The Addiction : How to Tackle Emotional Thinking



Are you ready to drain yourself of Emotional Thinking in order to beat the addiction to the narcissist and achieve freedom? Absolutely, you are.

By accessing the Assistance Packages to understand the foundation of your addiction and then the relationship between your addiction and Emotional Thinking, you are then ready to tackle Emotional Thinking and drain it away.

This must-have Assistance Package is required listening to ensure you defeat the Enemy Within which is Emotional Thinking and thus allow you to manage successfully the addiction. This Assistance Package provides you with a range of ground breaking information, which includes :-

How to recognise Emotional Thinking

How to apply the Acid Test which is crucial to tackling ET

Over 20 examples of what ET looks like AND how to address those common examples of ET

How you go about shutting off ET

How your existing level of ET occurs

Knowledge about The Bathtub Principle

Information about the rate of ET Attrition

How you will rid yourself of unwanted emotions caused by ET

How your no contact regime fits with tackling ET

Understanding and recognising ET is absolutely essential to defeating the Enemy Within and allowing you to achieve freedom from the narcissist.

This is powerful and unique information which you will not find anywhere else.

Learn how to tackle it here

One thought on “The Addiction : How to Tackle Emotional Thinking

  1. Pinkpeonies says:

    HG – I asked my MMR husband to leave, he finally did and got an apartment tho after he said he thought I’d tell him not to go. Why the sudden change of heart? He’s asked me several times if I want him to come back but has never offered change or said he wants to be back – said recently the house is mine and now he has to start all over. Emotional thinking is making me question his behavior in actually moving out, I thought I’d have to leave myself as he never would…then when he did it confused me??

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