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There has been a very good response to the request for translators.

Thank you.

To all those who have responded next steps will be emailed to you next week.

There is time for others to join in with Project Mercury to ensure the widest possible audience is reached, so if you have not already volunteered, please do so.

The Germans, Spanish, Swedes, Norwegians, Italians, Poles, Bulgarians and Russians are represented but where are the French and the Portuguese? 

You can volunteer by emailing me at narcissist1909@gmail.com.




25 thoughts on “Spreading The News Around The World

  1. kaydiva3 says:

    HG, do you think narcissism is more common in certain cultures?

    1. HG Tudor says:


    2. Joanne says:

      Interesting question! I’ve often considered how certain demographics may increase the chances of the narcissism. HG, will you elaborate on which cultures or demographics you feel have a heavier narc presence? Or is that not PC 😬

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Hello Joanne, this is a topic which requires a detailed response in order to be accurate and therefore is not suited to the comments section.

        1. Joanne says:

          Understood 😎

        2. MB says:

          HG, the topic sounds like good dinner conversation with the world’s foremost authority on narcissism.

          1. FoolMe1Time says:

            Who would that be MB? 🙃

        3. Dearest HG: Can you imagine evaluating country by country. I have a nagging suspicion that Japanese women are pushed into being Narcissistic. They are trained to restrain their emotions to the point that some hire Crying Boys to watch movies with them to help them emote and cry. These women say they feel exhausted holding their emotions in all the time and thus the Crying Boy business is growing. Also, they feel a great pressure to Westernize. I do not know why. Some women are in the Intensive Care Unit for almost starving to death to buy a luxury designer Western handbag instead of food. Probably Somatics.

        4. Caroline R says:

          I’m reminded of some reading I did a few years ago about the ascendancy of the Teutonic people, those who settled in Europe as the Roman Empire was on its last legs, and when it had finally dissolved. Those ‘barbarian’ tribes who lived on the wrong side of the ‘limes’ and who were recruited to guard the limes until the Empire crumbled.

          The historian postulated that these people were heavily represented by men with the driven, goal-orientated, aggressive, power-hungry, confident, courageous, narcissistic, ruthless, pragmatic, personality type. The ‘choleric’, dominant personality type. They were people who necessarily score low on the scale for neuroticism and empathy, so that they could wield weapons in hand-to-hand combat, and launch successful attacks on the inhabitants of the land they had invaded.

          They had a high sense of entitlement, the end justifying the means; the current occupants of the land were destined for domination or annihilation under the scorched earth policy that was employed.

          They settled in Europe (Germany and France, Italy and Spain) and Scandinavia.
          They formed the migratory waves of Angles, Saxons and Jutes in the early medieval period (formerly known as the Dark Ages).
          They later formed the groups of Viking raiders from Norway (to Scotland and the Orkneys), from Sweden (to Ukraine and Russia), and Denmark (to England, Ireland, and France.

          It was interesting, and seemed likely.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            I agree.

      2. Lorelei says:

        It’s interesting Joanne. An impoverished demographic is where I work and most males served have been to jail/prison. There is a demographic correlation that is unable to be discounted as coincidence. Lack of control environments are everywhere in this segment of the city. Little consistency in regard to meals, parenting presence, electric/gas/water.. The schools are challenged to find teachers because kids are physically assaultive. Twice in six months I’ve been late getting in my building due to gun violence—one time an ambulance shot at repeatedly. I routinely see horrific physical presentations from drug use—babies delivered and abandoned on occasion. (We don’t have OB but we get “door deliveries.”) In the trauma room for many it’s a source of fuel for those gang members that are shot—they are on the phone boasting or live streaming. I had one guy shot twice in a week and it was a badge of honor. The root of this lifestyle is that of a lower/lesser narcissist. I’ve seen it take up to maybe eight or ten security personnel to control some of these men because they can absolutely lose their minds behaviorally. It’s really a deplorable environment and the kids are horribly disadvantaged and the women often physically assaulted in some form or another. I think higher echelon environments cater to the rise of the mid-ranger.

        1. MB says:

          Good Lord Lorelei, your job is dangerous! And you work the night shift?!? Stay safe out there.

          1. Lorelei says:

            I actually don’t feel in danger most of the time. I treat everyone with respect as if they are more than they are. I shake their hands and talk to them as if they are on my level and it is reciprocated in many ways. I have occasional thoughts that aren’t nice but it’s more exhausting to entertain arrogance in this setting. I’ve had people cry because they state they expected to be treated poorly. (Prostitution is rampant so imagine how they feel as is and then they come in with abscesses from heroin and it’s embarrassing.)
            It can be dangerous but more typically with psychosis and less behavioral for me. I have felt nervous at times but I often think what could have been done better to avoid being a target. (Often people getting smacked are asking for it by not modifying their approach.) I work all hours MB—not just at night. I play a money game and it requires a fluid approach to hours.

          2. FoolMe1Time says:

            That’s my girl!! 😉

        2. Joanne says:

          This is group that first comes to my mind when I think about specific demographics. Everything you say makes a ton of sense.
          Seeing that first hand must be frightening, especially when allowing yourself to look deeper into what their lives must be like, knowing what you know now.

          1. Lorelei says:

            Not frightening so much as an appreciation for having a better life. I’ve had parents (just twice) tell me they wish their kids would die because of the misery the lifestyles put everyone through.

  2. Mary says:


    Christopher Hopkins ( the makeover guy, american, gay..) and his mother. … 2 big narcissists!!!!!

    But he fascinated me. …although i am not much into make up etc…

  3. Vandenboss says:

    Hello Mister Tudor,

    If there were a pill to become one of my kind,would you take it ? No side effects,could remain one of a kind !

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I don’t know what you are so it’s not a question I can answer with yes or no.

      1. Mary says:


        Smart answer..

        1. Vandenboss says:

          Mary is the kind i forget about !

      2. Vandenboss says:

        When i forget about the ignorant enablers my world consist of two kinds. One does have a personality disorder and the other does not. My kind does not.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Then the answer is no.

  4. Jess says:

    Most excellent.

  5. Leslie says:

    Urdu, Pashto, Dari, Brooshaski, Khowar, Shina, Balti, Wakhi


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