Inside The Narcissist´s Head : Is It Planning?


One of the most common questions that the victim of the narcissist asks is “Does he know what he is doing?” or “Did she do that knowing what was actually going on?”

The answer leaves many surprised and often unable to understand.

Not any longer.

In this must-have Logic Bulletin you will learn :-

  • When does the narcissist plan?
  • Do all narcissists plan?
  • When does the narcissist not plan?
  • How can the narcissist not plan?
  • Why do I think the narcissist is planning?
  • What is the extent of the planning?
  • About the differences in approach between Lesser, Mid Range and Greater Narcissists
  • About the similarities and differences in approach between Lower Lesser, Middle Lesser, Upper Lesser Type A and Upper Lesser Type B
  • About the similarities and differences in approach between Lower Mid Range, Middle Mid Range Type A, Middle Mid Range Type B and Upper Mid Range
  • About the similarities and differences in approach between Lower Greater, Middle Greater and Upper Greater

This Logic Bulletin is absolutely required listening for anybody who wishes to understand the narcissist, put to bed those endless questions and achieve freedom and it is yours for just US $ 20 using this link

9 thoughts on “Inside The Narcissist´s Head : Is It Planning?

  1. Hope says:

    I feel there’s something missing here. Are you implying that these narcissists can’t strategize manipulatively? You give examples of planning possibilities with a sense of sterility—basic things..

    Normal people and even empaths sometimes plan manipulatively, or, in a corrupt or unethical way in order to achieve promotion at work. Are you implying that long-term strategy in a manipulative way is beyond a lesser or mid even though a normal or empath is capable? Are you implying that these mid and lower level narcissists cannot identify the difference between an immediate and long-term threat and address each accordingly? You have two extremes on the table. The non-threatening long-term or short-term planning and the threat to control in the immediate time.

    What of the middle ground? “I see this possible threat on the horizon and will make moves to eliminate discreetly”, or, “I see this opportunity to gain advantage”— but there is no immediate threat to control but the behavior to capitalize on the perceived vulnerabilities is still manipulative and planned. Are you saying complex well-designed long-term office politics are all doing of normals and empaths? There is only neutral self-centered planning for narcs? Couldn’t those business strategies involve malignant (non-impulsive and pre-meditated) plans as well as non-manipulative plans?

    Normal people sometimes abandon personal ethics at work. For example, we want to purchase a building but the owner won’t sell it to a business. We fool the owner into selling it to someone else for a different purpose and, they, instead of using the building for the purpose they told the owner instead sell it to us at a profit. When questioned they say “It’s just business.” Or, just the normal strategizing (corruption) that occurs at some places of work but takes a long time to pass, much like boiling a frog, and is unprovoked but designed to get the better jobs that lead to promotions that may require deception and damage to others? Or, are you saying the instinctual manipulation isn’t always knee-jerk?

    It’s hard to me to accept that I can plan manipulatively (if I choose-I don’t) but a lower or mid can’t? Isn’t the desire to manipulate slowly and carefully in order to get ahead narcissistic? I know many narcs who have and they don’t do it without planning. It takes weeks, months, or years to achieve, not minutes. Maybe this concept will just be always lost on me. I’ve tried to understand it a few times.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Listen to Is it Manipulation and Is it Planning and the two combined give you all of the answers. If you want any further help understanding the topic and I appreciate it does seem rather alien to you because it is the alternate perspective of the narcissist at work, organise a consultation with me and I will assist you further.

    2. Vandenboss says:

      When this possible threat on the horizon is pointed out by,let’s say,a colleage then I quess its a threat to the controle is in the now. I see lessers do this all the time “well when he does that I’m gonna do this or that”. The control was threatend by the messenger and the response was a knee-jerk one. Asserting control over the messenger in the now.

  2. Marcy says:

    Dear HG, based on the content in this logic bulletin, would it be correct to say that the MMR is so wrapped up in the importance of Facade Management and Facade Control, that they could actually justify an action on their part as “The right thing to do”?

    So when you, (as IPSS) ask, for example: “Why do you still choose her (IPPS), if you are so unhappy and unloved?”
    And the MMR responds : “Because it is the right thing to do!………….. we have been married for over 20 years”

    Is this a correct interpretation of uphold of the Facade, or is this only emotional thinking?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      The response is one of provocation which is latched onto by your emotional thinking which corrupts your trait of honesty and decency. Furthermore, the response also feeds into Facade Management (he believes himself to be a good person) and you are being triangulated with the facade.

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  4. alexissmith2016 says:

    Do you have all LBs listed in one place HG? I’m a bit behind with getting through these and hoping to get back on top of things properly very soon. I don’t what to miss/forget this one or many of the others. I don’t see it listed in the knowledge vault?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      The Knowledge Vault contains everything apart from the Manipulation and Planning LBs released today.

      1. alexissmith2016 says:

        ah lovely – thanks. I’ll refer back to it there then 🙂

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