Nothing’s Impossible – Preventative Hoover


nothings impossible

One thought on “Nothing’s Impossible – Preventative Hoover

  1. Asp Emp says:

    “Inside I am exploding with rage at your audacity in daring to even to suggest that you will leave me“
    “It is everything I can do to contain the fury but I know I must do so for an explosion now will be what finally pushes you away“
    “This time I just have to let it wash over me in order to allow my influence to exert itself over you“

    Woah. Sounds like when it reaches this point, it is requiring and using a certain amount of energy, to control of the fury.

    “I cannot stand to be criticised and inside I am dying but I am taking this blow for the greater good, the greater good of ensuring this precious fuel supply remains intact“

    Annoyed at the ‘criticism’ (only from the narcissist’s perspective) but is that also fear at losing the ‘fuel’ that means a lot to the narcissist? It should not cause such a response when there are other sources of the same fuel elsewhere?

    Everything is impossible where there is a narcissist / empath involvement. Great image by the way.

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