Tirade : Heated Ignited Fury


“You’ve done what? I cannot believe it. What on earth possessed you to do that? Are you mad? Are you completely unhinged woman? Sweet Jesus I don’t believe what you just said to me. How many times have we been over this before? Countless times. Hell, I said it only yesterday didn’t I? I cannot believe you would be so stupid as to do something like this, it just beggars belief. You know I am starting to think that you do this on purpose don’t you? It’s no good shaking your head and staring at me like that, do you think I will feel sorry for you if you give me those eyes? Do you? I said DO YOU? Yes, you may as well shake your head again, it’s about as much as someone of your idiocy can do. I swear I am living with an epsilon semi-moron, have you always been this fucking dumb? I guess you have. It was such a simple thing to do, straight forward, a child could do it, but no not you, you had to go and be clever and go and royally fuck it up. You absolute idiot. You have ruined everything now; you do realise that don’t you? I mean it is completely ruined and how about that for a fantastic start eh? Yes, I am being sarcastic, I suppose I have to explain that to someone as brain dead as you. Jesus, why on earth have I been saddled with you. Don’t you fucking dare speak when I am speaking, you’ve done enough damage as it is, you will shut the fuck up and listen to me when I am setting you straight. I have pointed out to you so many bloody times what you should do and you assured me, you stood there and assured me that you knew what you were doing. That was a lie. I SAID SHUT UP AND DON’T INTERRUPT ME! I swear you want me to hit you don’t you? That’s what you are trying to do. Oh I know you alright, you think you are so damn clever but I have you worked out. I know what you are up to. That’s right, wind me up, get it wrong, disappoint and frustrate me and then you want me to explode and land myself in some hot water. Well it isn’t going to work with me. I am not stupid. I am not you, you know. I know what I am doing. I am the one that keep this place together, you would do well to remember that when you are busy ruining everything with your mind-blowing and monumental incompetence. It is breath taking. It truly is. I told you what to do. I told you once, I told you a hundred times and you said to me and I can specifically remember what you said, you said ‘don’t worry, I can be trusted to get it right’. Yes, that is what you said. It is no point looking like that, don’t pull that face with me, don’t you fucking dare, I am sick of you not showing me enough respect around here. I work my backside off to keep things afloat, not that you give me any credit for it though. Oh no, you are too busy taking the piss, fucking things up and spoiling it for everyone and especially for me. I don’t know what I am going to do now. I mean, you’ve just, I, I am almost lost for words. You see, not only have you cocked it right up but you have lied to me as well. I don’t know which is worse, but that’s you all over isn’t it. The liar, the deceiver, you flatter to deceive. Don’t think I don’t know what you get up to. I have my eye on you, yes, you would do well to look worried, I know all about you. What are you looking over there for? Look at me when I am talking to you. Look. At. Me. Oh here we go, the waterworks. If you have messed up and you are being corrected start crying and it will be all okay again. Well it won’t will it? It won’t be okay after what you have done. It won’t be fine. It won’t be good or great or fine and dandy. You have messed it up. I knew this would happen. I knew I shouldn’t have left it to you, but do you know what, I thought to myself, no, give her a chance, let her prove she can do it, let he demonstrate that she can be trusted to get it right, I mean, after all, that is what a relationship is all about isn’t it? Trust. Without trust there is nothing. Do you see what you have done? Do you? Do you really understand the impact of what you have done? Somehow I doubt it, that is why I am having to do this. Do you think I like shouting at you? What’s that? Were you going to nod then? Why you ungrateful and nasty bitch, you have some cheek to accuse me of enjoying this when I am the one who has to put up with the consequence of your outrageous incompetence. I am the one who is put out. I am the one who has to suffer. You will just walk away muttering about having understood, how you have learned your lesson and you won’t do it again but I may as well be speaking in Mandarin for all of the notice that you take. I told you to stop crying. If you don’t stop crying, I am going to seriously lose it with you. Christ, what am I going to do? You’ve messed it up and ruined it for me. You don’t care, you don’t. If you did care you wouldn’t keep doing this would you. You wouldn’t keep making these mistakes and winding me up. You are trying to send me to an early grave aren’t you so you can have all this to yourself aren’t you? Got some fancy man on the side have we? I bet that’s what this is all about isn’t it? Ruin me through your incompetence and then waltz off into the sunset with some Johnny Come Lately after I croak it, sent to an early grave by your scheming. You’d love that wouldn’t you, to see me off. You nasty cow, no wonder nobody likes you, no wonder nobody asks you out. Oh yes, we never get invited anywhere these days because of you and your behaviour and is it any wonder. You are a walking disaster area. I mean people put up with you, they did it for my sake, I have good friends like that, or should I say I had good friends like that but thanks to you they are disappearing like rats on a sinking ship. You won’t be happy will you until you have completely ruined everything for me will you. That’s what you want. You want me on my knees, gasping for breath, miserable and wretched as you cavort and carry on with some other mug that you have seduced and promised the world to. I can’t believe I fell for it, but then I guess you keep the real you hidden don’t you, tucked away until you have your feet under the table, your name on the deeds and the joint Amex account. Well you are not that clever because you won’t beat me. I am cleverer than you. I am going to make you pay for what you have done. I am the one who is in charge here, this is my house and you do what I say. I am going to unleash hell against you after this catastrophe, it is an outrage, a complete outrage. I pity our neighbours having to put up with this, but you make me do it, it is all about you. I am not fooled by the frightened looks and the tears, other people might be taken in by it, but I am not. I know it is all for show. You disgust me, you scheming, manipulative, hateful cow. I curse the day I met you. Now look, you’ve made me late, thanks a bunch, that’s all I need. I’m going and don’t think I’ve finished; this is far from over.”


“I thought you would prefer raspberry jam to marmalade,” you say softly to nobody in particular.

14 thoughts on “Tirade : Heated Ignited Fury

  1. AR says:

    I remember my mother lashing out at me as she broke eyeglasses: Go and buy a new one. You see you broke it!!!

    She was the one who stepped on it not me.
    Her toxic logic was: i made her angry and she stepped on eyeglasses out of anger. Thus it is my fault.

    She used to take out her anger and hurt on me when i was a child because as she said i reminded her my dad who often abused her physically.

    1. K says:

      That’s some nice mind effery. Your mother gas lighted you by rewriting the narrative, casting herself as the victim and then demanding that you go and buy her new eyeglasses. That’ll make you question your reality real fast!

      Your mother was projecting her anger onto you; projection incorporates blame shifting so it’s all your fault that you reminded her of your dad (and broke her glasses); she played the victim by ignoring her actions and placing them onto you (projection/deflection). She twisted the truth to gain fuel and control and to assert superiority, by painting you as the aggressor, and making you responsible for your own abuse.

      1. AR says:

        I was abused not only by her but the rest of my family members( dad and siblings). That’s what happens when you are a scapegoat. I don’t consider them a family but they are.

        1. K says:

          That’s very common. Families often consist of multiple generations of narcissists and they will all abuse and scapegoat each other. You don’t have to consider them family if you don’t want to; I recognize the biological connection with my relatives but I only consider my older sister, who is an empath, as family.

          1. NarcAngel says:

            Agreed. Relatives don’t necessarily mean family.

          2. K says:

            Absolutely. My sister, her children, my children and the cat are the only family that I will ever need.

  2. kaydiva3 says:

    HG, would a Greater or Mid Ranger ever launch into an abusive tirade like this? Or does this typically only come from Lessers?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is more likely to be witnessed from a Lesser but heated fury can manifest in other schools also, it is however less likely.

  3. Chihuahuamum says:

    This always makes me laugh but i realise some narcs are crazy like this and fly off the handle mainly lessers. Percy from big lies comes to mind. I feel so bad for the victims of these sorts of narcs it must be awful walking on constant eggshells and especially where physical violence is involved.

  4. LucialovesC says:

    HG, After reading your posts I’m coming to the realization that my father must be a narcissist. This post is exactly what i grew up with and how I witnessed him with my mother. I never understood what he was or why he was so full of rage all the time until reading your posts, this one in particular. Is it safe to say that is why I attract narcissist or is it because I was basically raised to be a narcissists target?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Your upbringing with regard to exposure to narcissism is a major component of why you continue to engage with narcissists as an adult. I can explain in detail why this is and what you can do about it, through consultation.

      1. LucialovesC says:

        Thank you, I will consider it.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Jolly good.

  5. Veronique Jones says:

    I could hear my mother screaming at me while poking me in the chest spit coming out of her distorted red face while reading this at least there was the reason of the jam in her case she never had a reason just her vile temper and physical verbal and emotional abuse this is my matrinarc

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