A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 92



Letter to the Narcissist … and to the Empath N xxx

Let´s face it: from the moment we were born till our last breath, we are in a quest for immortality.  To attain immortality is the ultimate goal of the so called “human life” and all of you, my dear reader, know it in your guts, do not deny it. I am well aware that at first glimpse it would sound crazy to you but I trust the high intellectual level of HG’s blog. All pyramids, rock-cut chambers and mounds (in China, Egypt, the Americas etc.) are facilities to attain immortality. The Ancient Egyptians were not preoccupied with death as modern archaeologists state, but with Life in its deepest sense, a sense that is hidden from our current civilization. All ancient schools – Hindu Yoga, Chinese Alchemy, Christianity etc. actually are doctrines that teach methods to attain immortality. And before you say anything: No, not every human soul is granted immortality after death; one has to work for it while living. The sacred œuvre is called “sacred marriage – hierogamy” and it must be done while in 3D body. But enough theory. I sense I’m starting to lose my audience here.

So let’s bring the topic about the interactions (battles) between the empaths and the narcs to the most subtle & complex level it deserves to be regarded. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but… against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forcesof evil in the heavenly realms.”

Thus the interaction between empaths and narcissists is not as purposeless as it seems. Both teams are disgusted with each other but both have something to learn from this encounter.  Narcs are repelled when seeing optimistic eyes, joy and pure love because they perceive those as signs of weakness; empaths are frustrated with the cruelty and the lack of emotions of narcs. On the alchemical level both teams are considered pupils and teachers at the same time.

In order to attain immortality one must re-join the two earlier separated parts of his/her being – the Soul and the Spirit. The sacred marriage takes place in the heart region. The heart 心 is the psycho-physiological device (organ)  – the caldron, the chamber where the re-union takes place. That’s why the heart must be kept calm. Above all else guard your heart, for there is where the source of life springs.When the heart is not calm, one cannot bear the fruit of the hierogramy – the immortal spiritual embryo, the real Self. When the soul is injured it has no energy to participate in the hierogamy. But if the soul survives the narc-empath battle, it gets out stronger and much smarter.

At some point of his/her cultivation process every narc encounters their significant empath, and vice versa. In the apocryphal literature it is called “Cupid’s sting test”. Actually nobody can pass this test successfully (only eunuchs) and everybody gets a Cupid’s mark on his right hand. If the empath gets out unscathed from the narcissistic abuse, he learns how to parent his inner child (soul) better; when the initial fury settles down, the narc learns that feelings can be used to control the subtle energies of the body. Slowly, bit by bit, the narc adopts some (artificial?) empathic traits and the empath learns to stand up for themselves, to be more self-centered and to love himself more. For Love is the best teacher.

“…and if I have absolute faith so as to move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing…”

It must be said that in the very beginning of the sacred work of pursuing immortality no one (neither empath nor narc) is aware of the importance of the emotions (feelings). It takes time and efforts to fully conceptualize the narc-empath dynamics and its impact on the process of soul education. That’s what makes HG’s blog most valuable. Thanks, HG!

Domo Arigato, Sensei!

4 thoughts on “A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 92

  1. Sisty says:

    Is referring to oneself in the third person a red flag, too? 😉 My Narcissist used to do this often.

    Hahahaha Getting There!

  2. Sisty says:

    Oh, this is delicious! Thank you. My Narc told me, toward the beginning of our disaster of a “relationship,” that he wanted a statue of himself erected someday. He said this with a (false and bloodless) impish self-deprecating grin and I credited him for a fine sense of humor and an acknowledgement that he had a childlike personality and was willing to work on it.

    Then, at the end, after months of vicious abuse, when he told me “I don’t have the tools to have a real relationship with another human being,” he also said, this time with his head hung low, “I know I’m not going to get that statue.”

    They get under our skins right to our souls because we let them.

    1. Getting There says:

      Maybe HG can start a room of statues of the narcissists who are one appliance less now thanks to the work of himself.

      1. HG Tudor says:

        HG approves.

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