The Role of Sex in the Seduction Stage Part 2



Sex is used by all narcissists in some way during seduction of the target.

Certain narcissists use sex frequently, habitually and to greater effect to seduce and control the target. Why is this done and how is it done?

HG Tudor in this second part to the Role of Sex in the Seduction Stage of the Narcissistic Dynamic, explains which narcissists will do this, why they do this and what it achieves. Using his unrivalled insight and providing you with his own personal preferences as well as describing how narcissists operate as a whole, he guides you through a fascinating explanation of the role of sex in the seduction stage of the narcissistic dynamic.

Gain understanding of how sex was used (and will be used if you are not vigilant) to seduce you. Gain insight into how what you thought was really happening was wrong. Understand what the narcissist was really doing when he seduced you through sex.

HG Tudor will provide you with further examples of the role of sex in the seduction stage which will open your eyes to the reality of the narcissistic dynamic. Unmissable.

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15 thoughts on “The Role of Sex in the Seduction Stage Part 2

  1. Kiki says:

    Oh God

    I’ve just been devalued and discarded AGAIN
    I thought I was ok , I got entangled with the narc again .
    I was over him over it and now I’m back at square one .I want to lash out at him , I’m such an idiot

    1. Leela says:

      No, you´re NOT and “Idiot”! You are a human being. We ALL make mistakes.

      Most of the readers here struggle with emotional thinking. So do I. I just went No Contact with my narc-“buddy” and I don´t know what will happen when the hoovers start. 🙁 I don´t know if I will stay strong, I hope so. I think I´m ready. But as I said: We are ALL just human beings.

    2. Beguiled says:

      I feel you Kiki…I’ve been kicked back to the finish line over and over this last year. So much guilt when that reset button is pressed. You’ve got this!! I am in The Final Battle as we speak and it is hard. I’m an addict panting for one last moment, one last taste of him, but I will not falter.

    3. CandaceMarie says:

      Sorry to hear about this. Where did you meet him at?

    4. Empath007 says:

      You’re not and idiot.
      You’re an addict ❤️

      Don’t beat yourself up for the relapse.
      Instead focus on today. Then focus on tomorrow… one day at a time ❤️

    5. Ren says:


      You are NOT an idiot! And I can certainly say that I dont think you are.

      Plus, you are not back at square 1. Square 1 is the initial point that GOSO and NC applies. When you’ve learned the status initially You know what to do. Just reapply the protocols.

      These things are sent to test us. Dont think you’re a failure, youve learned something more about yourself.

    6. Violetta says:


      If that makes you an idiot, the world is full of idiots. Why do you think there’s the term “hoover”? Because it’s been done and it worked.

      As Ren says, you are not at Square One. Did you know about Narcsite at Square One?
      Now get back on the goddam GOSO horse and gallop out of Dodge.

      1. Kiki says:

        Thank you Ladies for those messsges of support I was hoovered last summer when I was feeling very strong , a year of NO CONTACT thanks to this blog and HG.
        I really was strong , I felt galvanised and just curious.
        Slowly slowly it went , with increases in contact right up until now.
        I started to let my guard down during COVID lockdown .
        I’m sitting here now bewildered, I feel sick in my stomach and physically feel I have been hit with a truck .
        How am I here again , I feel like I want to scream at the top of my voice and break something off the wall.

        The rug was pulled out from under me with no warning , same reason , different year and I feel I cannot go through this again but I have to .
        I feel sick😔😔

        1. Ren says:


          No, you do not have to go through this ever again.Ever.

          Let you into a little secret. My own NC with a significant ex was shown to be a bunch of toss this weekend was hoovered. I responded. Then I responded again.

          But between my two messages, I was flung into a pit of thinking, but what if? I carried on in this vein in my head for a couple of hours before I realised that this was bonkers, then broke the primary rule of NC and told him to stay away.

          I shouldn’t have done that but I did.

          The point of going forwards with weaponisation is that we sometimes go backwards in order to progress further. Lessons to be learned.

          This is of scant consolation when you are as clearly upset and distressed as you are now.

          Examine your hurt and pain. Is it because you wanted him or that you feel you’ve let yourself down? Neither of these scenarios are wrong. It’s more important that they are examined. With insight. No shame on wanting a narc. Goodness? We all know this.

          Now, in the magnificent words of Violetta, get back on the horse and ride out of Dodge Town.

          You can do this!

          1. HG Tudor says:

            No, do not examine your hurt and your pain. This is being generated by your ET in order to cause you to remain within the various arenas of interaction. I have my suspicions, Kiki, that your no contact regime was not as solid as it ought to have been, which is why you were so drawn back in. The ONLY way to succeed is to implement a total and complete no contact regime because that keeps the narcissist out and causes the reduction in your ET to keep you away from the narcissist. I invite you to consult with me so I can analyse the weaknesses in your regime and provide you with the tools to succeed.

            Many people fail at no contact for because
            1. They do not actually know how to do no contact because they have not accessed my work and they have followed a lot of the incorrect and ineffective material which is produced by people who do not understand narcissists and narcissism , and
            2. Where they have accessed my work, they have not followed my direction, resulting in too high ET which then scuppers the NCR with predictable and unpleasant results.

            I guarantee to you and any other reader, by accessing my work AND following my direction correctly, you WILL achieve freedom. There are many who have done so and can testify to the outcome.

            By all means get back on the horse, but make sure it is the correct horse and it is heading in the correct direction, otherwise you will fail again.

            If you want to stop this hurting and if you want to avoid this happening again, engage my direct help.

          2. Beguiled says:

            I was similarly hooveered this weekend via email. I have blocked him, but his emails still go to my SPAM box and the temptation to read them is overwhelming! ET…) I could feel my emotions bubbling up and I literally started plotting to go over to his place to determine if he was telling me the truth about moving out of his place. Whilst in the shower, I came to my senses and put the kibosh on the entire plan. Stayed home, read KNT articles and listended to the Vcirtues of no Contact for the 10th time.
            This is a great improvement as only a few weeks ago couldn’t even block his texts…I would listen to The Final Battle and feel like a failure, unable to even do the basic precaution.

          3. Kiki says:

            Thank you Ren and HG

            What’s hard is how utterly convincing he was until he wasn’t .
            I studied here and definitely was much stronger.
            Sometimes life gets a bit crap and I allowed myself to lean onto the narc , he was there when others weren’t.
            It blinded me to the reality , I’ve been here before with same narc
            He shattered my heart before , why did I think he couldn’t do it again .
            I think I hardened up my heart and felt pretty invincible for a time .
            I’ve learned that I was wrong , he chipped away at it got to my soft spot ,only then decided to throw me back into the sea.

            I don’t think at least I hope I am going to fall as low as I did first time around , I was a total mess for months ,
            I’m rambling I apologise I just need to vent this out before I try to sleep.


    7. blackcoffee30 says:

      Be kind to yourself. XOXO

  2. duchessbea says:


    As a man of infinite wisdom and supreme intelligence have you ever been conned and seduced by your kind for sex?

    1. HG Tudor says:


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