The Platinum Collection : Volume One

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**** Includes ****

The Cliff Fightback

The Cliff Fightback Vs The Empathic Supernova

The Man Who Would Be King (The Mid Range Narcissist Who Thinks He Is a Greater Narcissist)

The Narcissist Has Turned My Children Against Me : What Do I Do?

This is a collection of my work which has proven of considerable assistance to the victims of narcissists. I know how valuable my work is, however, this body of work has been selected not by me, but chiefly by my readers, the victims of narcissists.

From those who are struggling with leaving a spouse who is a narcissist, to those who occupied the position of a Dirty Little Secret and were always on the outside looking in. From those who found themselves as the scapegoat child to a narcissist parent through to the individual managing a narcissist making life difficult for them at work. From those ensnared with a brutal Lower Lesser through to those entangled with a whining Middle Mid-Range Narcissist, this work is the product of the feedback and recommendations of victims.

It is the Platinum Collection because these works represent the very best of the very best. My work is unrivalled in terms of its insight, accessibility, accuracy and effectiveness. My work is extensive and following suggestions from my readers and those who have consulted with me, they wanted to ensure that both they and other people could go straight to a sizeable collection of work which deliver success to them. They wanted people to be able to find my work and the most effective parts of it to aid their understanding and assist them on their march to freedom.

This is a collection for new readers who will embark on a jaw-dropping excursion which will enable them to make sense, finally, of the mayhem and madness of the narcissist´s world.

This is a collection for existing readers which will stand guard to their Logical Thinking and act as antidote to their Emotional Thinking to ensure that it is reduced to the minimum and kept there. It should be used as a reference guide, a place of knowledge and understanding and something to return to as that accursed Emotional Thinking reduces. This is because as you reduce that Emotional Thinking you will see things through the lens of logic, you will see new things and start to understand more and more.

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20 thoughts on “The Platinum Collection : Volume One

  1. NarcAngel says:

    This is an excellent collection and resource to have in the empath arsenal. The Cliff Fightback and C.F vs The Empathetic Supernova are important in making the distinction for those who believe because they got mad, that they went (or more usually erroneously name themselves) Supernova. I think though that will only sink in if specific examples of a Supernova event are possibly provided in a future offering. The Mid who would be King was a particular favourite of mine as so many think they are with one and it is explained why that is unlikely to be. I have a pretty good guess at who the femme fatale Mid who would be Greater here was. I wouldn’t name them, but wonder if others who read that quietly smiled and said that name out loud as well.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you NA, long-standing readers probably would recognise that description also. There will be examples of the Supernova Event in the second volume which is being written as the world turns and Lorelei shops (both seemingly constant occurrences).

  2. FoolMe1Time says:

    So much for saving this one to use when I’m convalescing HG, I’m reading it now! Apparently I have no self control when it comes to reading anything you have written! Ugh. Now what am I going to do?! Smh

  3. FoolMe1Time says:

    I just ordered this one. I hope I can resist reading it for just a few more weeks? Damn this is hard!

  4. Susan says:

    You have found me out. I love these clear concise publications with info compiled in one place.
    I can remember the content for application in the moment. I can also see a bit clearer where I am in my journey, why I fail, how to improve. Reenforces “once you know, you go” and helped me understand why my attempts at no contact have missed the mark

    1. HG Tudor says:


  5. AR says:

    I bought it yesterday so that i could read about Mid-range narc who thinks he is greater. It was interesting to read that you keep their emails.

  6. Alexissmith2016 says:

    Feeling torn! Want to read this so badly right this second but will be on a plane in a few days and want to save it. Oh god never before have I had such a dilemma!

  7. MB says:

    I’m asking Santa to bring me this in paperback for Christmas. I’ve been a good girl, cross my heart!

    If this isn’t available in paperback by Christmas, I’ve asked him for The World of The Narcissist e-book.

    I hope Santa has some pull with HG!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      He has none. I’m the controller. He’s my little helper.

      1. MB says:

        So I should be giving you my Christmas list then? Damn, I’ve been sitting on the wrong…er barking up the wrong tree all these years?

        1. Lorelei says:

          I’ll send you a gift Dear MB.

          1. MB says:

            Thank you Lorelei

          2. MB says:

            I know why I’m awake at this hour. But the rest of you?

          3. HG Tudor says:

            Their god calls them.

          4. Lorelei says:

            I’m studying for an exam when I’m not on Etsy. I’m working but yet somehow I’m not working. I’ve seen maybe five people in 10 hours. Highly unusual.

          5. HG Tudor says:

            You will pass The Online Shopper Grade A Examination with flying colours (me beautiful).

          6. Lorelei says:

            I have to test before Feb. 12th. I’ll pass, I never fail. (Unless it’s picking men!)

      2. Lorelei says:

        I’m more effective than Santa. You are not!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You keep adding to his woes.

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