America : You Are Being Conned


On the 25th May 2020, George Floyd was killed by a then police officer, Derek Chauvin, who knelt on Mr Floyd´s neck for over 8 minutes.

Following this protests have taken place in over 200 US cities.

Rioting, violent disorder and looting has occurred in many US cities.

12 major US cities have imposed curfews.

15 state governors have called in the National Guard.

13 people have died and 5600 have been arrested.

Why did Derek Chauvin behave this way?

Why did three other officers stand by and do nothing?

Why does police brutality occur?

Why do peaceful protests erupt into violence?

Why does looting and destruction occur in the very communities of those protestors?

Why does social media explode into accusation, counter-accusation, fake allegations and vitriol pitting people against one another?

What is the dark force choking the life out of America?

Why are you, America and indeed the world being conned?

Find out here and stop being conned.

What Other Readers Think

“This article is the best analysis, the most outstanding, comprehensive and accurate one that I have read so far related to the current affairs!
Absolutely brilliant material!” – Claire

“.. and now that I’ve read it:Yep. That’s it in a nutshell.” –  Violetta

“HG, Thank you for this one. I needed your common sense logic today. The lack of controlled environment that is part of the narcissist creation is no longer a secret behind closed doors. It´s spilling onto our streets and can be seen every time you walk outside or turn on the news.” – Mercy

“Loved it, brilliant article!” – Klaudia

“I’ve just read it, it was amazing!” – Witch

“This has enlightened my view of who I questioned of being a narc at work. We have a new chief and she’s got her motives. They are bad. Wow, this is strong information. I will definitely educate this to the ones I trust.” –  Geminimom

6 thoughts on “America : You Are Being Conned

  1. Anm says:

    I will!💜

    1. HG Tudor says:

      HG approves.

  2. Anm says:

    OK, excuse me, I just now had time to read this over. I wanted to have enough time to read, and sit, and read other commentators dialogue about this piece. Unfortunately, and also outstandingly, there are way too many comments to read through from other readers. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. I think it is one of those pieces from HG that one needs to read over and over again, even at different points of one life to get that “ah huh!” moment each-and-every-time it is read. So bravo to you, HG. The first phase of the article, you captured my thoughts completely. If one has ever seen a sociopath doing something extremely destructive to gain control, there is a certain look in the sociopaths face, where the control is all that matters. It is hard to describe, but this article described it well.
    On a more light hearted note, page 11, #3 gave me a bit of amusement. When HG was talking about narcissist trying to take down other narcissist. For some reason, my mind went to the White House Press Meetings, and the standoffs between Jim Acosta and President Trump, or Jim Acosta and Sarah Hucklebee Sanders. Those standoffs used to be amusing at times. I believe Sanders and Acosta have enough awareness that all parties involved are Narcissist, and nothing gets them out of the bed in the morning than to take down another narcissist. Sanders is/was the only member of the Trump administration that I actually admired their execution style.
    On a serious note, anytime there is something emotionally gripping going on in the USA, pay close attention to the US Attorney General, Bill Barr. His agenda is always against the majority of Americans, and against most empathic and normal people. He is truly a high level psychopath. So he does his most dirty work while the attention is elsewhere. My thoughts are not political, nor side with a political party, so please don’t shoot the messenger.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you for reading and I am pleased that you found it useful. Do tell others about it.

  3. Kim says:

    HG. I hope this link works. This is how it should be

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