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Why does he lash out at you, abuse, assault and insult?

Why do you get ignored and cold-shouldered?

Why does he walk off and disappear?

Here is the answer.

By understanding fury, what causes it and what purpose it serves you will unlock a fundamental element of the narcissistic dynamic.

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One thought on “Fury

  1. BC30 says:

    Sometimes my fury is still there. It’s only embers now, but I feel them. They want to return to glory, but I cannot effectuate my plans for salvation and revenge until they are extinguished.

    I’ve given up the rubber band. It just associated the thoughts with physical pain– it did not alleviate and remove them.

    I’ve begun to envision snowfall when I think of him. Snowflakes falling onto the tiny, bright embers. Silence softly putting them to sleep forever.

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