Sex : How the Narcissist Views Sex and The Role It Plays In Your Entanglement

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No holds barred and no strings attached

The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform

Read about how the narcissist views and uses sex and how you are central in that

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6 thoughts on “Sex : How the Narcissist Views Sex and The Role It Plays In Your Entanglement

  1. CheekyCheeks says:

    Sex was always like chopping wood. I couldn’t stop yawning during which still did not make him stop. After more then a decade, I just stopped having sex with him and gave him the green light to do it with anybody else, but he just does not want to. But why not???

    1. NarcAngel says:

      Read the book. Lots of answers in it.

    2. nfl3 says:

      Cheeky, maybe he does and you don’t know about it. That’s been my experience.

    3. K says:

      You don’t get to call the shots; he does. Giving him the green light to do it with anybody else feels (unconsciously) like you are trying to exert control over him and he will not be controlled so he will manipulate to assert control and draw fuel.

  2. Amanda R says:

    This is an eye opening read.

    Also, this a very hurtful read. The most hurtful information yet. More hurtful even, than stumbling across the meaning of the word….NARCISSIST.

    What starts out as quite erotic, quickly becomes a series of slaps across the face. Over and over.

    I could sense that it was all a lie..But our intimacy???? Surely we moved mountains!!!! We did!!!! Didn’t we???

    I never even considered that “becoming one” was all staged and meaningless!!

    To me it was pure magic. And I guess it really was magic…a magic trick. Look at the left hand while I deceive you with the right hand.

    It hurt so much to read this book that I found myself gasping in horror and shaking my head in defiance, while tears streamed down my face. IT COULD NOT BE TRUE!!! Though, I could feel in my soul that every page was true. The most romantic and tender experiences of my lifetime, were just, nothing.

    HG, I needed this. All my kind do. It is as unforgettable as it is searing.

    You all need to read this!

    But caution is advised. It will rip you to pieces. Yes….even when you think that you are now strong and untouchable. This will drag you back into the pits of hell as you recount the glory of all those times, that were nothing more than cruel f**kery.

    1. Narc noob says:

      How can it be a cruel fu#%%kery when they know not what they are, or what they do? If it were sleeping with the enemy, a GEN, perhaps so.

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