Trait Detector


Which of your traits are most vulnerable to exploitation?

You have been ensnared by a narcissist.

Most likely, you are an empath, a collection of empathic and  narcissistic traits.

You need to know what those traits are.

You may still be ensnared seeking to escape.

You may have escaped and be fending off the Initial Grand Hoover and/or Follow-Up Hoovers.

You may be on the shelf and tackling the pick-up/put-down dynamic.

You may have been disengaged from and are dealing with the aftermath.

You may be dealing with a malice campaign.

You may be caught in ongoing interactions making Total No Contact harder than usual.

You may be trying to keep the narcissist at bay.

You may be trying to deal with purging the effects of the narcissist from your life.

Those scenarios and others besides all have one thing in common – Emotional Thinking, the Enemy Within.

Emotional Thinking will ALWAYS seek to exploit what you are to feed your innate addiction to the narcissist. This addiction is lifelong and poses a constant threat but it is one which can be managed and successfully. To achieve this, you need to know what it is about you that is at risk from exploitation from your Emotional Thinking.

If you do not know, how can you then GOSO?

Will the fact you are an empathic truth seeker be your undoing?

Perhaps your narcissistic sense of pride will cause continued conflict with the narcissist?

Might your compassion be used against you to draw you back in?

Maybe the empathic trait of guilt will be harnessed?

Then again, it could be the narcissistic trait of infidelity which lures you back?

There is a wide range of empathic and narcissistic traits. Which ones are applicable to you and which are not?

Whether it is a past, current or future ensnarement, you need to be armed to defeat your emotional thinking and the lurking narcissist drawn to your empathic status.

Use the Trait Detector to understand what your empathic and narcissistic traits are.

Use the Trait Detector and find out NOW what it is about you that is the most vulnerable to exploitation by your Emotional Thinking, so you can then address and tackle it and in turn beat the narcissist.


  1. Make payment using the PayPal button. The costs is US $ 100 and is protected through PayPal´s procedures.
  2. If you wish to use a different email address to that contained in your PayPal account, email me at before making payment.
  3. You will receive a Common Sense Protocol. You will also receive a specifically engineered and detailed questionnaire for your completion and return by email.
  4. This questionnaire will be analysed and you will then be provided with a response which will detail all of your relevant empathic and narcissistic traits so you understand the requisite makeup of your personality. The analysis will also identify in percentage terms the level of vulnerability and also explain to you how that will manifest for you, allowing you to be fixed with full knowledge so you can take appropriate protective action.
  5. The response will (subject to intervening factors) be provided to you within 96 hours of submission of your completed questionnaire.
  6. The entire process is covered by confidentiality provisions.

Know yourself so you recognise where Emotional Thinking is most likely to strike because when you know, you can GOSO and beat the narcissist!

Trait Detector

9 thoughts on “Trait Detector

  1. Summer says:

    It helps so much to be able to name whats going on. I received a 5 page letter today & by sentence 2 i could recognize: ‘oh, this is a Hoover by Proxy’. A few sentences more & ET was giving me a run for my money but thank goodness i was able to use my Trait Detector learning & realize both the letter & my ET response to it were aiming at my highest trait percentage. Im gaining skill by practicing the logic & it’s working!! Plus i can soothe myself further by going to my Tudor University medicine cabinet & listening to a further dose of logic. It truly is platinum grade. Prior to my education here that letter would’ve made me ill for WEEKS. Now, im not out of the emotional sea yet but im sailing with accelerating skill. Thank you so much you wonderful Psycho 😉 im still scared of you but sure appreciate the help!!

    1. Empath007 says:

      Good for you !!!!! Knowing what types of Hoover’s there are is legitimately priceless. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve blocked after our break up 😂 that’s amazing you didn’t respond to the letter! Keep it up!

  2. blackcoffee30 says:

    I should have done this when it was 50% off.

    1. FYC says:

      BC30, You could wait for the next promotion, but you will not regret this purchase at any price. The insight the EDC and TDC provide is an invaluable gift that keeps on giving. I give both my highest recommendations. Think of it this way, it’s less expensive than fine dining, no tip required, it’s calorie free; plus, it will edify you and nurture your growth for a lifetime. That’s a pretty great deal!

      1. blackcoffee30 says:

        I’ve done the EDC and WED, and they were worth it. I’ll report back on the TDC. I’m curious to see how the results compare.

        1. FYC says:

          BC30, Please do share your thoughts on the TDC, I would be interested. I find that the EDC and TDC go hand-in-hand to offer a complete picture. Having done both, I can see that I would have missed out on so much insight and understanding if I had only done one. Each sheds light on aspects of the other. They are very complimentary, but also very separate in the information and insight that is availed.

          1. blackcoffee30 says:

            I’ve arranged for a consultation to discuss the interplay between my EDC and TDC results. I am a nearly complete and total hybrid; the only thing I am missing is Co-Dependent school. I was surprised I didn’t score very high on a couple narcissistic traits, so I want to know what that is all about.

          2. FYC says:

            BC30, I am happy to hear that, because prior to my consult, I struggled to interpret all the results of both the EDC and TDC and how they might inform me when layered together. Yet after the consult, it all made sense and was very helpful and enlightening. I believe most people are hybrids to one degree or another. I am too. I am significant majority of two schools (45% ea) and very small minority of two others (5% ea), with a very high percentage cadre. I know you will be very happy with the consult afterwards. For me it made all the difference.

  3. FYC says:

    Trait detector is an extensive analysis of your reactions to more than 110 questions. The process can be challenging as the answers will not align with your thoughts completely, but the idea is to go with your gut. I recommend a consult after receiving your results if you have any questions with regards to your very detailed results. While the TD is valuable as a stand alone, it is even more valuable after the ED, as it expands on many traits and the relationship between these traits (E v N). If ever there were a natural paring it would be these two detectors. To gain this level of understanding is invaluable and the consult was perfect.

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