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  1. BC30 says:

    I’m a ghost. But it’s a matter of self-preservation and defensive offence. I feel bad when I do it, but it was either him or me.

    I have to block them because I feel guilty for ghosting, and if they get a hold of me, I might crack.

    If they’ve met my friends, I tell my friends to unfriend them on social media and ignore him.

    Maybe this is a manifestation of my SE? I’m not sure it’s narcissistic traits when it’s born out of emotional self-preservation.

  2. Veronique Trimble says:

    Hi I was ghosted by a narcissist years ago and the end of last year I saw him it was very uncomfortable and I broke the rules and reached out he twisted this with others people saying I wanted a relationship with him in a negative way so I didn’t contact him again and said I didn’t want to see him again, recently he orchestrated seeing me I was completely shocked to see him. He acted as if nothing happened bad that is between us he was actually really nice but after his last response to seeing him I didn’t reach out I just figured he was showing me he was the one who was going to decide if he saw me or not anyway my question is was he expecting me to contact him and am I going to get punished again this man has a very fragile ego and I am really just trying to not poke the bear I’m a no sexual secondry source but I do believe he wanted more in the past because I got some really bad malignant hoovering for a while after rejecting his offer to be there for me if I need someone to talk to about my marriage breakup?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello VT, you need to address your No Contact Regime as it needs work. I recommend you organise a consultation so I can help you with that as well as answer the questions you ova exposed.

      1. Veronique Trimble says:

        I’m afraid I have no way of being able to do that this week has probably been the worst week of my year I was stupid enough to trust someone who seem to be legitimate stock market took money from me put into my stocks account and then made a withdrawal of all my money out This morning I have recently found out it’s a scam finexro I’ve tried contacting them but I’m blocked on every level and it was literally thank you anyway money I had thank you anyway

        1. Veronique Trimble says:

          Sorry about that last line it was all I had I can’t afford you

  3. Asp Emp says:

    Wow. This has certainly been a night of ‘hauntings’ and revelations. The witches and devils have had a night of it – the dancing around and the ‘darkness’ of both worlds have come to the fore. HG, it’s been an enlightening evening / night and you following in the spirit of darkness / light of Halloween. It should be an annual ‘event’ of revelations. Fk me, the Moon’s effects are powerful tonight. It’s such a pity that in your world, it’s so cold, so dark. Yet in mine, it invokes so much and we, empaths feel so much. I love the Full Moon, I dream vivid stuff and it’s unbelievable.

    HG, thank you or the entertainment, from your perspective. It’s sad and it breaks me. But that’s the harsh reality in the world of narcissism.

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