The Devil´s Toolkit


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The narcissist is the devil’s lieutenant and with that infernal position comes access to a formidable range of manipulative and wounding tools. The narcissist is a skilled practitioner in the dark art of the application of these instruments of malice. Learn the various ways the narcissist doles out his or her abusive and controlling machinations in order to further his or hers black-hearted ambitions. As told by a narcissist,this is an uncompromising look into the ways that the narcissist manipulates, controls and harms those that come within his or her grasp. This book will alert you to the various methods used to then enable you to understand why the narcissist behaves in this fashion and to enable you to protect yourself from the demonic application of the Devil’s Toolkit. Hard-hitting and informative, a must read in the battle against the narcissist.


Learn what is used against you so it never happens again

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