The Truth About Flying Monkeys

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Narcissists invariably use “Flying Monkeys” don’t they?

It is about time you learned the truth about them in this extensive breakdown which will leave you stunned by HG Tudor´s revelations about them.

A massive injection of logic which will leave you heartened and encouraged.

You must not miss this information.

Get the logic here

6 thoughts on “The Truth About Flying Monkeys

  1. vandenboss says:

    Anyway, i would like to thank the whole bunch for making me look great !

  2. Tappi Tikarrass says:

    In my continuing narcissism education, I have come to realise how crucial the coterie and the lieutenants are to the narcissist. As I read, many personal examples come to mind. As I ponder the powerful narcissists, in politics, business and media- at this point, they seem frustratingly insurmountable. A person can walk away from the narcissists they deal with in their own lives but not ones in positions of power or influence. If we’re truly to be weaponised, we must discover a way to counter the coterie.

    Possible inclusion in the Prime Articles for this piece?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      There will be a further article which relates to why Flying Monkeys do not actually exist, that and the Coterie will be considered for Prime Articles.

      1. Tappi Tikarrass says:

        Look forward to reading it HG.

    2. Tappi Tikarrass says:

      It’s hard walking away from some (not all) of the coterie though, especially the familial ones.
      Hard but necessary.

      1. HG Tudor says:


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