The Addiction : Double Package



Usually US $ 60, available for just US $ 44.99

As part of the implementation and maintenance of your no contact regime, it is necessary for you to understand a very important person – you.

You need to understand that you have an addiction, an addiction to the narcissist.

Why do you have this addiction? What is its foundation? Why is it so powerful? Why does it prevail even when you gain extensive knowledge about escaping the narcissist? Why do you know the narcissist is bad for you yet keep engaging with the narcissist in some form? Why is it so hard to overcome? Why does it have such a grip on you?

This Assistance Package answers all of these questions and more and is a FUNDAMENTAL necessity of achieving freedom from the narcissist.

The addiction to the narcissist creates the Enemy Within – Emotional Thinking.

This Assistance Package addresses questions including –

What is the relationship between the addiction and emotional thinking?

How does emotional thinking affect me?

How is the addiction fed?

What do I do that increases my emotional thinking?

What are the three things which arise from the existence of emotional thinking? What do they look like?

What is the impact of the three things which arise from emotional thinking?

What will emotional thinking do to me

Is emotional thinking permanent?

In order to escape the narcissist you need to understand everything about the narcissist to defeat the Enemy Without but you must also understand yourself and the addiction to the narcissist, which includes the Enemy Within.

This Assistance Package is provided through a detailed audio file, packed with information and examples. Obtain it here

14 thoughts on “The Addiction : Double Package

  1. Intriguingly Curious says:

    I could certainly do with this…

    I recently bought the empath detector and therefore it will be a while before I can afford something else.

    I feel understanding ourselves is crucial in moving forward.

    1. Truthseeker6157 says:

      Hello Curious,

      How exciting! The EDC is such an enlightening consultation. It opens up a whole new level of awareness and then going forward, you will laugh to yourself as you realise that you have just done or said something that was led by your cadre or your school.

      I said once on the blog that every time I saw this post about the Addiction Package, I would comment beneath it. This package was the real turning point in my understanding. I listened and as I did, I could have cried because someone understood. Understood me, understood what had happened with me and why. It is a truly amazing piece of work from HG and impacts everything you will subsequently read. You are right to purchase this package next Curious. I know it will help you as much as it helped me.

      1. Intriguingly Curious says:

        Thank you Truthseeker6157.

        I am still waiting on my empath detector results. And then maybe we shall see.
        I like to do one thing at a time.

        1. Truthseeker6157 says:

          Agree Curious, step by step is the best way, or, seems to be for me.
          Welcome to the blog 😊

          1. Intriguingly Curious says:

            Thank you Truthseeker6157.

            Yes baby steps in my case. I have much to learn. And there really is so so much.

            Once I know what I am essentially, then I can go on from there.

      2. BC30 says:

        I was just thinking today there hasn’t been an in-depth convo about our EDC results in far too long. I love, love, love hearing other empaths’ schools and cadres to compare their results against what I surmise based on their posts. Super fun. I’d been hoping HG would post an EDC article to get the party started.

        1. Truthseeker6157 says:


          I know what you mean. I find it fascinating. I actually really like trying to work out the school and cadre of others here. So for me, I’d have to cover my eyes when people reveal them!

          I tend to spot those who are similar to me though, or at least who I think are similar. A couple of cadres I would be completely lost with. I know Ren is Geyser, but I don’t see another Geyser amongst us I don’t think, so I clearly miss that cadre for the most part. It is fascinating though, I could talk about it all day ha ha!

          1. BC30 says:

            I’m a Geyser (38%) 😛 I sneaked by. I cry at the drop of a hat and hate it. I cry when I’m happy and bursting with joy. I clap during the announcement of star baker on GBBO. Haha When my favorite contestant in any competition wins I shout for them. On the flip side, when I get infuriated— it. is. a. scene.

            I am a bit ashamed to say have gotten violent, but it is rare. I’ve shared on HG’s articles, Shell Shocked Silence and Delivered By God. It’s just that my instinctive reaction to that sort of treatment is to yell, “You m*therfucker!” and punch you in the face (while crying, of course).

            My reaction is fuel, but it’s never going to be silent.

          2. Intriguingly Curious says:


            You are not the only one that cries easy at times my love.

            I tend to cry alone though, and will deal with stuff myself.

            I had a little sparrow brought in alive by my naughty cats yesterday, and I got the little bird away, and its feathers were all ruffled up and its little heart beating, and it had had a shock, but I couldn’t see any puncture wounds, and so I was going to put it outside somewhere safe, but for some reason I just couldn’t do it, as it was freezing outside. And it was not yet flying…
            I then brought it back in, crying (me, not the bird), clutching it in my hands, and I sat with it for over 2 hours in the warm until it was better and ready to fly again…I was so protective of it. I needed it to be ok before I put him outside again.
            I get emotional about stuff a lot.
            It really does make ET difficult to deal with.

            When my results come through if we are allowed to share them here, then I’m happy to say what I am…

          3. BC30 says:

            I suspect you will be some (and high) Carrier. My second largest cadre is Magnet, which is weird because I don’t consider myself a people person. OTOH People tell me their secrets pretty often. I love the story about the little bird, glad it was okay.

            I cry everywhere. I just can’t hold it in. It’s ok because most people say I’m aggressive and strong.

            Please come back and let us know your results.

          4. Truthseeker6157 says:

            Ohhh that did make me laugh. I do think it’s nice to wear your heart on your sleeve. Always know where you are with someone like that. In a climate where most people are scared to reveal what they think, to me, it sounds refreshing. Living with it might be a bit different though.

            So do you score high on anger in the TDC? I don’t get angry often enough I don’t think. I don’t get angry for me, I get angry for others. I’d actually like to have a bit more anger strange as it sounds. 4% is too low.

          5. BC30 says:

            Noting that I’m nearly 50/50 split between E and N, it’s 7% but it’s the combination of anger with my others traits that leads to these explosions.

            To illustrate, the one time I “pummeled” the MMRA it was because he tried a present silent treatment. My pride and defiance coupled with my anger and built up enough emotion to cause me to lash out in physical rage. It feels rather instantaneous when it happens.

          6. Truthseeker6157 says:


            It is interesting isn’t it? Once you have your results you start to recognise when the different elements activate and why. The TDC adds so much in terms of detail. I do think we are fascinating as a group. How we are put together, how we communicate, have similar core values but vary across traits and drivers. I’m enjoying the empathic side of things. I’m broadening my interest in terms of narc schools too. At the start you concentrate on you as an empath and the school of your narc. At least I did. Now it’s about empaths and narcissists as groups and the differentiation within the groups. Our focus just broadens again as we start to feel better.

            I remember having my first child. They kick you out of hospital here 7 hours later. I was ready to go home. A couple of hours later my parents arrived to see the baby. I remember thinking how amazing our bodies are. That 10 hours ago I had just given birth and now was stood in the kitchen making tea. Similar thing here. The more I learn, the more I realise how resilient we all are.

        2. njfilly says:


          That’s an excellent idea. I love the idea of reading of the different schools and cadres of the commenters here. Although I don’t get to the blog much anymore and I’m not sure I know many of the other’s personalities well enough since I don’t read enough.

          Regarding your “it. is. a. scene”, that’s hysterical!! I can totally relate. I’m only 20% Geyser but it’s very powerful in me and it’s usually anger. I have been violent in my past as well. Unfortunately, I don’t really feel embarrassment at certain times so anything goes!

          Once I was at a biker bar with my boyfriend and the motorcycle club we were in. This was approx. 1994. I got into a fight with another woman and I knocked her to the ground. Of course, I was drinking and doing drugs which was typical for me. Within seconds my boyfriend and his friend had me each holding one elbow and they quickly ushered/carried me outside. There was usually illegal activity going on and contrary to what you might assume, they did not want any fights or trouble in the area so that the cops might be called.

          My boyfriend and I got into my car to have a talk. I was in the driver seat. We only spoke for a few moments and I erupted in anger and from my seat punched him in the face three times consecutively before he reacted. I can’t say if he slapped me or punched me since I don’t remember. I was aware, even then, that he used restraint as he could have killed me.

          The next morning half my body was numb. Like a line drawn down the middle of me. I happened to be going to a chiropractor during that time, so I made an appointment for that day. He gave me an adjustment in my neck and immediately I felt the blood flow back into my body. It was very strange, and that episode cemented my belief in chiropractors.

          Within days I had a seizure. Witnessed by my boyfriend. It was mild and at the time it was called a petite mal seizure. Long story short I continued to have seizures although they morphed into what are called absence seizures. I had them for a few years then went on anti-seizure meds which I was on for approx. 15 years until I went of the meds. Now I have about one seizure a year.

          Sorry for the length of my comment. It’s Friday night and I’m stoned and drinking a cup of whiskey, so I felt like writing about something I have experienced. I like to use the blog for this purpose sometimes.

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