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Are you involved with someone whose behaviour makes no sense to you? Does this person treat you with kindness one moment and spiteful hatred the next? Does this individual flirt with others despite being in a relationship with you? Is he or she boastful, arrogant and always fishing for compliments? Does this person seem to revel in provoking other people, angering them or upsetting them, yet you cannot work out why this person acts in this way? The answers lie in this book. The driving force behind these strange and upsetting behaviours all comes down to fuel. Read about what fuel is, how it makes that person feel, why they need it, how they get it and what your role is in supplying them with fuel. Learn all about fuel and you will question his or her behaviour no longer and you will be armed with information to do something about it and protect yourself and those you care about.

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5 thoughts on “Fuel

  1. Whitney says:

    To HG the God,

    The Somatic greets me with “what did you eat today?” and gets normal people involved with my diet. He says I have an eating disorder.

    An organiser at our sport (another Narcissist) asked my friend “is Whitney physically safe?”

    I’m gonna stop going to our sport 😫 I revert to my delusions. “He’s a sweet person”, etc. Why am I delusional. Maybe my projection, or his mirroring.

    I will follow the Zero Impact Package, my Saviour.

  2. Lorelei says:

    My first read too. Essential. I kept waiting (keep?) for the work to not make sense because it makes absolute sense and it keeps making sense and I can’t understand why I have a glimpse into this enlightening world that is so esoteric yet bountiful in perfection. I still want you to be a really nice psychologist with a nice wife and five kids and two golden retrievers that just made all this up.

  3. Pati says:

    HG this is the first book I read . I enjoyed it! I understand the need for fuel and the people who provide it . I know the Greater needs a lot more fuel in their fuel matrix than my midranger (which you determined by Narc Detector) Well.written by the one and only Mr. HG Tudor.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Pati.

      1. Pati says:

        My pleasure HG !

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