Mind Games – Part Two



Having detailed some of the mind games that we deploy against you, this leads to the inevitable question of why do we do this? I daresay that some of you will be tempted to answer

“Because you are all arseholes.”

Whilst this is understandable and potentially accurate (when viewed from your perspective) it is not going to provide you with any insight into the workings of our minds and behaviours. Accordingly, I will expand on why it is we use mind games to comprehensively.

  1. Fuel. An obvious one and rightly the first one that is considered. The application of mind games to the dynamic between you and us is done in order to prompt an emotional reaction from you and thus garner fuel from you. Whether you become upset, distraught, frustrated, annoyed or angry as a consequence of the games being played, it is all fuel which we will readily drink up.
  2. Control. We are obsessed with control. Our environment must be beholden to us. We have to control everything around us in order to ensure that we continue to exist, receive fuel, minimise and remove risks and so forth. By subjecting you to mind games, we are able to achieve this need for control, since you become trapped by them, you remain paralysed by their effects as you try to establish what is happening, rather than knowing them for what they are and moving away from them.
  3. Future planning. It is a common outcome from entangling with our kind that you will be labelled as The Crazy One once you have been discarded or escaped, as part of the smear campaign. The mind games bring about such a state of mind in you that it becomes easy enough for us to point to your behaviour during devaluation, your behaviour post discard/escape and demonstrate that you are indeed unhinged. There are very few people who can actually resist the proliferation of mind games and not be affected by them in some way and many people are left at the end of their tether creating an appearance of being “crazy”.
  4. Façade management. By engaging in games where we are I control, you are seen as histrionic and volatile, where we are calm and pleasant to everybody but you and causing people to form an adverse view about you, this allows us to manage and maintain the façade. We have an array of lieutenants and members of our coterie who all regard us as decent and kind, which then makes your life even harder in terms of trying to persuade people about what we really are.
  5. Superiority reinforcement. We operate from the perspective that we are superior to everybody around us and especially you. By engaging in games where we are able to pull the string, make you upset and angry and exert control, this allows us to emphasise that we are indeed superior to you.
  6. Self-defence. Many of the mind games that we engage in are because we need to defend ourselves from being challenged or criticised. Hence when we project, deny, deflect and blame-shift, although there may be a collateral benefit in terms of how it affects you, the primary reason for engaging in these behaviour is to protect ourselves by rejecting blame, preventing your challenge and addressing criticism.
  7. Exhaustion. With any situation, you respond to it more effectively when you are rested and able to think in a clear manner. The deployment of mind games causes you to become exhausted which results in your lacking clarity, experiencing a reduced resistance and diminished will-power. This means that you are far less likely to try to escape what we are doing and far more likely to accept doing what we want.
  8. Plausible deniability. By operating within the vestiges of the spoken, gestures and actions, we are often able to maintain being vague and amorphous. This allows us to manipulate you to a further degree but also serves an incredibly useful purpose in denying that we have engaged in such behaviours to begin with, especially with a third party. If we are challenged by, for example, someone in authority, we can point to the absence of proof or turn it into the word of someone calm and reasonable against some frazzled, ranting Crazy Person.
  9. Impact. The impact of emotional and psychological abuse is invariably more difficult for the victim to handle than physical abuse. Whilst physical abuse is understandably unpleasant, the insidious nature of mind games means that the victim cannot grasp what is happening, cannot ascertain if they are being subjected to a mind game (being punched is obvious and unequivocal) and cannot fathom why they are being treated in this manner. You no doubt will have heard victims state,

“I would have preferred to have been physically assaulted than be put through the mental torture.”

For someone to choose physical injury over this underlines just how devastating the impact is.

  1. Lack of detectability. Alongside plausible deniability is the fact that a bruise is a bruise and therefore raises questions. It is far harder to determine the effect of the mind games. Yes, someone may present as exhausted, anxious, hypervigilant, terrified and so on, but there is always the potential for us to suggest that it is put on and/or is related to something else. It is harder to do this with physical abuse (although not impossible). Indeed, some people do not allow the effect of the mind games to be seen, preferring to keep it hidden from other parties.
  2. Erosion. If you suffer a broken arm, you can still function. You can use your other arm, you can walk places, talk, you can hear and see and so forth. The mind games naturally affect that which controls and governs everything you do. By wearing down your mind, we are able to grind you down, causing your resistance to weaken and preventing you from functioning in a manner which might aid your escape from us.
  3. Tenderising. The application of mind games through achieving erosion and exhaustion as described above means that in effect you are being “tenderised” for further manipulations to be applied against you with maximum effect.
  4. Empathic vulnerability. As a person who has empathic traits and thus the reason why you were targeted by us, you are more susceptible to these kind of behaviours. Mind games work especially well against you as a consequence of your traits such as honesty, decency, telling the truth, needing to understand, wanting to help and your emotional responses.
  5. Endeavour. Some of the mind games end up making you try harder to please and do things for us with the additional benefit which naturally arises from this.
  6. Power. This is applicable to the Greater Narcissist only as the Lesser and Mid-Range are not aware of the true extent of the application of mind games. The Greater Narcissist revels in being apply to treat somebody in this manner, distort their world, have them jumping and moving at their say so, causing them to fountain with fuel and have no idea how or why this is being done to them. The various manipulations and their outcomes means this appeals to the omnipotence which Greaters believe that they have.

11 thoughts on “Mind Games – Part Two

  1. Topaz says:

    Good evening,

    do narcissists never have a bad conscience about their behavior? What is there inside?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello and welcome Topaz,

      We have no conscience. There is just a chasm where The Creature resides, inside.

      1. Topaz says:

        Hello and thank you for your welcome,

        such an honest answer has something relieving. To me you’re like an alien and I am amazed myself that I keep wondering how it can be….as if you were not a human being.
        Of course, if there is no concsience there is no necessity for remorse.

        To call oneself a creature wich resides in a chasm is brave. Doesn’t sound like a desirable place to be. How does it feels in there? And what happens if you run out of supply?


        1. HG Tudor says:

          Read Fuel, read Fury and also The Creature (when it is published).

          1. Topaz says:

            Hallo HG,

            I’ve read Fuel and excerpts from some of your other books. Fuel was a good choice as it was the missing peace for me to fully comprehend the intention of and what drives your kind. It’s what I assumed but could not allow as thought as it was unthinkable for me. It gave me a great insight and to read it was entlightening and liberating. Gruesome though….and sad.

            Thank you very much.

            Kind regards

  2. AK says:

    Today I realized I’m not in love with the Narc
    I’m addicted to the sex we had
    He had my mind all twisted thinking it was love

    1. Violetta says:

      I have a better idea of what love isn’t, but I’m not sure anymore what it is. I understand non-sexual love for babies, kittens, and puppies, but the minute sex is in the equation, I don’t know how to meld physical desire with trust and respect. It gives me with the impression of one of those old-fashioned arranged marriages where the participants are reasonably attractive, of comparable rank, and nobody is abusive or unfaithful, but great passion is neither expected nor particularly welcome. It would almost be unseemly.

      1. AK says:

        What’s crazy for me is I know how it feels to make love as opposed to fucking but he had me convinced I was in love.

  3. Bernadette says:

    HG, can a victim take ‘civil litigation’ legal action in the context of an agreed business arrangement?

    For example, a homeowner agreed to rent her spare room/bath for a weekly rate. As an empathic individual, I showed her my gratitude by keeping the shared kitchen/living and dining, room and floors tidy and clean; shared my food groceries, watered her deck plants and lawn and much more.

    Few days ago, when I returned home exhausted and hungry — i discovered that homeowner took the door knob locks off the door, windows shut, room smelled stale and putrid — and my bed ruffled as if someone slept on it. I texted the homeowner and asked her who she gave permission to go to my paid room and why is the door knob lock off! She was furious at my confrontation and started ranting illogical thoughts. — I then realized that she’s a liar, abuser and a narc! The following day and for 9 hours, homeowner texted me every hour with vitriol accusations. On the way home, I texted her to Stop harrassing and accusing. And added See You In Civil Court. I waited till oday, Saturday to leave without a spoken word to her or her other tenants (who were avoiding me)

    HG, Any words of wisdom before I start ringing to qualify civil rights lawyer regarding her behavior?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Bernadette. I have plenty to advise when dealing with such a situation and the commencement of legal action where the other party is a narcissist. So much in fact that you are best served through the use of a consultation with me. Believe me, it will save you time, money and aggravation.

    2. ANM says:

      If you went the civil court route, the first thing you would want to do is file a restraining order/order of protection against the homeowner. If you live in the USA, your best luck would be to file to have the lease terminated, and to have your deposit refunded due to the Restrainung Order/Order Of Protection. This can all be done with a small claims action, without an attorney.
      However, If you went after more sanctions or punitive damages, you would have to show a substantial loss of income due to the landlord, and then that would require an attorney to sue at a trial level.

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