A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 24

Dear Narc,

No It isn’t a typo! It is the name I call you now! Please don’t try to understand it, you never will ! Even if you do know what a narcissist is, you would never believe you are one!
This letter is very difficult for me to write, not because I still have feelings for you! Actually it is the opposite, I feel nothing for you!! I have to admit you did a number on me! You hurt me both mentally and physically! You took the little bit of confidence I had in myself and destroyed it and if that wasn’t enough, you smeared my name, you used the pictures that you and I had taken in private and showed it to people convincing them that I was stalking you, that I was crazy!
You made me feel so ashamed and embarrassed! I couldn’t hold my head up any more!! You destroyed and broke me!! Knowing that should make you feel quite powerful indeed!  To me you are pathetic!
Why did you do it?! Don’t answer that! I know why you did it! You were afraid that I would tell people what you were hiding inside of you all your life! You were afraid that your family would be ashamed of you, that your new women wouldn’t want anything to do with you!
You did what you thought you had to do to protect yourself! But you see I would have never hurt you in that way! That is not what I do to people who I care about! I used the word care because I did care about you! What I realize now is that I never loved you! I liked the attention you gave me,  I even thought it was love at one time, not anymore!
It took me hitting rock bottom and actually wanting to take my own life to find the help, knowledge, and support that I needed! No I didn’t end up at a shrink’s office! I found a man and a group of people that got me through it! He is an amazing man and a wonderful writer and teacher!
The group is just like me! They are wonderful,compassionate, loving people who were hurt by people just like you! Shake your head and call me crazy all you want! The truth is you are a narcissist! Actually a mid range narcissist! Lol that should hurt! You are not even the best narc you can be! There is a group above you! But again you will never believe or understand this!
You have a pattern that I have figured out! You will marry this woman and she will have your child, just like your other two wives did! And just like your other two wives did, she will wait until you are away and she will leave you!!
Once again you will ( in your eyes ) be the victim! Poor you who has done so much for her! Once again you will be on the hunt! Warning to you! Do not try to contact me ever again! I am done with you! I have found myself again and nobody will ever hurt me again! I have seized the power that you so desperately crave! Ironic isn’t it?! I think it’s hilarious! LMFAO!
Good bye!

19 thoughts on “A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 24

  1. Another Cat says:

    Dear FM1T
    So inspiring to read your letter. You showed huge strength and walked through the hell he put you through. I am flabbergasted that he saw himself as a victim of things.

  2. Asp Emp says:

    FM1T, what a letter! I am glad that you found HG – as I am sure there’s thousands that are thankful for the existence of KTN. You showed your strength when you did not let this ex of yours lead you to the end of life as you experienced. It’s good to see that you found solace & the answers you sought through HG. It’s a really good letter too 🙂

  3. blackunicorn123 says:

    I haven’t seen this letter before. I’m so glad it is all firmly in the past tense for you now, FM1T. I’m so sorry you had to endure his smear, you describe it well so I can imagine what that did to you. I’m glad you are out the other side.
    I also agree about the benefits of finding HG too! I couldn’t have done it without him either!

  4. lisk says:

    My favorite part is that you found HG and not a shrink after you hit rock bottom.

    You were thus able to cut to the chase and find your freedom without having to be exposed to a bunch of psych-speak and lame advice that could have made you continually vulnerable to endless hoovers and constant self-blame.

    Not only did you survive but you really hit the healing jackpot with HG!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Lisk.

  5. Eternity says:

    FM1T, you have defintely crossed the emotional sea I feel extremely happy for you. I am right behind you swimming to shore.

  6. JB says:

    Such a lovely letter, Fool Me One Time. I know what you mean about the realisation that you were never actually in love. It’s a real personal life lesson, isn’t it? I’m so glad you didn’t take your own life, and that you found this group to help you.

  7. lickemtomorrow says:

    How much I want to comment on this post.

    The picture paints a wonderful image of having made a clearing and being on the lookout, which we all need to be.

    FM1T has expressed it all so well and I thank her <3

    1. Kensey says:

      I see a lighthouse ,yep ,an ocean is over that hill.
      It’s so empowering to find your precious seal skin right there by the waters edge where you left it.
      That part of your soul …you took off for that waste of space.
      Kudos! Swim on my friend❤️

    2. smarinucci1970 says:

      Hey look I’m tomorrow good to see you again

      1. smarinucci1970 says:


        1. lickemtomorrow says:

          Thanks, Smarinucci x

          Good to see you, too 🙂

  8. FYC says:

    FM1T, You have come a long way since this letter to your N. I’m so happy for you. You show great strength and heart and resiliency. You are so much wiser now and you will continue to grow and thrive. Just wanted you to know what we all see and so appreciate. Well done! I hope you are away enjoying the ponies💞

  9. FoolMe1Time says:


    I’d forgotten I had even written this letter. Reading it once again after all this time showed me just how much I have grown. Oh the exclamation points I once used time and time again. That in itself makes me laugh!

    What type of letter would I write now with all the knowledge you have given me? That’s quite easy to answer dear Sir. I wouldn’t write any.

    Thank you for always standing beside me HG, I will always stand beside you. 💞

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

    2. alexissmith2016 says:

      Actually a mid range narcissist! Lol that should hurt! You are not even the best narc you can be! There is a group above you! But again you will never believe or understand this!

      Go girl! Nicely put! what a mid range twat! If I could have one wish from a genie in a bottle it would be to wake up the mids so they see themselves for what they truly are

    3. njfilly says:

      Great letter, FM1T. I’m sorry you felt like taking your own life. I’m glad you didn’t and are healthy again.

      Very funny but I noticed all the exclamation points, but I am a user of them myself.

  10. Christopher Jackson says:

    I’m glad to hear your ensnarement with your narc…I’m glad you left his stupid ass…🍻 to you young lady go live your life what a nightmare

  11. Humble Empath says:

    FMOT…..Hugs and BRAVO!!!!

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