthdays are always just another day in his pea-brain. But him? He’s the Birthday Prince.

  5. Birthday devaluations and birthday hoovers are the worst kind, even the days leading up to it can be a nightmare to the point where you’re just happy when it’s over. Of course their birthday is always to be celebrated like a coronation. So glad I got out

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