Zero Impact

Do you want to achieve Zero Impact and ensure the effect of the narcissist is removed?

Do you want to rid yourself of the pain, anger, frustration and hurt which your entanglement with the narcissist has caused?

Do you want to finally arrive at that place of indifference so that the narcissist has zero impact upon you?

If you do, then this crucial Assistance Package will provide you with the clear means to achieve these goals.

The Assistance Package through a set of audio files will give you clear, concise and easy to understand information, techniques and guidance so you will achieve Zero Impact.

It covers :-

– Understanding the effect of emotional thinking and where this comes from.

Recognising what you do when affected by emotional thinking and how this works against you

Understanding the mistakes you make which usually prevent you achieving zero impact and thus how to avoid them

– Recognising why emotional thinking is so powerful and the extent of its effect on you, so you know how to frame your responses to it.

The mechanisms which must be deployed to secure Zero Impact, how you create those mechanisms and apply them

– How zero impact occurs as a consequence of the applied mechanisms so you understand and can gauge that it is working

Learning what happens when you have reached Zero Impact and how this benefits you

-Understanding what Zero Impact does to the narcissist

Learning how to maintain Zero Impact once achieved

To secure this fantastic Assistance Package which can be repeatedly utilised to aid your mastery of Zero Impact, use the PayPal button below, the cost is US $ 200.

You will receive a short protocol with regard to the use of the Assistance Package and then the relevant material so you can commence your march towards donning the armour that is ZERO IMPACT.

Zero Impact Asst Package

3 thoughts on “Zero Impact

  1. Lorelei says:

    I’ve been perplexed how to pull the plug on allowing texts on occasion. It would undoubtedly cause a response which could (would) impact my flexibility getting what I want with the kids. (I know him quite well) Then viola. It hit me Dear HG. He’s not as smart as I am. My email today detailing child related plans passively indicated I will be taking a sabbatical from the modern burden of being connected to my phone. That correspondence will therefore be by email when I get occasions to check it. Shazam. You know—I’m trying to connect with Mother Earth and go back a few light years, nothing personal.

  2. EmP says:

    Worth paying the $200 just to hear HG say:”….(explanation)….is what is preventing you from achieving Zero Impact. And WE ARE GOING TO ALTER THAT”.
    Isn’t this man amazing??!?

    Zero Impact is what I am aiming for. It’s going to take hard work and discipline but I am determined to achieve it. I will do everything I can, everything. I trust my mentor. Plus, labor omnia vincit.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      HG very much approves. This Assistance Package is an absolute must for anybody who wants to not only get rid of the narcissist from their life but get rid of the pain, anger, frustration etc that accompanies ensnarement with our kind.

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