Finally Understand Wounding


Wounding is one of The 3 Key Interactions With the Narcissist and most people fail to understand what it is. They are mistaken as to

What wounding actually is

What they think is wounding, when it is not

What wounding does to the narcissist

How different narcissists respond to wounding

How wounding affects the risk of being hoovered.

This results in repeated errors being made and No Contact Regimes failing.

This Logic Bulletin will assist you with carefully explained alternate scenarios to assist and increase your understanding of :

How the empath behaves in a situation contrasting to that of the narcissist

How Wounding and Challenge Fuel can occur in a social setting and why they occur

What the Wounding and Challenge Fuel mean to the narcissist

How the various schools and sub-schools of narcissist from Lower Lesser all the way through to Upper Greater Narcissist would deal with this scenario of wounding and why

Details of the types of manipulations that the narcissists would use and why

Who the manipulations would be used against

To achieve freedom from the narcissist, you need to understand wounding and that means accessing the accurate information about it. I know what it is to be wounded, use this unrivalled insight and equip your Logic Defences.

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3 thoughts on “Finally Understand Wounding

  1. Fellowgirl says:

    HG, does our ability to wound narcissist fades with time? I mean, during relationship and just after discard/escape it is easy to wound them. But when time passes does narcissist become immune just like us victims? For example it would be very difficult for narcissist to hurt me with his words and actions after 3 years of no contact because my emotional thinking is on very low level compered to my ET during relationship and after discard. Does this work the same with narcissist?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No, please see Finally Understand Wounding which is in The Knowledge Vault.

  2. Veronique Trimble says:

    Basically anything you say or do could equate to wounding every narcissist I have ever known has twisted the things I say to suit their mood and justify their actions I have given up on trying not to wound them if they want to take it the wrong way they will most times Iā€™m not even sure what I have done

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