Slay Ride


Just hear those fuel pumps priming

Splish splash sploshing too

Come on its lovely fuelling

On a slay ride together with you

Those tears are falling

And you keep saying “Boo hoo!”

Come on its your devaluing

When I need that fuel from you

Your cheeks are nice and rosy

And your nose is bleeding too

But I’ll pretend I’m sorry

Even after I’ve hit you

Please don’t leave me now

I’ll change and I’ll come through

Because I become nothing

When I am without your fuel

I’ve got some lovely mud here

Which I’m going to smear

All over your reputation

Because you are no longer here

You’ve betrayed me again

And walked out of the door

So that’s why I’m telling everybody

That you are a total whore


5 thoughts on “Slay Ride

  1. Pati says:

    HG, i will never look at Santa Claus the same after this picture . Not even Elfy can help.

  2. wildjane2 says:

    why don’t more regular people have their brothers (or sisters) kick the fuck out of these men (women) and dump them in a snow bank? Why do people get dragged down into this ugly shit especially at a good time of the year for regular people? I don’t get it. All of this (thank you) makes me want to step away from my computer and take the grand kids to see the regular Santa and not even take calls or texts from the freaking narc. When he acts like a pig and starts ruining everything, it grosses me out. Yeah it took me a long time to see beyond his arrogant boo hoo pity pot whining, but he is 45 now and his looks are going to hell, his jokes are stale and alcoholic, his bitterness against everyone who has now deserted him is obvious and unseemly. Hey Ill still do fun stuff with him, but when he is an asshole, he is on his own. I won’t even be seen with him in many places because he has become an embarrassment . Ugh. This all is pretty nasty and ugly. I can’t see why any narc wouldn’t struggle hard to get out of this deep shit. Even the fuel they take turns bad when they steal it. Who wants to be covered in somebody else blood , sweat and shit and have it on their very breath. No amount of Fabreze can fix that for the narc. Get help Narcs.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Your sentiments are understandable but misplaced.

      Narcissists do not get help because the vast majority do not know what they are and therefore see no need to obtain help. Those of us that know what we are function with such a high level of effectiveness we do not need any help.

    2. privatejourney60 says:

      Thank you wildjane2 for making me laugh, a belly laugh!

  3. Shon graham says:

    The fact that I can hear a jingle as I read this troubles me. HG are you sure I have not been turned Narc?

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