19 Hours Remain


Vacation vetoed? Holiday halted? Excursion erased?

Told to “social distance”? Night out torpedoed through closed bars, clubs and restaurants? Sporting event shelved? Festival fizzled out? Toilet paper troubles?

Forced to stay at home?

No doubt you are annoyed and irritated by the effect of something so small on your life (a little bit like a short-arse Lower Mid Range Narcissist really). Rather than get cheesed off, utilise this as an opportunity to implement and reinforce your no contact regime with the narcissist AND with more time on your hands you can read and listen to the fantastic array of material available to you in The Knowledge Vault so you make even faster progress towards freedom from the narcissist.

Seize the opportunity to educate yourself further and build those Logic Defences.

To assist you with this, for the entirety of the weekend, there will be a significant discount applied to EVERY SINGLE product in The Knowledge Vault.

I was going to offer 19% off to tie in with the Covid-19 virus, but instead you will get a blistering 38% off EVERY PRODUCT in the The Knowledge Vault because as you know, I do everything twice as effectively as anything else.

Just use code “nocovid19” at the checkout and fill up on the plethora of materials to keep you occupied during this period of reduced activity and social interaction so that not only do you achieve no contact from coronavirus but you succeed in building your no contact from the narcissist.

Use nocovid19 in the The Knowledge Vault


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