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You put yourselves into the position of others. We put others into ourselves. You do it as a matter of choice in order to fulfil one of the roles you see for yourselves. Admittedly, you are struck by a considerable compulsion but you still retain the ability to decide if you will do so. We do not. We must do it. We have no choice if we wish to survive. I would invite you to exercise that ability of yours.

Imagine being wounded by the words and actions of others. Imagine that injurious sensation arising because of the deliberate and treacherous behaviour of someone who we have come to rely on. From minion to colleague, from friend to lover, the slight that is occasioned by them stings, hurts and pains. Imagine suffering that agony even if the transgressor claims not to have intended such injury and pleads innocence of all wrongdoing. Imagine that you recognise that they are right in their protestation but it still does not take away what they have done.

Imagine being of ability, brilliance and talent yet within an instant being laid low by the turn of the back or the failure of acknowledgement. Imagine being beholden to such a tortuous response and hating being chained in this way. Imagine the desire to rail against the offender, mocking them for their shortcomings, their pale comparison and diminished abilities yet that same pathetic specimen has the ability to wound in such a grievous manner. Imagine the shame of despising that individual for their behaviour yet knowing that in their hands they hold such a power. Imagine those moments of genuine horror when it is contemplated that if that competitor only realised what they could truly do and that the consignment to oblivion might be moments away.

Imagine the anguish of knowing that your well-being and capacity to function is reliant on a whole host of others who have no inkling as to the part they play. Imagine how such ignorance is regarded as a blessing and that each and every day, thanks is given that they remain shrouded in such ignorance for if they became armed with knowledge, what destruction they might wreak. Imagine knowing you are chained to the one thing that generates such contempt and bilious hatred, the need to strain against those binding chains until they split, rupture and fall away with the arrival of another. Imagine the hope, the expectation and the desire for the new arrival to prove to be the saviour. Imagine always searching for that one true acolyte that will remove the ills, eradicate the risk of annihilation and instead will prevent the necessity of the imposition of those heavy oh so heavy chains. Imagine the fervent endeavour to acquire that new arrival and the sense of delicious anticipation as they begin to function in accordance with the expected and hoped for desire.

Imagine the soaring power that arises from this saviour, the promised one, the perfect one. Imagine that sense of surging, blazing power, the sweeping majesty of knowing that the needs are now catered for, that all is and will be well, that function and form can rely on this spectacular provision. Imagine the possibilities as being super-charged from this significant, this most significant other and that worlds will collide, empires will rise and the intended endless dynasty will be created.

Imagine the horror, the disappointment, the envy and the fury as that perfect one turns out to be a seditious charlatan who has lied, conned and connived. Imagine the incandescent rage that seeks escape. Imagine knowing of the consequences of such treachery and the reckless application of such blind fury. Imagine knowing that control must be exerted in order to preserve so much that has been built. Imagine straining to keep the beast within its confined place, the shackles so perfectly formed and seemingly impervious to weakness or fragility that now appear weak, rusted and not fit for purpose. Imagine the contemplation of becoming nothing. Imagine that which you wish the world to see being steadily dismantled and by a traitor’s hand. Imagine the sense of injustice, unfairness and bitterness to be undone by the very thing which promised the ultimate salvation. Imagine hearing that craven whisper that signifies that which should not be entertained or occasioned. Imagine the icy terror of that mocking, lisping voice and the frantic need to silence it. Imagine the whirlwind of necessity to rebuild, to acquire and to conquer once again. Imagine the Herculean effort required to reassert one’s place in this cruel and feckless world.

Imagine in such times of being reminded of what once was and what you swore would never be again. That which you have sought to bury deep and keep buried, locked away, hidden and rarely contemplated. Imagine the tormentors that come like shades to pull and drag towards that time again. That time which ought to have been banished yet still somehow rises time and time again. Imagine trying to bury it dead but knowing it will not allow this and instead when the obscene and scandalous plans of our opponents, our competitors and our enemies weaken that which ought not be seen as weak, that the corpse breathes once again and seeks to rise, its fetid words travelling from near-forgotten times to resurrect them and bring us down.

Imagine striking out left, right and centre in order to bring control and order back. Imagine that it can only be from the external chaos that order is enforced within and that the suffering of others is the glue, the mortar and the binding which creates that prison once more. Imagine reliance on the agony and suffering to re-build and re-create so that the voice is silenced and decorum established once more.

Imagine that whirring mind which must always assess, evaluate and calculate. Planning, plotting and scheming. A marvellous frenzied activity which devises and develops in order to always drive forward. Imagine knowing that stillness is not an option. Imagine the knowledge that taking such a step would only result in that slow descent and instead momentum is required at all times, onwards, upwards, forwards with never a backward glance, a moment of retrospect or the time to pause and consider. Always consuming, always extracting, always gathering, garnering, purloining, taking, sucking, draining, hunting, claiming, conquering. A ceaseless behemoth that draws the light from stars, the good from the benevolent, the love from the decent and the soul from everything. Imagine that and so, so much more.

Can you imagine it?

Can you be it.

I can.

I have to.

9 thoughts on “Evil : Imagine Greater

  1. Freedom says:

    I appreciate what you write, I find it very good, useful. But you of your kind are aware of how sick your mind is, you live out of reality, completely, and miss the best

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No such thing as an objective reality. “Your reality” is not THE reality, just another version of it. Our minds are only sick from your perspective, your lives can be viewed as weak and pathetic from our perspective. I am pleased you find my work useful, do keep reading and you will understand more about the different perspective so you can protect yourself.

    2. Asp Emp says:

      My copied / edited comment from HG’s article ‘I Spy A Private Eye’ (17 Nov).

      If I may, HG, offer another perspective on this – have you ever looked through a camera’s lens when it was cracked? It distorts the picture you actually see. Or even a window – the image differs compared to an unbroken view / lens. Now, I am not saying what a narcissist sees is not the ‘wrong’ way, it is their way of what they see – just like how us, empaths see our ‘view’. We are all looking at the same image through the same ‘lens’ but in a different way.

  2. Emma says:

    Poignant post HG.

    Recently I was contemplating the fairy tale of Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson and Disney’s version, Frozen. The original tale is a moving and accurate description of narcissism, conveyed with beautiful imagery. The Hollywood version is somewhat simplified and romanticized as can be expected, but still manages to retain the core message about how evil arises as a result of ignoring the reality of who you are and how evil is vanquished by remembering and bringing that reality back into focus again. That return journey involves a plethora of red herrings and smoke and mirrors, designed to throw the seeker of truth off track and into the maze.

    Smoke and mirrors and red herrings appear to be your specialty HG. I should imagine you are well versed in the subject and it is perilous to get entrapped in the alluring maze you expertly create.

    By the way, how much do you and your brother resemble each other in appearance? And what is the age difference between the two of you? And who is the better looking one?

    Hmm, just pulling your leg there with that last question HG, it is only logical that the better looking one has to be you, hasn’t it. Anyway, it’s a pity you will not lift the veil and permit us, your readers, to ever lay eyes on your handsome self.


    1. lickemtomorrow says:

      Strangely, I happened across Frozen the other night when flipping through channels and took a glance at the storyline again. There is definitely a narcissistic dynamic at play which could be quite educational when we think of the stories of princes and princesses and the happy endings attached to such tales. I was surprised to see how clearly the dynamic was portrayed, and if it could be highlighted may show even younger children the dangers that lurk out in the world. Here we have two princesses and one is targeted by a narcissist. It’s an opportunity for them to become aware of the dynamics until they are old enough to understand the concept. Glad you pointed this one out, Emma.

  3. Summer says:

    I appreciate you sharing this, thank you

  4. December Infinity says:

    ‘Always consuming, always extracting, always gathering, garnering, purloining, taking, sucking, draining, hunting, claiming, conquering. A ceaseless behemoth that draws the light from stars, the good from the benevolent, the love from the decent and the soul from everything.’ It sounds like a full time job, the need to keep going and achieve more no matter what. Otherwise it would mean falling into the abyss to nothingness.

  5. Asp Emp says:

    “I can, I have to” – I understand that

  6. BC30 says:

    “thanks is given that they remain shrouded in such ignorance for if they became armed with knowledge, what destruction they might wreak.”

    Several weeks ago I was speaking with very close friend, and she made the point that the Ns do not know my character. The MRs cannot imagine what I am capable of because they do not know my character. I think only Greaters are capable of knowing our character and utilizing it for maximum fuel extraction.

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