Narc Repellant




Do you want to become Narc Repellant?

Here are the myths and the truths about what keeps the narcissist at bay.

In this two part Logic Bulletin, crammed with information, you will learn how to make yourself Narc Repellent. To achieve this, you need to understand the myths about keeping the narcissist at bay, why those items are myths and why they do not work. This will ensure you do not use them and you do not fall into the trap set by your Emotional Thinking to use you to fall into them.

This material will also set out the truths about becoming a Narc Repellant so you not only know what to avoid, but also what you must do.

The detailed Logic Bulletin addresses the following key components, amongst many more :-

  • The effect of Massive Wounding
  • The effect of the narcissist gaining a new IPPS
  • The impact of you holding damaging information about the narcissist
  • The effect of you exposing the narcissist
  • What happens when you unleash The Attack Dog
  • How the narcissist will respond when you have the narcissist worked out
  • The perils of intel gathering on the narcissist
  • The Mastermind Narcissist
  • The Out of Reach concept
  • The Walk Away, Don’t Talk Away principle

and much more besides.

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One thought on “Narc Repellant

  1. Whitney says:

    HG 💙 I haven’t heard from LMR in over a year because I kept massively wounding him with the truth. I did it without emotion because he said I was over emotional, crazy, bipolar etc.

    I’ve been wondering if empaths have healing or positive impact on Narcs. Not that the Narc deserves it. The Narc abuses the one who helps him.

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