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An unrivalled explanation to enable you to tackle the manipulations of the narcissist and achieve your escape.

The inside track from the dark-hearted master

How to beat the narcissist’s manipulations which includes how to do so where No Contact has not been deployed.

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17 thoughts on “Escape

  1. Sweetest Perfection says:

    This month marks 2 years after my escape. HG, I would have probably fallen for his hoovers if it wasn’t for your work and this blog. I never went back and though my ET is up and down sometimes, I know I won’t be back. THANK YOU.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome and well done, SP.

    2. Violetta says:

      Congratulations, Sweet P.

      Look for the real thing, not tokens.

      1. Sweetest Perfection says:

        Thanks Violetta but I’m not looking for anything, I’m married. Yes I know, I know…

    3. Kim e says:

      Bravo!! Excellent for you. Also gives me assurance that it can be done. Congrats!

      1. Sweetest Perfection says:

        Thank you, Kim e. Because I know your memory plays tricks on you and tends to remember only the good moments, I used HG’s catalogue of the narcissist’s nicenesses and made a list of shitty things my narc did that made me feel unimportant, unappreciated, triangulated, future faked, used as an object, gaslighted, etc. I listed them in order of hurt; when my ET is high, I usually just need to read the first two to feel contempt for that motherfucker. He will never hear from me again in his life.

        1. blackcoffee30 says:

          This is wonderful to hear, SP.

          1. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Thank you ❤️

        2. Kim e says:

          I loveit. Great idea.
          I have gotten into the habit of when he pops into my head saying out loud GET THE F AWAY FROM ME. I had to whisper it yesterday when I was face down getting a massage so the girl would not think I was talking to her…LOL.

          1. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Haha, be careful! That’s a very vulnerable position for you to create any misunderstandings …

  2. Maria says:

    Can i find this book in spanish?.Thank you HG Tudor!.

    1. HG Tudor says:


      1. Maria says:

        And another question…if i write the comments in my language,the rest of the people and you could traslate my conversacions in english?…thank you so much!.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Hello Maria, although I have a number of bi-lingual and tri-lingual readers I would not count on that happening, so you would be better served sticking with English.

        2. Sweetest Perfection says:

          Maria, yo te ayudo si quieres pero tu inglés es muy bueno. Si tienes algún problema yo te echo una mano. ¡Bienvenida!

  3. Kim e says:

    HG, I have had this book for some time. Is this updated?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Only the cover.

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