The Narcissist in Covid-19 Lockdown

H.G Tudor - The Narcissist In Covid-19 Lockdown 2e-book cover

There is a pandemic.

There is a lockdown put in place.

There is a narcissist caught in the lockdown.

What happens to him?

Be fascinated to witness, the narcissist in Covid-19 lockdown.

The brand new book by HG Tudor.

Only available here.

Compelling. Insightful. Memorable.

(This is a different book to ‘The Narcissist and Covid-19’. It is completely new material)

12 thoughts on “The Narcissist in Covid-19 Lockdown

  1. alexissmith2016 says:

    I’m now experiencing a change in hoovers interactions from mid range Ns which makes me suspect that those who perhaps been compliant with lockdown to this point have finally had to break lockdown rules and I presume are now spending time physically in person with their IPSSs, particularly the IPSSs who live alone.

    Would that be a fair assumption HG?

    I appreciate some will have been non-compliant from the beginning but I don’t believe that was the case for all.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It would.

      1. alexissmith2016 says:

        Thanks so much for confirmation HG.
        I have to say not being directly involved I do find it all rather fascinating how they become easier and easier to understand and to work out what is going on behind the scenes. I find it a little frustrating at times that I’m not in ‘close’ connection to observe better, yet at the same time thankful that I’m not. It is a wise and conscious choice. I cannot imagine what it must be like for Es everywhere right now and I have to separate my thinking between what Ns are doing and how Es must be feeling.
        For Es already in a terrible position if coupled with an N, lockdown must heighten that incredibly whether IPPS or IPSS. Huge love and hugs to all the Es out there!

  2. BonnieLou says:

    Why did he (why does a narcissist) keep their facebook profiles open when someone has “caused them trouble” why dont they block as surely that person, if they wanted to, could cause them trouble again? Just asking for a friend😉

    1. HG Tudor says:

      1. You may not have actually caused any trouble and therefore there is the contrarian response of the narcissist. There as no trouble, you were just accused of it, and therefore since there was no trouble, no need to close down the profile.
      2. You did cause trouble (from the N´s perspective) therefore you were admonished for it, but the sense of entitlement and compartmentalisation means that the profile is not closed down. The assertion of you being a trouble maker is deemed sufficient to assert control over you and there is no need to go further by blocking you.

  3. A383 says:


    Absolutely brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Funny and insightful. Skilfully written. You are a genius. x

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you A383, I am pleased that you did. It is a great read and most of all, a valuable one. Thank you for reading.

  4. FoolMe1Time says:

    Loved! Loved! Loved this HG! I couldn’t stop reading until I reached the end. Thank you Sir. This book was just what the Dr. Ordered! 💞

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you FM1T glad you enjoyed it. It reveals more than people realise.

      1. FoolMe1Time says:

        It will take me a few times rereading this to answer all of the questions. This book was written differently then all of your other books, you’ve allowed your story telling skills to get involved more with this one. It has moved to the top of the list as my favorite book so far. It also makes me think how brilliant Little Boy Lost and Matrinarc will be! Please don’t stop writing HG! 💞

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Thank you FM1T.

          1. FoolMe1Time says:

            You’re welcome HG. Thank you!

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