Big Little Lies


Big Little Lies – Your chance to apply your HGT University learning!

Back in 2017, HBO screened ‘Big Little Lies’ starring Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Alexander Skarsgard amongst others in a television drama set in and around Monterey, California. A second series is currently showing. You may have seen it and/or are watching it. If not, I recommend you do so since it is well written but primarily because it contains a host of narcissists and empaths and is a very good condensed array of behaviours and characteristics which are explained and detailed through my work. Assessing these through on-screen activity will aid your continued understanding and march to freedom.

Here is an opportunity for you to determine, using your newly-honed skills from The HG Tudor University, which characters are the narcissists and which are the empaths and which school and cadre do they belong to. Perhaps you see individuals who are normal, narcissistic or empathic rather than empath or narcissist, let’s see how much you have learned.

There will be daily polls with regard to each character for you to vote on and for you to argue your case.

And yes, I will at the end tell you my assessment of those characters.

So, fingers at the ready, trait detecting skills activated and let’s put the characters of Big Little Lies under the Tudorscope!



    1. I wonder how many suits he goes through when he is on tour? The boy can certainly sweat.

      1. Hahaha he does perspire somewhat. I meant to add that HG is the stewardess – just for clarity

      1. Hahahha

        Liane, I just went to watch S2E6 what’s going on?!?!? Not available yet.

        You literally can’t do this to me!

        Get me hooked on something and then keep me hanging on a piece of string for more!

        I need my fix!

        1. I don’t want to be at anyone’s mercy!

          I don’t even smoke, but now I’m off for a fag Hahhaha fuck

          1. Alexis2016
            When I stop laughing I am going to adopt your “hahaha fuck” as my standard response to most things. Sums it up perfectly. Thank you.

        2. Perry’s mum to Renata “you seem like a very nice person who lives in a very big house (sneer) with no furniture”. Ah blimey! Ouch!

          Hmmm I’m pretty certain she’s a greater.

          She is cold and calculating. She wants to take the kids not because she cares about their welfare, just to win.

          She shows emotional empathy

          She has a sadistic streak and planned the whole thing out before she even moved into celestes home. She knows everyone’s vulnerabilities as per above quote plus comment she made to Madeline and her daughter re “oh is this the girl whose off to college”. And she picks up on their insecurities in an instant. Can only be a greater. Even the mids who think they’re Ns can’t do this, they think they can but they can’t.

          She does not care whether people like her or not. She has a Margaret thatcher like quality about her which I find interesting. I do not know anything about Meryl Streep so I’m unsure whether this is her natural persona hence her getting picked for this as well as to play the part of Margaret thatcher or the director picking the actors and actresses saw her in Margaret thatcher knows that Maggie was a greater and saw what a great job she did at playing thst and so picked her bsddd on that.

          I’m no film buff and embarrass to admit that although I know Meryl is an amazing actress I’ve not actually seen any of her movies (shame on me I know) I just don’t watch too much tv or films.

          My husband is wondering what the hell has happened to me binge watching a tv series. He knows it’s incredibly peculiar and wants to know why lol.

          Anywya total tangent

          I’m off to read fuel matrix part 3 to see where she fits

          Oh and she has a sadistic streak too.

  1. Sadly im at a standstill. Ive been looking for season 2 on netflix, prime, crave(hbo canada) and utube …not offered. Ill try itunes later on my ipad. I think theres so far only 4 epies in season 2. By the sounds of it there wont be a season 3 but you never know. There wasnt initially going to be a season 2 as they wanted to keep it true to the novel.
    I think ill read the novel and see if i gain more depth from the characters there.
    Itd be great as an ongoing series. Reminds me a bit of melrose place, knotts landing(eons ago 😄). I miss these sorts of dramas.
    Its been nice watching a series again.
    I never did watch desperate housewives but im sure it was a similiar type series

    1. Hi ChiMum, Get a one month free trial of HBO. That will get you the 5 episodes of S2 so far, plus four more during the trial month. If you continue after 30 days its $15 USD per mo.

  2. ***season 1 finale spoiler***i didnt realise the ending was literal in that perry had been her rapist. The thought had crossed my mind briefly when she went to see the interior decorator she thought was her rapist bc he looked a lot like perry. So this means ziggy and celestes boys are half brothers.

  3. Im on epie 5 season 1 ….im not so sure renata is a narc. I dont like her but she does show genuine love and concern for her daughter. She shows weakness and insecurity and admits to it possivly a super empath whose got a shitty personality.
    Im wondering if one of celestes boys is the real bully and renatas daughter is afraid to admit to it. Janes son doesnt seem the type whereas one of celestes boys maybe witnessed their dad hurt her.
    Perry seems a lesser narc psychopath. Hes scary!
    Celeste is just as sick as perry psychologically. She is a victim but needs the help just as much as him.

    1. Chihuahuamum,

      I just binge watched to the end of season one – WOW; good plot predictions.
      I’m still not sure about schools/cadres but I share your personal opinions on Renata and Celeste.

      1. Hi who cares…im not as good at the cadres and schools but one thing im realising from the series and life in general is there are a lot of people with high narc traits who dont have npd. So many in the series i thought were narcs but instead have high narc traits like renata and her hubby. Normally on the surface because of madelines constant conflicts and shallowness/affair id think a midranger but she is an empath and that was established by her standing up for ziggy. That to me is a true empathic trait. Also she never excluded or alienated jane based on her social standing or financial status. Madeline is one of my favorite characters!
        I cant remember if it was HG but someone had stated a low percentage of the population that has npd and at the time i disagreed but i think ive mistaken a lot of people with high narc traits as having npd. That said people with high narc traits can have empathy but have such low amounts they might as well have npd in a lot of situations. They can also use narc tactics.
        The only two i see so far im sure have npd are perry and nathan.

  4. Here’s my take on it so far.
    Season 2 episode 3.

    Celeste: mixed feelings.. codependent with super empath traits

    Renata: narc but I still like her and I never did before!

    Jane: super empath

    Bonnie: contagion. It’s the senses.. I feel her

    Madeline: if it wasn’t for the crying after finding out Jane was raped I would have said narc. But she’s a saviour

    Madeline husband: normal

    Bonnies husband: normal

    Perry: mid range narc

    Perrys mum: greater narc: calm: collected: devious and manipulative

    Bonnies mum: contagion

    Janes new guy: psychopath.. I sense something

    Renata husband: stupid narc

    Madeline’s affair guy: narc

    This show has opened my eyes.
    Soundtrack is awesome!!

  5. Hi HG, congrats on 15M. Checking in for a little weapon sharpening/tune up. Omg, there’s merch now. HG leggings? 🙂 Hope all is well in Tudorland

  6. Watching epie 3 and is it just me or does ed look at madelines older daughter in an attracted way when shes on the balcony?? Maybe im reading way too much into it. It just struck me as off.

  7. Im loving the scenes between madeline and renata!! Lol the dumbo and cinderella comment renata made 🤣😂😁😁 this series is a breath of fresh air. Its really nice seeing madeline stick it to renata. Enjoying the comedy too lol

  8. I didnt realise lenny kravitz had a daughter(zoe). Its interesting bc nicole kidman was in a relationship for a few years with lenny kravitz. Both are now in this series together.

  9. When i think of an ugly narc i think of renata! Shes the type of narc id avoid at all costs nasty!!

  10. Onto epie 2 and im really liking madeline how she stands up for jane and ziggy. Im thinking she could be a super empath. Her hubby i think is a midranger but not sure yet.

  11. Empaths:
    Bonnie, Jane, Celeste
    and Ed (maybe hahaha)

    The rest of them

    Madeline and Perry’s mom are probably midrangers because they have no insight into themselves and actually believe they are “good” even though they do incredibly hurtful things like cheat and try to take custody of kids.

    Perry is lower or greater. I say lower because of the hitting and greater because of the money.

  12. Hg, thank you for doing this. You amaze me with how innovative you are.

    You (American Netflix tv show) and Dirty John (American Tv show and podcast) also have clear narcissists and empaths if anyone is looking for even more practice.

  13. Every show (Dead to Me was the last) I watch I play this game in my head. It’s fun to get to actually vote here on a series I started binge watching a couple weeks ago.

  14. I just purchased season 1 thru utube hd for 29.99 cad. Im not sure how many seasons but ill be binge watching! Reminds me of when i watched sopranos. I havent watched a series in years it should be fun and especially seeing how it relates to npd and the dynamics involved.

  15. Ok I’m up to date as far as what’s current on tv (season 2, episode 4)eroding in mind some character’s depths are still being revealed
    This is what I got so far;

    Madeleine – Super Empath ,Saviour
    cadre , (w magnet traits) also DEMB (narc trait of infidelity)

    Ed – empathic but not an empath

    Nathan -narcissistic but not a narc

    Bonnie – Standard empath, magnet cadre

    Perry- Lower Greater Elite Narcissist
    (Some confusion here bc of his last ditch flailings – saying he will “change”, losing his shit, being unprepared that C would leave him) —made me wonder if UMR. But my first instinct was LGN so I’ll stick with it for now

    Celeste – Standard empath, carrier cadre

    Renata – super empath – geyser cadre

    Gordon- UMR narc (I think!? I was thinking just narcissistic but not a narc until recent events w losing their money)

    Jane – standard empath, carrier cadre-DEMB -(narc streak of selfishness- knew Perry was married)

    Mary Louise – UNR narc .(cerebral or elite)

    1. Still a little on the fence if Ed is a carrier empath. Going with just empathic for now.

      I had thought Nathan was a MMR but…hmmm. I see too much humanity and empathy – just emotionally immature . I think he’s just highly narcissistic – not a narc. So far.

    2. Another thing! Gordon pulled out the pity plays a FEW times! I’m wondering would a greater even USE pity plays? He didn’t seem like a MMR- poor me narc. and I can’t see a MMR being able to provide that sort of lifestyle ?!
      The whole Stepford thing was going on aside from the violence.
      I have to stay w LGN who got desperate and so pulled out a few pity plays, “inner demons” bullshit.

        1. And I’m still not seeing the fury in Gordon. .. still on the fence about him. being narcissistic rather than a full blown narc

      1. Hi wokeaf…i think a midranger could still be very successful in life. There are many out there who are very successful in their careers and who arent greaters or are aware of their npd and knowingly use it. Instead they operate naturally with npd and some think theyre good people and everyone else are the ones with issues.
        I think a lot connect being highly successful with being a greater but its more a greater is usually always successful. Its been said trump is a lesser and hes been very successful in his career.

      1. Thanks -I think – I say that bc I’m reading a LOT of “interesting” analysis here and I’m jaw-to-the-floor wtf’ing so hard it’s almost painful.

        Btw I’m leaning toward Nathan actually being a narc. I was mistaking cognitive empathy for real empathy. (My Achilles heel) plus we aren’t seeing Bonnie in devaluation YET (the treadmill was a subtle touch tho-keep her home, eliminate a hobby outside the home)

        Gordon I still don’t know. If the gambling was a one-off that’s one thing – maybe- but anything more revealed will help me decide.

    3. I think I got them all right !!!

      – except Gordon is a MMR instead of UMR

      I think I’m a super sleuth a la U of Tudor

      1. Unless Celeste is a codependent

        . But I wonder if she wasn’t just in a codependent relationship with Perry, and not necessarily a codependent otherwise (other relationships/character traits?)

  16. I’m marathonning.
    This therapist is gooood.
    I found myself wanting to break NC with my MMR ELITE bc of the sex scenes with Perry & Celeste.
    They sure nail the intensity of the sex . Dammit. Triggered The Mixture.
    But then the therapist told her to put a loved one in her place . Good advice.

    They defin have some wise , experiences empaths on the writing team

    1. Woke AF,

      I thought the same thing about the sex scenes. And I’ve tried to do what the therapist says to do. I have a 17 year old daughter. She knows buts and pieces of our relationship and has only been around him a few times over 4 years by design.
      After a couple months, I broke down and started seeing him again. When my daughter figured it out, she showed concern. I told her I’d never want her to date a man like him and that it was complicated for me. So much went through my mind after that talk with her. You know it’s bad when your teenager frowns upon it.

      1. Yeah but it’s not complicated. We like to think that – but we aren’t complicated, the narc isn’t complicated. It’s emotional thinking- lust, whatever. We want what we want until the payoff for staying isn’t as high as the payoff for leaving . Just like any addiction.
        I have an adult daughter too. I recommend you set the example.

  17. Binged on first 3 episodes last night… I cannot make a full educated analysis – but on what I’ve seen so far…

    Mid-Range Victim Narc
    Always involved in drama, sees the kids as an extension of herself especially her youngest, is involved in everybody’s business. Can’t get over her ex hurt her 15yrs ago and still holds a grudge. She is drawn to broken/vulnerable people – she has a façade and quite frankly watching her is exhausting! She mentioned she nurtures her grudges and tends to them often. There is some Narc on Narc action with…

    Renata – Greater Narc
    Vindictive. An example is the children’s party and excluding Ziggy to prove she could.
    She has a grand façade, lawyer, on many charity boards, fundraises, luxury house is well off. There is something off with her child – perhaps a golden child – not worked it out yet. Renata and Madeline are in competition with each other – great example of when 2 Narcs collide I think

    Jane – Super Empath
    She’s drawn to Madeline and allows her to take her under her wing. She does the right thing, she protects her son, she knows how to love unconditionally and has no desire to be the centre of attention – if anything her emotions are deep and hidden. She’s done something in the past – she’s running and is on edge.

    Perry – This is easy… Greater Elite
    Somatic and Cerebral.. but then he is physically and mentally abusive and HG said a Greater Elite wouldn’t stoop to hitting and punching and leaving marks. Abusive before sex, controlling, walking on egg shells, volatile, charming, sexy, powerful.

    Celeste – Empath – Co-dependant?
    Takes the abuse, admits to enjoying the turbulence at times, submissive, contradictory – one minute flinches when he touches her – then craves his attention initiating webcam sex. Can’t work her out yet.

    Bonnie – I honestly don’t really know yet.

    That’s it for now folks. I think I will watch the rest of season 1 and see if I still feel the same way.

      1. Heading into episode 6, Burning Love.

        Madeline is 100% a super saviour empath. Any injustice and she’s on it! I changed my mind because after Jane told her she was raped, she stopped the car and cried. Empathy! She’s fighting to save the theatre, she’s fighting everything with her cape on!

        Celeste is 100% a super empath, she’s feisty, and she gives it back. A quiet confidence, she gave everything up for him, she does not roll over, she challenges him every day and is also vulnerable. She’s intelligent, smart, beautiful and so in love. She adores him. They both like the games. But she’s blinded.. though if he was to hurt the boys she would go supernova! Don’t mess with her. He could lose her and he knows it. Challenge and battle for control is the essence of them. They are both addicted to each other.

        Jane, I believe to be a contagion, she doesn’t have the luxury of wealth or a partner, she’s dealing with life on her own. She wants revenge, she’s going to go full on psycho narc! She wants revenge! How do you deal with having a child from rape? I think she’s a contagion empath. She can muster the darkness in revenge. She’s dark and dreams of beautiful cliffs, scenery and seas, she’s a force.

        Renata, 100% a narc.. though not greater because she is not charming or charismatic at all! Sure she has wealth and a career but her facade is what matters. My least favourite.

        Bonnie, still undecided but I think she is a magnet empath. High narc traits.

        Still working out the men.. I always find men harder for some reason.

        1. What narc traits are you seeing in Bonnie? And in Celeste (as that would be evident in a super)?

  18. Honestly the only way I can tell a “normal” is that they seem genuinely clueless to the existence of, -and confused by the behaviours of- both empaths and narcs

  19. I’m rewatching s1 before I move onto s2 . I did t know what I know now when I first saw s1.
    I’m one episode in so far and I know right now:

    Madeline – Super Empath of Magnet cadre

    Perry – lower greater elite narc/sociopath

    Will add em as I can call em

  20. HG, be glad u don’t live in the US. For so many reasons. It sounds like Dresden right about now. Jesus Christ.

    1. Bibi, I enjoyed all the noise. And God Bless the ones that spent a fortune on illegal fireworks. They were pretty.

  21. OMG, that’s a messed up show! Ok:

    S:2, E:4
    Reese: Empath
    Her husband: Narc
    Nicole: Narc
    Meryl: not sure- leaning toward empath
    Laura: not sure- leaning toward narc

    I’m thinking the victims look like the narcissists, and the narcissist’s look innocent- just like real life.

    I was just peaking in, and thought I’d give it a whirl.

    1. My observations:
      Reese/Madeline: Empath- Her family projects onto her and she’s the scapegoat. She’s stressed out, and has become a little hardened from dealing with it. She comforts and agrees with Celeste, no matter what Celeste has done, and is a good appliance in that way.

      Her Husband: Narc- Projects and criticizes her, gives her the silent treatment, triangulates with the children, withholds sex, gets into a fist fight easily, and his comments don’t make sense- like about the pretending going on at a costume party.

      Nicole/Celeste: Narc- She has no guilt when a one night stand walks out in front of her kids, only sees it as the grandmother’s fault for coming home with the kids too early. She’s defiant she’ll win a court case, gets angry with her therapist accusing her of not being on her side, and has no anxiety or fear of the consequences of the lawsuit. She slapped Mary Louise hard- and as much as an empath might want to do that, they’re more likely to stop themselves.

      Meryl/Mary Louise: Empath- She seeks to do what she feels is right. She doesn’t do it for herself, she does it despite the fact it makes her unpopular. She’s probably morphed into a doormat from being a victim of narcissists.

      Laura/Renata: Narc- She is more concerned with image than with her husband. It’s all about her, and everything’s her husbands fault. Her child is all about the image she had for her. Mad or not, an empath would have some degree of compassion for her husband, but she was only concerned about herself and cutting him down.

    2. HG, why have you not posted my observations comment on how I came up with identifying the characters? It’s a good exercise. I identify with the victims. Madeline partly reminds me of someone else I know and her marriage, and I’ve been the same as her comforting and agreeing with narc friends. No narcissist would have the unattractive image Mary Louise has, and though they might try to take over someone’s children, they would make the other person look bad, not themselves. And nobody likes her, that’s not a narcissistic trait, it’s a victim one.

      I’m pleased to see the new things on the blog, and have enjoyed reading them. I’ve been making good progress and feel I’m at zero impact. ‘Logical Thinking’ is something I never knew about until you told us about it here. I’m surrounded by narcissists at work, I don’t take their compliments or criticisms to heart, I see them for the purpose they serve and I either force myself to politely thank them for the nice stuff or I just politely go silent for the little digs. I feel like I’ve become ‘one’ inside, and am dismantling the blocks, opening the gate, stopping the procrastination, becoming me and not the victim I was always conditioned to be.

      Thank you for everything.

  22. Watched a few clips on celeste and perry and i was wrong shes definitly an empath.

  23. Mommypino: I saw that you commented to me, but I have only watched one episode and I am skipping all readers` detective work for now, because there will be plot spoilers for me. I plan to catch up on more episodes and then return and read your comments and the rest. Thank you in advance for your indulgence in my methodology. I do like reading your posts.

    1. Hi PSE, I just saw this. I can’t wait to read MRE of your thoughts after watching everything. I have finished up to the last episode that was aired and I am rethinking my vote for Bonnie and still can’t figure her out. Celeste was pretty easy!

      1. MommyPino. I have plenty to say about Bonnie already. I will have to probably list my thoughts on certain observations alphabetically, because I have so much to say about her, and that is only after 2 episodes. I will try to finish the TV Series by binge watching this weekend, so I can join in with you. Thank you, MP.

        1. Hi PSE! I would love to read your thoughts on Bonnie. So far I think that she’s an empath. I’m rethinking my Co-D vote to a Standard Empath towards the Co-D scale. I think that she’s a Magnet. She’s very magnetic and always turn heads, very serene and graceful and very sweet. I have still yet to find more strength in her to make me think that she’s an S.E. She seems to have survived a LOCE from childhood with her crazy mom who traumatized her as a child when she was being forced to learn how to swim. I might not be able to visit you he blog very often because I’m traveling to the Philippines. Right now I’m in Tokyo waiting for my connecting flight. But I enjoy reading yours and everybody’s thoughts on the characters of the show.

  24. I feel left out! I’ve never watched the show. As a studious pupil, I always do my homework and strive for A’s. I’ll have to scour Netflix and Hulu to see if I can find it.

    1. MB, I haven’t watched the show either. Should we try to find it and start watching it at our own pace? But the question is: how are we gonna play if we haven’t finished it?

      1. It is quite the quandary for us studious girls! I do feel really left out. Kinda when everybody was talking about “Us”

        1. My problem is that I always showed lack of motivation for some subjects and a passionate attraction for others so I was inconsistent. For example, Netflix informs me that Stranger Things season 3 just came out… mmmm… distractions…

    2. MB, It is on HBO. If you have Internet TV, you can try a free trial and binge, or subscribe for one month or more.

      1. FYC, thank you! I am going to answer your shame post. I am traveling now. But I would love to have your input. I havent had much luck with therapy. Don’t know if you’re a therapist, but you seem awesome! I’m looking forward to it.

        1. MB, You are most kind. Thank you. No, I am not a therapist, I just love to learn and to assimilate knowledge because I have an inquisitive mind and there is so much to discover. I also like to better understand myself and others. I find both knowledge and communication are the keys to making a difference. I tend to take a meta analysis approach, then distill that for easy consumption by others. It is a process I acquired through my education and honed in my career. When we have a firm grasp on what something is, and how it works, we are able to make better choices and be free of false beliefs. No worries on your timing, MB, we can chat more on that topic and any other, anytime you wish. Safe travels and happy Independence Day!

    3. MB. I just watched my first episode. I plan to watch another later this evening. Plus, I am not going to read the other comments, for certain polls, personally, to not see spoilers, or to be influenced away from my own thoughts, until I finish season one . So, I have to use discipline a bit. But, I am enjoying this event. It is like taking a class and the majority of the other students took the class already, and thus have an advantage. But, I am still taking the class, because I want to.

      1. PSE. It’s like a book club! I’m not reading the comments either. I will end up having to watch or the Tudorscope examination won’t be as meaningful.

        1. MB: I think this is the first time that HG Tudor has created this Event on this Venue, so there is surely a learning curve and logistical timing curve, or whatever all that is called that has to be smoothed out in due time. We shall get through this first Event together, including HG Tudor. It hurts me to not read all these juicy evaluations, I see are being written on this poll, but I have to see the episodes without being under the influence of others, because I find this fun event important for me, and I want to use my own mind first, and perhaps be persuaded to increase my viewpoint later. So, I have to skip the replies and spoilers for now. sigh… And read them after I finish season one on this poll, at least.

      1. K, it’s a book?!? Wonder if the characters will be portrayed the same. I would ask HG, but I doubt he has time to read books much.

          1. As long as you continue to read slowly to me…I need to savor it. I request the new articles on YT when you have the time, please Sir.

          2. Great writing one must read slowly to savor. If you’re reading the latest John Grisham or Tom Clancy thriller then you can take 10 sec. per page. There is nothing to uncover.

            But Thomas Wolfe takes more time to ponder. As does Sandor Marai. As does Hermann Hesse. And that Melville guy. So does HG Tudor. Ever hear of him? You should check him out.

          3. Bibi, you get me. Savoring HGs voice is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Akin to enjoying a fine wine.

        1. I’m guessing if he has time to read it’s spent on much weightier tomes, although there is evidence about that he has been recently in close proximity to some comic books.…

          1. Good. I despise people that still believe in a separation between “high culture” and “low culture.”

          2. Sugar Sugar! You are my candy girl!

            (HG has a secret stash of Archie Comics. He loves them. He identifies with Jughead and his crown and hides his stash beneath that Tolstoy or Dumas classic while sitting in Starbucks and ordering a Mocha Frappuccino.)

            Do not be fooled!

          3. Pahahaha! Archie comics… That was great imagery Bibi…but I’d hazard a guess HG is more of a Caramel Macchiato guy…or straight espresso…

          4. Oh yeah, SP, that whole Bill Mahr thing? I thought he sounded like a pompous ass.

          5. NB, I’m sorry but I don’t know what you’re referring to.

          6. Yep NA! Batman! Watch out for Bibi, HG. She wants to cuddle with bats. (And lizards) I get the lizard thing Bibi. I had a pet iguana. Not very cuddly, though. I tried and failed.

        2. MB
          According to PrincessSuperEmpath it’s based on the book: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I might binge watch it. Right now I am reading Dune.

          1. nunya biz
            The story is picking up now. The hunter-seeker tried to kill Paul but he caught it, saving his life and Shadout Mapes, as well. My son recommended the book and I will tell him that it’s one of your favorites.

          2. K, If ever there was a time for your analyses, it is now. Go binge watch the show. It is only 11 episodes total for both seasons combined. We all eagerly await your comments!

          3. FYC
            Shit, I better get moving! I will watch all of season 1 today/tonight.

          4. FYC
            Episode 1:

            Bonnie: Standard Empath
            Nathan: Mid-range Narcissist

            Perry: could be a greater BUT I am going with Upper Mid-ranger for now.
            Celeste: Super Empath

            Jane: Standard Empath (for now)

            Renata Klein: Potentially a greater but I am going with UMRN (for now)
            Gorden Klein: I have no clue.

            MMM: She is a Mid-range Narcissist
            Ed: He is an empath (not sure of the school)

          5. Episode 2:
            Fuck me! Ed is no longer an Empath; He is an MMRN.

            When he was talking to Madeline (on the beach) he said, “You don’t adore me” (er, it should be “love”) and he refers to “The One”. Normals and empaths don’t refer to “the One”.

            When Ed met up with Nathan re: the birth control/Bonnie issue, he issues a subtle threat towards Nathan and then later lies to Madeline about what transpired at the meeting. He rewrote it (gas lighting). Nathan also issues a threat towards Ed, that we, as the audience, witness.

            Perry uses sex to reassert control with Celeste after their fight. They both slap each other, very aggressive! I liked it.

            Madeline gives two middle fingers in response to the yoga instructor’s quip about a menopausal yoga class. She is aggressive and I don’t dislike Madeline, yet.

          6. Episode 3:
            Still can’t get a read on Gordon Klein and this show is way better than Chernobyl!

          7. Hi K, Thanks so much for all of your episode impressions. I have enjoyed them as they evolve. I chose standard empath for Bonnie and CoD for Celeste. It is a challenging exercise and I really hope the effort helps me do a better job in real life.

          8. K, I read at least 3, maybe four of the books. The movie is very good also, I’ve seen it several times, Sting is in it! And I just love Kyle Maclachlin. Even the movie is on my all time top ten.

          9. MommyPino
            I am going to watch Episode 4 soon so maybe I will get a better read on him. This is a fabulous show for HGU students to practice what they have learned. There are so many signs of NPD and empathy that I have to keep hitting pause to take notes!

          10. K, your enthusiasm for this assignment is palpable! I just finished episode 3. The show is very well done. How could it not be with David E. Kelley plus a great cast. Hello?!? Ally McBeal much?

            I wonder though, why do you think HG asked about Bonnie first?

          11. MB
            Ha ha ha….this show is fucking sublime!

            HG could possibly be going in alphabetical order (by first name) OR he wanted to test our mad skills! I think Bonnie is a standard empath.

            Episode 4:

            1. Celeste kicked ass at the meeting with the mayor!
            2. Perry has major control/fury issues and wants to have another baby (control and binding).
            3. Madeline and Joseph had a “thing” in the past but it’s been “erased” it never happened! And Madeline rewrote what happened backstage between them (gas lighting).
            4. Ziggy (Little Sheldon) went to counseling and the counsellor said, “He doesn’t show classic signs of a bullying personality. He is not narcissistic and he demonstrates empathy and sympathy.”

            I knew Ziggy wasn’t a bully; he’s an empath and I suspect Annabella is being sexually abused.

          12. I’m just on episode 4 now. Part way through. I’m not nearly as confident as you on the analysis. So far, I just see Celeste as a normal. That was my vote.

          13. MB
            Confidence is a great quality to have, even though I am sometimes wrong, I never let that get in the way. I learn from it and move forward. Sometimes, I get my ass kicked but, sometimes, I kick ass.

            I was way off on Celeste and voted Super Empath, I think Perry is a lesser and I still haven’t voted on Bonnie. She has this “woe is I” pity- party-thing going on OR it could be guilt. IDK.

          14. K, Bonnie is not an interesting character yet to me. My favorite is Ed so far. (Normal on the scale leaning toward the empathic side.) I don’t think everybody has to be a narc or an empath in this exercise. There are some normals. Nathan is a normal. Madeline’s oldest daughter seems like a normal too. I disagree on Celeste being a CoD for those who have said that. Def has Co-d traits though. Jane standard empath and I just want to squeeze sweet little Ziggy. With everybody on a spectrum, it’s going to be difficult to nail down other than the glaring examples like Perry. I say lower Mid for him. I’m only half way through episode 4 though. Gordon is gross and his wife is a complete bitch, but I sure would like to have their house!!

          15. MB
            Bonnie is lame and she needs to get her shit together; she’s cracking and that makes her a liability. Renata has some spectacular fury and hatred and Gordon reminds of Bernie Madoff. I like them both (for now).

            The reason I thought Celeste might be a CoD is because my mother loved it when my father beat the fucking shit out of her. She was in her glory when she was covered in blood and her clothes were ripped to shreds so who else might take that abuse? Possibly a CoD.

            I haven’t focussed on the children much but it’s clear that Ziggy is an empath, however, there is an issue with one of the twins.

            Jane could be the Super. IDK! I am on season two.

          16. It’s so fun to see you so excited. I’m with Mommypino. I want to have a watch party!

            I cannot understand somebody enjoying being beaten. That really is sick. I didn’t get the feeling Celeste enjoyed it. She did assert boundaries too from what I observed. Interesting to see the varying perspectives!

          17. MB
            Ha ha ha…Big Little Lies is like an all you can eat buffet of narcissistic delight! It’s a war zone and the narcissists act like they have empathy (they don’t) and the empath’s narcissistic traits are coming to the fore. WTF! Who’s who on the spectrum?

            My mother was a LLN and she loved violence. She got into fist fights with her brother (my uncle), she beat the fuck out of me and my siblings and she took a giant cast iron fry pan and clonked my father over the head with it when he was sitting down in the living room. It was a zoo.

            I don’t think Celeste enjoyed being beaten but she tolerated it, like an addiction.

          18. MB, I agree, Celeste didn’t enjoy being beaten but she was very much hooked with their dynamic of having a fight and her being beaten and then having make up sex afterwards and then everything is ok again. She’s not a physical masochist but an emotional and she is addicted to the high that she gets in their sex after feeling very low while being beaten. In that respect she is a Co-D to him. But she is an overall strong woman, highly successful, smart, etc. But she is a Co-D to her dynamic with him. She feels that she’s able to tame a wild beast after they have sex and she has a very high psychological reward for that. That’s why when he died, she doesn’t know what to do with herself anymore. She feels lost without her wild beast.

            K, I also think that Perry is a psychopath aside from being an Upper Lesser.

          19. Mommypino, I agree with what you’re saying. Fortunately, I have no point of reference for such a toxic dynamic so I don’t understand it at all. (When K said her mother enjoyed having the shit beat out of her…? No words). I do believe that she (Celeste) could be just as satisfied in a more “normal” dynamic. I haven’t gotten to the point where he has died yet, but I can’t say I’m sad about it. (And I don’t care about spoilers, so don’t worry.) This is just homework for me. I don’t normally watch television.

            Madeline is now my favorite character, but I still like Ed too. The soundtrack is very good and I can appreciate the development of the characters and the skill of the cast. I’m enjoying it. Just finished episode 5 of season 1.

          20. Yikes I need to be more careful when it comes to spoilers. I also enjoy Madeline’s character very much. There’s a behavior of her that I didn’t like regarding two men. I can’t remember which episode it will show but I don’t want to spoil anymore for you even though you are very kind about it. She might be a S.E. I think my favorite right now is Jane. She has less narcissistic traits than Madeline but I think that she has more inner strength than Madeline. She has endured so much and has chosen to raise her son with so much love in spite of what she went through. She also always asserts her boundaries. I have never seen her be a pushover.

          21. Mommypino, don’t worry about spoilers. We’re discussing the show. I wouldn’t have read the comments if I was worried about it. Truly. No worries.

          22. MommyPino
            I thought he had elements of psychopathy and he reminded me of Chris Watts.

          23. MB
            Episode 6:

            It’s all gone to Hell! I am not so sure about Bonnie anymore!

          24. MB
            Episode 7:

            I don’t even know what to say!

            1. We are exactly alike but completely different and it all makes perfect sense. (it’s the motivation that separates us).
            2. It wasn’t murder, it was an act of self-defence (for now!).
            3. If my boyfriend/husband beat me like Perry beat Celeste I would NOT have stayed with him.

          25. MommyPino
            Gordon was a no show in Episode 4 but I feel confident that Bonnie is a standard empath. I will watch E5 and let you know what I think if they show Gordon.

          26. MommyPino

            Holy shit! Episode 5 was nuts!

            1. Janie’s Got A Gun (Aerosmith) and she’s off to San Luis Obisbo to hunt down Saxon Banks! Smoking weed and speeding!
            2. Celeste is in counseling and is losin’ it! She may be a CoD!
            3. ALL the mothers displayed physical affection towards their children at school drop off/pickup.
            4. And I still can’t figure Gordon out!? He has much better control of his anger/fury than Renata and seems to have empathy?!?!

            What a mess!!!

          27. MommyPino
            Episode 6:

            It has all gone to Hell.

            1. Is Celeste a CoD or a Super? IDK!
            2. I still don’t have a clue what Gordon is!
            3. And I am confused by Bonnie.
            4. Madeline was puking at dinner and she seemed so sincere when she was talking to Abigail re: her “Secret Project”! Narcs are tricky! Facade!
            5. And what the Hell is going on with Jane and Renata?!

          28. MommyPino

            Episode 7:

            1. Ha, I had a feeling “you know who” was the one who raped Jane!
            2. Annabelle is not being sexually abused and Ziggy isn’t the bully.
            3. I still have no clue what Gordon is!!!
            4. Renata apologizes, takes responsibility for her behavior and “seems” nice, WTF! The facade is major gaslighting!
            5. I think Bonnie is the Super and Celeste is the CoD!

            It is an absolute mess! But, I love it!

          29. K, Yes I think it also took me several episodes before I was able to make a guess that he’s a Co-D. I love this style of teaching! I have always been having a hard time figuring out the differences of the schools of empaths and even narcs. I have always wanted to get more illustrations and here it is! I can’t wait for HG’s analysis on each of the characters.

          30. “Normals and empaths don’t refer to “the One“”

            Yeah they do.

          31. Haha K I love your blow by blow analysis. I was literally laughing out loud. I so much wish I can go to your house and have popcorn with you and binge on it together! You’re such a riot! I love the Janie’s got a gun reference. It’s one of my favorite songs ever!! I think she’s a Contagion. From the first episode when she saw Madeline trip she said ouch as if she felt it and her son asked her if she is ok. And yes her son is an empath, he asked his mom if they can stop to help Madeline. I don’t want to spoil anything for you!! I can’t wait for more analysis. I love it!!!! 😘😘😘

          32. When I see a guy get kicked in the balls I say ouch. I don’t have balls.
            It’s empathy or cognitive empathy.
            Funny bc i noticed she didn’t stop at first – had to deliberate- but then did go back .

          33. MommyPino
            Ha ha ha….we would have a blast if we watched it together! You can’t keep up with it! Everyone is stale and it’s a fuel fest.

            I can’t figure out the empath schools so I am not even thinking about the Cadres! I need to watch more but I do not think Celeste is a Super at all, I think she is a CoD and Bonnie is a lightweight, all mopey and catatonic. Perry (I think he is a Lesser) was attacking Celeste; he had it coming. Why feel any guilt, she did the world a favor.

            Gordon got pinched for security fraud so he is a MMRN (for now) and Mary Louise (MMRN: she loves Pity plays) needs to be taken out! The only two characters that I absolutely hate are Perry and his mother.

            Aerosmith is pretty good and I really do like that song.

          34. Haha K we definitely would have so much fun!! I agree with Bonnie, I thought she was a lightweight as well so I was surprised with the SE guesses on her. I was wondering if I missed something. They say that she asserts herself against her narcy husband but it’s not that hard to shut him down anyway. He’s not very challenging and she’s not yet in devaluation. He’s still idealizing her. The way she is handling how she killed Perry makes me think she’s a Co-D. Even you and I would be able to rationalize that because he was going to kill Celeste with his fury and no one else could stop him. It’s not that hard! But the second season seems to reveal more about her sonI am waiting for the rest of the season 2 episodes to be aired before I make my final guess.

            I agree that perry is not a Greater but a Lesser. I’m thinking Upper Lesser. He doesn’t have a good handle of his fury to be a Greater. I think that Renata is either an Upper Lesser. When she mimicked the doctor, it was embarrassing. She could not control her fury either.

          35. MommyPino
            All caught up. Bonnie is too confusing so I am not voting on her yet.

            Perry was very violent, a rapist and he had a bad smell, according to Jane, which indicates Lesser but, in my experience, Lessers do not interact with their young children at all and the males certainly do not read: Guess How Much I Love You, to their children. They are very lazy and have low energy. There are virtually no respite phases, it’s mostly devaluation. It’s brutal.

            Renata’s contempt for the ER Doctor was horrible and Gordon completely ignored it. I would have apologized to the Doctor immediately. That was a great example of The Narcissist’s Twin Lines of Defence rearing its ugly head.

          36. Ha! K, I finally found this comment. This is the one that I told you I lost. I agree that Perry is a Lesser. You’re right about them being generally low energy but I think that he is an Upper Lesser like Trump and Trump is definitely high energy. Perry seems to have a great job which affords their lifestyle even though his wife quit working so he must be smart enough to be able to have a job like that. Also his table manners like encouraging his boys to chew the cereals very loudly is very much a Lesser. I hate noisy eaters! I think it’s bad table manners.

          37. MommyPino
            I agree, Perry’s wealth makes a huge difference and I think he is an ULN. I am trying to keep Trump and Oscar Pistorius in mind to help me reconcile the dissonance.

          38. K, you had a message to me that I have read before I boarded the plane but now I couldn’t find to reply to. I might miss out on the fun now because I’m on my way to the Phils. I’m just waiting for my connecting flight right now here in Tokyo. I might get a Hello Kitty kimono for my daughter and a Shinkansen train set for my boy while I’m here.
            I was thinking about Gordon. The reason that I think that he’s a Co-D is because he did all of those frauds to make Renata happy. Renata said that she was poor when she was young and she has to be rich and stay rich. Gordon did his best to provide her the lifestyle that she thinks she deserves and he committed crimes in order to give her what she wants. His demeanor reminds me so much of my MRE sister’s Co-D best friend that never got promoted to be an IPPS. Also, when he threatened Jane at the restaurant, he was doing it for Renata and not for him to get fuel or power. He said to Renata that at first he couldn’t get through her and then finally after a year or so he did but she went back to how she was in the beginning. So there seems to be a lot of push and pull and he did get his reward when he thought that he finally connected with her only for her to go back to how she was. He’s trying very hard to go back to that Golden Period that didn’t seem to be very long.

          39. MommyPino
            That is a very compelling argument and I couldn’t really figure Gordon out at all. It’s very possible that he’s a CoD. It made sense that he would threaten to file a RO against Jane in defence of his wife and he does talk about the beginning (GP) and how he wants to go back to how it used to be, like when they went skydiving. Renata tells him to sell his toys and he doesn’t really argue back so is he compliant or is he afraid of losing his IPPS??? If he is a MMRN then he will be cowardly. Renata is aggressive and I think she is an UMRN.

            Hopefully, tonight’s episode will shed some more light on Bonnie and Gordon.

          40. I agree K! That is actually one of the things that I want to learn more about and would like to get clarification. The way I understand it, Co-Ds come in different shapes and sizes. Some can be super successful, assertive and kind like Celeste and some are not really that empathic like Gordon but what makes them both Co-Ds is their tendency to get so addicted to the dynamic that they have been enduring so much abuse and their identities are so enmeshed with the abuser that they cannot muster enough strength or willingness to escape the abusive relationship. But I will see if I’m correct with how I understand it after HG reveals the answers. 😊

          41. MommyPino and MB


            1. It’s very clear that Mary Louise is running the show!
            2. Bonnie’s dad is a coward and an ass.
            3. What did Bonnie’s mom do to Bonnie?
            4. What the hell is going on at the bar with Ed, Tori AND Joseph. A potential Ménage à trois?
            5. Brian McPherson is a bully and he deserved to get his ass kicked!
            6. I still can’t figure out Bonnie or Gordon and Bonnie is cracking!
            7. Celeste can’t keep her mouth shut. Her ET is an issue. It must be a CoD thing.

            The empaths are pissing me off! They can’t keep their shit together. If you can’t stand the heat, get the fuck out of the kitchen.

          42. K I missed that episode. I will catch up when I get back.
            “What did Bonnie’s mom do to Bonnie?”. I have a feeling that Bonnie’s mom is a narc and was abusive to Bonnie when she was young and the dad was a weak and didn’t protect her. So you remember a scene of a memory where the mom was telling Bonnie that she needs to learn how to swim and I can’t remember if she dropped or dunked her child to the water. She’s definitely crazy and that’s the LOCE in Bonnie’s childhood that I was mentioning as the reason I am still waiting to give my final vote on Bonnie.

          43. I agree with that observation about LOCE, Mommypino, but she has one narc, one CoD so her GPD will determines her fate. I still say she would have no guilt nor consideration for others if NPD. She has narcissistic traits, but I think she is still an empath. It will indeed be interesting to get the final analysis!

          44. MommyPino
            I can’t figure out Bonnie’s mom either, I think she had a drinking problem. Yeah, I remember the pool scene. That pissed me off. I wouldn’t have done that to any of my children. My children chose when they wanted to go under the water or swim. They were in control of that, not me.

          45. I think Bonnie’s mum is an out of control Contagion. /psychic .
            Maybe one of the few true borderlines. An out of control , traumatized contagion (or other empath) who needs meds- could easily be abusive while still meaning well

          46. WokeAF
            I was thinking along those lines, as well. Drugs/alcohol use would anesthetize the overwhelming emotion she felt.

          47. MommyPino
            Yeah, I am having trouble figuring out the empath schools and it’s very clear that I need to learn more about them. I am leaning heavily towards CoD for both Celeste and Gordon.

          48. I’m changing my mind about Bonnie possibly, I didn’t like her comment about nonconsensual touching in the meeting about Ziggy, she doesn’t seem protective of him. But I have only seen two episodes. I think Madeline is a super savior, but I dislike the way she talks to her oldest daughter. I think she should encourage more autonomous thinking at 16.

        3. MB
          The reviews on Amazon were really good so I am going to read it before I binge watch it.

          1. Good idea K, I didn’t even think to see if there is a book. I love to read the book first and then see the movie/show. I like to see how they do the screenplay vs. what is in my imagination.

          2. K, It is important to watch first then read so your comments will be on par with us viewers. I read a review of the series a while back that said the creators did not closely follow the book for the characters. Bonnie is one they took creative license with.

          3. FYC
            No worries. I will start watching season 1 this weekend and then I will read the book.

          4. K: HG’s comment (saying your analysis should be based upon the series) appeared while my comment was in moderation, so my concern was addressed. I just wanted to have an apples for apples comparison. You know I value your analyses in general and this will be especially educational as I can see where I might be missing cues. I am looking forward to your analysis on every character!

          1. Two snowmen in a field, one says to the other. “Can you smell carrots.” Ahhhh, fankyooooo.

          2. Lol, your carrot comment caused laugher and an impulse to google.

            Apparently there are many carrot books. A Carrot a Day, The Carrot and the Pea, The Carrot Principle….etc. Lacking was the book, The Carrot. I guess that will be a future prequel.

          3. I invite you to make carrot cake with one of the books and then eat it. Let me know how you get on FYC!

          4. My comment was not meant to annoy you. I was saying I thought your comment was funny and I also laughed when I found out there were so many carrot books. Since, I am not a baker and I don’t like carrot cake, I’ll pass on that invitation. 😉

          5. I might go for it Bibi. Book first. But there will be lotsa talk on the blog that I’ll miss and that pains me now that I’m back. I’ve already gotten so far behind! If anybody has said anything to me, I’m not ignoring you. I promise! #whereintheworldismb #sheonlyhasblogtimewhensheworks

      2. K. But, you know how film will not follow the book exactly, though….so we will have different stories that we are discussing, if one is coming from the book and one from the filming, right? I do not think that will work out for this event…. So, I hope you are watching or will watch the film episodes first.

          1. I’m gonna watch then. Reading the book wasn’t the assignment, and Prof Tudor knows best. I don’t want to flunk!

          2. K, I have a rebellious streak too, but there’s just something about Prof Tudor that makes me want to be compliant.

        1. PrincessSuperEmpath
          Several of the reviewers claim that it follows the book very closely, no worries though, I will read it then binge watch.

          1. K. Thank you! I have enough worries in this life without adding on the worry that you are preparing to read the Book in order to discuss the Film with everyone. Hahaha. PSE approves!

          2. PrincessSuperEmpath
            Ha ha ha…no worries! The book is on order from the library so I will watch season 1 this weekend. This is great because it will be similar to Book Club. We all watch the same show and discuss it.

  25. Based on the cast id say it must be really good! Im glad im not the only one who hasnt watched it. Ive gotten away from tv series and movies and more into utube as its short and sweet. Its hard to find an hour straight to watch a show but im intrigued and will find the time!
    My guess….
    nicole kidman…..narc!!!
    Laura dern…def an empath!!
    Meryl steep….a normal
    The rest im not saying yet lol

  26. Ive not watched this series so sadly am out of the loop. I will find out when it is on and start as it sounds good! Laura dern? Wow ive not seen her on screen in years! I wonder if netflix has it? Im so removed from tv in general i mostly watch utube ☺

  27. Great stuff!
    I watched Series 1 ages ago and have series 2 saved on Sky.
    I’ll go back to watch again to really look at the characters. It’s weird because I’ve noticed myself doing this more and more…. wondering Narc/empath/normal on programmes I watch.

    Argh.. I shall need to pause series 1 of Homeland I’ve just started…

    You know I appreciate this, thank you.

  28. I haven’t watched this series so I won’t be participating. Have fun the ones who have seen it.

    1. Lou, I haven’t watched this series either. I can’t watch streaming (slow internet). Luckily, Season I is available on DVD on Amazon and HG said we will have plenty of time to catch up before answers are posted.

      1. Thank you for the information, EB. I will think about it. I may buy the dvd after all.
        Thanks again!

  29. This sounds really fun! I will watch the show. I would like to see how well understand the different schools and cadres of narcissists and empaths.

  30. I wish I could contribute to this because it looks like a lot of fun but I don’t watch TV. I’m going to take a guess just by looking at the photos:

    Narcissists: the fake sweet little old woman wearing glasses top right row – mid narc; the unwashed scientific looking guy wearing glasses second from the bottom first column – upper cerebral narc; Nicole Kidman’s character – upper mid narc; Laura Dern – psycho narc; the suspicious woman with long black hair looking to bury a corpse in second row third column – mid narc; the guy in the middle looks like an elite uber super narc (is there such a thing?).

    The rest are all empaths.

    Disclaimer: never heard nor seen this show in my life.

  31. Homework analyzing characters ! I love it !!!! I just don’t have the time to watch a series right now… how long do these things usually go for ? or rather how long do I have to submit my answers?

    1. misstasia. I love when I hear a show is good from non professional critics. The critics overall have burned me too many times. And there is an enormous amount of product out there and so little time. Some critics start off very good when they are new and they are creating their path, and then over time, at some point they sell out or something. And then, I can not trust them any more. I am happy to start watching this

  32. Dear Mr Tudor,
    I’m surprised you even watched this series!
    We did and thought it was narcville landing combined with “days of our lives” n “the restless years” n “the bold n the beautiful” … catty bitchy n backstabbing
    Luvved it …. haha
    Currently watching Chernobyl ….. 😱

    Is SM helping you, cos you’re coming up with really new n interesting concepts ? It’s fabulous n we luv it
    Thank you
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

        1. I looked up Big Little Lies to see what it is about and read the following: [ `Big Little Lies. Based on Liane Moriarty’s bestselling book, and featuring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley, this darkly comedic series tells the tale of three mothers whose seemingly perfect lives unravel to the point of murder.` ] ~~

          1. Dear PrincessSuperEmpath,
            Alexander Skarsgard stands out …just saying 😜
            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

          2. Bubbles: It is telling in some way that HBO did not mention him in that clip I found above. I do not know of his work, though, but I perceive that you are a fan of his, Bubbles?

        2. PSE and Bubbles!
          Alex! Wow what a man!!
          He was the one I wanted in True Blood! Never mind the one Sookie Stackhouse fell in love with. Eric all the way!

          Bath time then BLL time! Get analysing!

          1. Dear PrincessSuperEmpath n Presque Vu,
            Check out “The Legend of Tarzan” …..that’s where I first saw Alex ! hubba hubba
            I haven’t seen True Blood ….. yet….haha
            Just have one more episode of Chernobyl to go (those Russians, boy oh boy)
            Stellan Skarsgard (Alex’s dad is in it) … !

            Alex’s character in Big LL … well…. you need to watch it !
            Happy viewing 😱
            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

      1. I have not watched Big Little Lies but Chernobyl was a buffet of NPD delight. Russia tried to gaslight the entire world! It was epic.

        1. Chernobyl was terrifying to watch. I love Jared Harris in everything, but he was exceptionally fantastic in this. The Soviets were embarrassed by this, as they did not want to appear as incompetent dumbasses to the world.

          HG, when you watch, be prepared to witness a lot of vomiting. Some great casting–the scene with the miners was great.

      2. HG, while this show is not my taste, I would be willing to watch clips anyone would share exemplifying your points.

        (I am a bit of a snob crossed with a nerd when it comes to what I view. I am a snerd.)

        I very rarely watch trending stuff, but I DID watch Chernobyl because that was of great interest to me.

        I actually did a review/thoughts on my YT channel where I tried to give deeper observations than merely, ‘It’s good! Derp.’

        I would be honored were you to watch it in due time. I feel confident that you probably are aware where you can find it. You are a Greater, after all.

        (But I will say, even a Greater as you could not withstand such isotopes.)

        1. Bibi: It is interesting. The first 5 minutes or so, I was worried, but quickly saw that it is legit, and there is much of the dynamics that we discuss in here happening somewhat quickly into the episode, I say, without discussing what happened in Season 1 episode 1, that I just watched. It was around 50 minutes or so. The filmography is good as well, in bright and shiny intimate Monterey California, with all the dark undercurrents going on beneath the facade of certain characters and situations, of course.

          1. My thing is that shows about ‘upper rich class bitches’ depress me. Sex and the City was the same way, albeit I did watch clips to see how Big–an obvious narc, treated Carrie like shit over and over–and how she kept running back to him. But the trends and gossip in that show made me feel bleh.

            I suppose I just don’t relate to those types. I very much enjoyed Chernobyl–so I am not opposed to current shows, but I am willing to watch clips that anyone wishes to share re: which narc/empath is this.

            Also, I am limited by the fact that I am not an HBO subscriber. How I got access to Chernobyl was via a generous co-worker. Let’s just leave it at that. 😛

          2. I’m advocating watching it to identify narcissists, Empaths and the dynamics. If people also enjoy it as entertainment even better for them, if not, the fact it’s very useful for analysis is reason enough to watch it.

          3. HG, I agree and I am not in opposition. I think this is a very useful tool.

            And as I said, I will gladly watch clips from this show illustrating your points. I am limited by my lack of HBO access, so I literally cannot watch even if I wanted. But YT is generous.

            I watched clips of Sex and City on YT just to see the narc dynamics of Big and Carrie. So I am certain they will be there.

            I know I am an unusual snerd. Few care for what I watch.

            But can I ask. What do you think of Winter Light? Ingrid Thulin–Codependent and Tomas the Priest?

            He is cold but I think emotionally shut down. Is he a narc? I don’t think so.

            Every so often I think you should give a review of an artiste film as that. Maybe it will appeal to one or three in the short term, but over time….there will be more.

            I am the weirdo. But I do admit to reading Archies when I was a kid. LOL!

          4. Bibi, I was thinking I cannot hang out with any of these ladies for any extended period of time. I get overwhelmed with group stuff like that and would need some alone time for sure. I can do bits. I like my work because my interactions with people are in shortish amounts of time and are more feeling and not too much talking face time and it’s mostly very calm.

            I don’t know about Chernobyl for me, my husband said I wouldn’t be able to watch the first episode. I get sick from intense violence, etc.. unless it is in a campy movie, then I laugh at it. I just love campy humor, I just watched Starship Troopers again, which I love.

        2. Bibi. Those types are going to get into trouble, I can tell just from watching episode 1 that I just watched. I do not know where everyone lives, but I typed into Google: [ How to watch Big Little Lies in the United States ] and HBO came up, and Amazon Prime Came up and Hulu came up, etc. So, I would suggest that type of search for everyone to see what channel they prefer to watch it and what free trial ifs available, in case they want to binge watch, if they do not have it available on their current streaming service. Whew! It takes so many words to say some simple things, sometimes.

          1. Here in canada its not offered on amazon prime or netflix i bought season 1 on utube. Possibly itunes has it.

      3. Dear Mr Tudor,
        It’ll be right up your ” nuclear ” alley ….. haha
        Luv Bubbles xx 😘

        1. I was tired when I wrote that message. Hey I’m not on IG or Twitter to check your activities. For all I know you could be married by now with an adopted Scandinavian kid. Why is the IG account private if you want to increase business traffic??

    1. Alexissmith2016. I was secretly desiring some HG approved viewing, but felt that I would be pushy if I asked, and, oomph, here it is! I hope he makes more recommendations in the future of movies, series, and anything else. Yay! 🙂

      1. Maybe HG read your mind PSE!

        Ah you wouldn’t be pushy if you asked. Its all very dynamic here and I’m sure HG would appreciate any suggestions/requests.

        We ask – he delivers…

        …sometimes hahahah

        Not sure if you are UK or not?

        But I watched ‘Ultimate worrier’ last night, it’s hosted by British comedian, Jon Richardson (who is adorable and I’ve always had down as an empath of some description), he’s the only comedian I can think of who is not an N. He has to be an empath, because whilst he is adorable, I don’t feel attracted to him. Another red flag haha if I’m attracted to them, they’re clearly very bad! Anyway, interestingly his guests on the show were all asked to do a psychopath test including his wife (whom I’d suspected was an N and I’ve always felt desperately sorry for Jon).

        Jon was the only one who scored low on the P test. There did seem to be a moment of recognition in Jon’s eyes when his wife’s results were read out as well as a slight flicker of annoyance in his wife’s because it revealed she was reasonably high. The other two guests were both rather proud of their high scores. The psychologist on the show also commented that comedians usually score very high.

        I don’t care though, I’m still very much in love with Jimmy Carr (another British comedian). God that man is sexy! Even knowing what I know, having read HG’s Sex and the Narcissist, if Jimmy should ever ask, I could put all that knowledge to the back of my mind lol

        1. HG, did you watch ‘The Ultimate Worrier’ which I referred to?

          Do you think Jon did this on purpose with regards to his wife? She looked proper annoyed. Although I suspect she does not know what she is (barely know anything about her really).

    2. Alexis. You are right. I should have asked. I need to be a little more selfish in this life. The problem I find is knowing when being selfish is good or when being selfish is bad, at any given time. What is the worse that could have happened if I had asked him to make recommendations for us sometimes? And, I now see my desire for this was perfectly good in form. The reward would have been higher than the risk in this arena, if I had asked. Thanks!

      1. PSE I completely understand where you are coming from, I really do. There was a time way back when, and I would have been exactly the same.

        I have grown much strength over the years, keep educating yourself on here and you’ll get there.

        Being selfish is only bad when it harms someone. If it doesn’t harm anyone then it is a healthy form of narcissism.

  33. Back in January, not long after I escaped my Narc, I watched Phantom of the Opera, the film version starring Gerard Butler. The second to last scene “Pitiful Creature of Darkness” triggered a whole week of panic attacks and waking up at 3am not being able to get back to sleep..then last week I watched Picture of Dorian Grey..but luckily I am well on the way to recovery now!!😂😂😂..and that is thanks to you HG😊

    1. Bonnielou, Phantom Thread, with Daniel Day-Lewis, is a very good depiction of life with a narcissist. I watched it before I knew anything about the topic and then when I learned about it I could identify all of the silent treatments, triangulation with his sister, gaslighting, love-bombing followed by devaluation… it’s not scary but it could trigger a lot of bad memories of psychological abuse. The Picture of Dorian Gray to me is the vivid portrait of my narc, I’ve mentioned this title a couple of times in other threads.

        1. SMH, yep, matrinarc control! I loved the dresses though, the golden period in the movie was magnificent.

  34. Pamela anonymous!!! Here’s your opportunity!! HGT University graduation and it’s online! Free and convenient. You won’t say we don’t care about your future in this blog…

    1. Dear Sweetest Perfection,
      Your empathic crown 👸🏼is sparkling beautifully, in fact, it’s beaming ….I may need my sunglasses 😎 and microwave popcorn 🍿
      Luv it !
      Luv Bubbles xx 😘

      1. What can I say, Bubbles? I believe in everyone’s right to a proper education…🤣

        1. Dear Sweetest Perfection,
          Having just checked the latest exam results …. looks like one big fail ❌
          One should never skip Tudorials and always take notes
          Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  35. Recently, I was watching the show and I was labeling Narcs and Empaths…. I prefer the 1st Season, by the way…

    1. I saw a cat carrying something in its mouth yesterday as I was running. I could notice it was not a mouse, but probably a mole. I felt terribly bad. I thought about my narc immediately and how he tried to play with me without killing me yet. And all of a sudden I wanted to slap that cat and save the mole. But then I realized I love cats too. Oh, the eternal empathy dilemma…

      1. I have had that same dilemma. Once there was a large spider beneath a chair on my patio and there was a lizard caught in its web. I did an entire yoga session and watched the lizard struggle as I posed in down dog position, I debated what to do. The poor lizard but the spider needs to eat.

        Ultimately, I saved the lizard. My reason was that it was on my turf and so I made the call. The spider will find a nasty roach/waterbug and will be fine. The lizard ran off.

        Had the spider been trapping a roach I would have cheered it on. I did not kill the spider.

        Clearly, I am biased when it comes to its prey.

        1. Bibi, I would have done the same thing, without killing the spider of course. If it were a roach, I wouldn’t even be standing there doing yoga haha. I had the dilemma that I knew the cat was not gonna eat the poor mole just torture it and play. And that disgusts me. But by the time I thought about all this the cat was gone anyway.

          1. The body about the size of a dime. The legs extended further.

            I don’t like to kill spiders because they are the great extinguishers of crap–roaches, beetles, waterbugs, etc.

            I made it a rule that when they are outside, I do not kill. If they are inside, then I might, out of self preservation. If I can see they are a brown recluse, then hand someone near me a shoe.

            Some spiders are very beautiful with their tropical colors. I don’t want them near me, but I find them fascinating. Lizards and newts, however, are cute. I would cuddle them.

            I would also cuddle bats–as long as they didn’t bite. I love bats.

            I’d sooner cuddle a bat than a human. Humans seem to bite more than bats. LOL

          2. Bibi, I got bitten by a spider just the day before flying for my job interview, a few weeks ago. My arm looked like Popeye’s. My husband told me to go to the doctor but I was stubborn and flew anyways. I have no idea what I said during the interview because I was running a fever. But I survived! Though I haven’t heard back from that job lol.

          3. Thank you MB! I was not too excited once I arrived there and they explained the duties the job entailed so I’m fine. They put me in a fabulous hotel though so it was like enjoying a paid vacation!

          4. I can’t believe you let that go. Do you know how dangerous an untreated cellulitis can get? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Ugh!!

          5. Haha NA, it’s a bacterial infection involving the skin. It can be really bad really quick. Can lead to limb amputations, sepsis etc. I have seen so much over the years.

          6. Oh, SP spider bites are unforgiving! Hence why I say were it a brown recluse there would have been a shoe involved.

            Glad you’re ok. Spiders, like snakes, can be so deadly, depending on species. But I do believe they have a right to live, as all of us do.

            But when it comes to self-defense, between me or them? Or my pets or them? Those fuckers are going down.

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