A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 89


I know who you are. I know what you are. Deep down, I’ve always known. I just didn’t have a label for it. Endlessly searching psychology books to find you. Are you bipolar? Are you schizophrenic? Or are you just plain crazy? No…..  you are something way more manipulative, sinister and calculated than those labels.

I know who you are. I know what you are. Of all the groups within your label, you can’t even be in the top group. Epic fail! Your attempt of having power over me has given me power over you, so you are even crap at that. Maybe a touch more work and you’ll get there, be careful though, you are getting older with each passing day. The abundance of supply that you once enjoyed is slowly drying up. Oh how you are losing your touch.  Explicit snapshots of ex’s messages plastered on Fb for all to see. A lady of good standing – your attempt for her to lose her job? FAIL! Just like you were smearing me to all that you know during your new fuel campaign. Your depressive state occurs more often now because your fuel is running out. Can you feel it dwindling away?

I know who you are. I know what you are. Yesssss… I now look back and enjoy knowing that I unknowingly ruined your plans of ensnarement of a new unsuspecting fuel source, but I know there were others. I felt you scrambling to regain control by disregarding my police threat should you ever contact me again. Did you really think that the promise of leaving me in your will would Hoover me into your twisted world again? Fail! You often used to ask me whether I was happy. My reply was always that women are never happy. Was this question an attempt of getting a hard one knowing what you were going to inflict? Sorry to have disappointed. Yesssss, I kept coming back for more like the true empath that I am,  thinking that I could somehow help you, but my thirst for knowledge turned the tables. I now enjoy knowing that fury burned inside you when your attempts to gain fuel from me started diminishing. I made it harder and harder for you to come back because I got so much more from you during those times. All the while, I gave you less. I knew you were filing away my disobedient incidents and would strike me down at any given moment, but once I knew what you were I found myself dangling candy in your face. Once I realised what you were, did you feel your power slipping away? I enjoyed watching you react in fury. I enjoyed you switching tactics. I enjoyed your realisation that my children come first – that everyone else came first .

I enjoyed your realisation that you no longer had any power over me. I enjoyed you repeatedly saying how Xmas was going to be fantastic because once you said this I prepared myself for it being the opposite. However, it WAS the best Xmas ever, because you were not there! Did you like my little boo hoo lol?  I enjoyed your attempt of projecting your illness on me. I enjoyed your recent attempt of sending a friend request under a pseudo name. I enjoy knowing that fury is building up in you because you don’t know what I’m up to. Once I knew what you were, I enjoyed you…. for a while….. you entertained me….but then I got bored….. You are sooooo unbelievably boring!!

I know who you are. I know what you are. You don’t know me though! You underestimated me! You underestimated the Narcissist in me! Do some research and you’ll find me! You are insignificant to me now! All because, I know who you are and what you are. YOU however, do not know who or what you are! This my dear sweet is POWER! You lose! LOSER!!!!

2 thoughts on “A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 89

  1. Tea and Sympathy says:

    Love THIS…..You underestimated me! You underestimated the Narcissist in me!

  2. deipeldauer says:

    So excitingly true – I see this perfectly now – I think narcs better watch out for empaths – we are powerful and we are waking up!

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