The Great HG Quiz



How well do you know the man who is helping you achieve freedom and beat the narcissist? 

Boost your understanding of narcissism by understand the Ultra Narcissist himself!

Fifty questions – how much do you know about HG Tudor, be warned, there are some surprises!

(Need help? Look hereClue Hunter and KHG 8)



Welcome to your The Know Your Host Quiz

1. HG Tudor is
2. HG Tudor´s doctors...
3. HG Tudor´s father played a musical instrument namely
4. How many IPPSs has HG Tudor had
5. How often does HG Tudor ordinarily have his hair cut?
6. HG Tudor´s first IPPS was called
7. What happened to HG´s IPPS, Caroline?
8. The longest Present Silent Treatment used by HG lasted
9. What is the longest period of time that has elapsed before HG Tudor has hoovered an intimate appliance?
10. HG Tudor was born in which decade?
11. How old was HG Tudor in the Cookie Jar story?
12. What is the longest Absent Silent Treatment which HG Tudor has imposed?
13. How many times has HG Tudor been married?
14. Which musical instrument is HG Tudor the most accomplished with?
15. What is HG Tudor´s father called?
16. What colour are HG´s famous swim shorts?
17. When did HG Tudor first commence his therapy with the good doctors?
18. What star sign is HG Tudor?
19. What did HG Tudor study at university?
20. When did HG Tudor first become aware that he was different from those around him?
21. What cadre does HG Tudor belong to?
22. HG received a gift from his sister which he keeps on his desk, what is it?
23. How many people has HG killed?
24. Which of these places has HG Tudor never been to?
25. How many siblings does HG Tudor have?
26. What colour are HG Tudor´s eyes?
27. Which of HG Tudor´s IPPSs  first told him he was a narcissist and psychopath
28. Which of the following can be found in HG´s safe in his study?
29. How many mobile telephones does HG Tudor use?
30. How many countries are involved in HG´s Grand Design
31. Which of the following irritates HG Tudor?
32. Which of the following artists annoys HG Tudor?
33. The Low Table is
34. What does HG use to time his audio consultations?
35. Which is HG´s favourite fragrance by Creed?
36. Who is HG´s most recent Former IPPS?
37. Which of the following is not the name of one of HG´s IPPSs?
38. Who is Amanda?
39. Which animal has HG kept as a pet?
40. Only one of HG´s Former IPPSs has obtained a restraining order against him, who did this?
41. What is the longest golden period an IPPS has experienced with HG?
42. What is the largest number of IPSSs that HG has had as active intimate partners at any one time
43. How many marriage proposals has HG been involved in?
44. Who died through exsanguination?
45. Which of HG´s Former IPPSs was a gymnast?
46. Where is HG at the current time?
47. HG
48. How many narcissists have an obsession with HG through his writing and blog material?
49. What is the name of the next book that will be released by HG?
50. How many comments has HG moderated on his blog to date?

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    So ready for The Great HG Quiz answers!

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    I’m itching to get the explanations on this quiz. Take my money, HG!

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