20 Cries of the Victim


We do not think of ourselves as victims, to do so would be weak and we are not weak. You are. We are better than you. We do however feel put upon, hard done by and persecuted and it is you that does these things in order to victimise us.

Evidencing our legendary double standards, we do not consider ourselves as victims as this does not accord with our sense of superiority, but we like to portray a victim mentality because doing so serves our purposes.

There are many things that we say which evidence this mentality and when you hear them you should know that we are looking for you to respond. We want reassurance, praise, an admission of fault from you, confirmation that we are brilliant, an apology and for you to do what we want you to do.

Playing the victim card allows us to gain fuel from sympathy and compassion, assistance when we do not want to do something, absolution from responsibility and preventing you from doing something we do not want you to do.

Here are twenty cries of apparent victimhood.

You make my life so difficult.
Why are you treating me like this?
You never try to understand me,
What about me?
What am I going to do now?
How’s that supposed to make me feel?
You are meant to look after me.
It’s not my fault.
I can’t help the way I am.
Why must you be so difficult with me over this?
You never listen to me.
You always make it about you, never about me.
You never do what I want.
You don’t love me like you should.
You never do what I want.
You never let me speak.
You always treat me like a fool.
You are the reason for all of my problems.
You are trying to ruin my life.
Why do you do this to me?
Watch out for these comments from our kind because they are the foreshadowing of further manipulation of you.

3 thoughts on “20 Cries of the Victim

  1. Em says:

    Even in no contact he managed to play the victim text saying it was horrible being on the receiving end of my ghosting him .
    Ffs this isn’t ghosting mate! This is no frigging contact coz you are a narc.

  2. lisk says:

    “Your behavior is destructive to this relationship.”

    This would be said in a scolding and pained manner.

    Upon hearing it, I would feel horrible, like a good-for-nothing piece of crap who could not be beautiful or create anything of beauty or worth.

    I know longer buy into it, fully anyway. There is still residue of that feeling, somewhat due to him, but probably due more to stuff that happened before him. It’s the stuff that probably readied me for him.

  3. Cloudy says:

    Monsieur Tudor

    Now these phrases are very interesting.

    I would like your approval on rating this a 5+ star if you dont mind.

    Your mind is sharp as a pencil.

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