Envious of Your Contentment



One thought on “Envious of Your Contentment

  1. WiserNow says:

    I wrote a comment here which was critical of the narcissist’s constant jealousy and competitiveness. As soon as I pressed the ‘send’ button, I was sorry I wrote and sent that comment.

    Yes, the narcissist’s jealousy, rivalry and destructiveness *is* annoying and tiresome. It is impossible to live with one of these people and have a peaceful and contented, long-lasting and friendly relationship.

    However, to live with the constant jealousy, rivalry and destructive emotions churning inside without the ability to see or accept that there’s more to life and relationships than ‘control and power’ is a limited life.

    The emotions of anger, jealousy, resentment, frustration and self-pity are dark and defensive. At times when those emotions ‘take over’, in the heat of the emotion, there’s an inability to see things from another person’s perspective and to be calm and detached enough to have compassion and empathy for the other person.

    For a baby with a strong genetic predisposition to be ‘defended’ already, an environment which is consistently threatening without enough emotional ‘recovery’ will lead to the dark defensive emotions becoming instinctive and constant.

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