Knowledge, Insight and Understanding Equals Freedom


You have access to the world’s best resource to provide you with knowledge, insight and understanding about narcissism.

This WILL give you freedom.

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An expansive range of specifically tailored materials that provides you with THE knowledge about narcissists, narcissism, their victims and most importantly of all, what you can do to help yourself and achieve freedom.

Shown below are a variety of Assistance Packages, Logic Bulletins and InfoArticles which cover a multitude of subjects. 

Peruse the list, identify what you need and what you would like to know more about and find out more information and how to obtain these ground breaking materials using the link below.

Join hundreds of thousands of others who have used this material to beat the narcissist.

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(Materials are available to download INSTANTLY either in text and/or audio form)

6 thoughts on “Knowledge, Insight and Understanding Equals Freedom

  1. Whitney says:

    HG the images are stunning. I especially like “look who’s come for dinner” haha. I loved reading that one too.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Whitney.

  2. Whitney says:

    You are the best HG!
    Before I found you I went to free domestic violence counseling (they said emotional abuse counts as ‘violence’).
    I was a total wreck.
    The male counselor was a MMR narc who was getting fuel from me.
    He didn’t let me talk. He talked in a monologue for 1 hour.
    When I spoke he wouldn’t let me talk about the abuser- the LMR Somatic. He said, I don’t care about him. He doesn’t matter etc.
    But I couldn’t stop thinking about the LMR Somatic with all my confusion! You explained everything and eased the confusion my Saviour. The best thing of my whole life was the first Narc Detector.

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  4. E. B. says:

    New design, photos, artwork… It looks great!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you EB, fill your boots and have a logic splurge!

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