Dear readers and supporters of the Angel Assistance Fund,

In an effort to offer a transparent view to the Angels in Waiting, I have created a sponsorship programme.

Every Angel is pre-vetted and anxiously awaits assistance through my counsel. When you select an Angel you wish to sponsor and make the associated donation for their assistance, your Angel will be provided with life-changing assistance.

After their consult, you will receive a personalized followup from your sponsored Angel and you will know how you have directly influenced positive change in their lives. This will be provided through me in order to preserve anonymity and confidentiality between Sponsor and the Sponsored.

The programme will be updated regularly. Thank you for your generous sponsorship. Only you can can change the life of an Angel.

Angel : G

G is trying to protect her daughter from the interfering behaviours of the grandparent who is a narcissist. This is impacting not only on G who is a single parent who utilises the grandparent to assist with childcare duties but also on G´s daughter who is aged 6 years old. G seeks an email consultation (full monty) to understand what she can do to manage the situation as effectively as possible and understand why her mother is behaving in this fashion. To sponsor G and assist her and her child, use the button below.

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7 thoughts on “Angel-in-Waiting

  1. SMH says:

    Great idea to make it more transparent, HG. I will help someone even if it means flashbacks and will post so I get the notifications and remember! Wish I’d had this help back in the day. I wasn’t a single parent but my sister was. She kept her kid far away from Matrinarc but I needed help with childcare. Matrinarc would do the exact things I’d explicitly ask her not to do. She’d go out of her way. Otherwise, she was good to my son but only because she was competing with me for his affections and he was not a girl. Had he been a girl I am sure she would have been as awful to him as she was to me, my sister and my niece. But it all only lasted two years before we moved away for good.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

  2. FYC says:

    Dear HG and Divine Donors, Thank you so much for assisting the Angels. There is a great difference between empathy and action and we all know that nothing happens until we act. You have my heartfelt gratitude and admiration for your actions. #Heros #NoAngelLeftBehind

  3. Kim e says:

    HG. I love this idea. Your are alright for a bad guy….gotta give you a hug.

  4. Desirée says:

    Done, hope this helps!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It certainly has, thank you Desiree.

  5. MB says:


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