Black Flag and Red Flag


Red Flag

The narcissist is a highly effective predator. His or true intentions are always masked and next to nobody can spot the narcissist as he or she selects a target and then seduces the victim. Until now. Written by a narcissist, this book provides you with the inside knowledge about fifty red flags that are evident when the narcissist is seducing you, what to look for, how the narcissist cons you and essentially what the narcissist is really doing. This book is an absolute must-read for anybody embarking on seeking an intimate partner at any stage in their life to they know what to look out for. This will provide you with the means of spotting the narcissist as he or she seduces so you can avoid them and the trauma and turmoil that follows.

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Black Flag

Why does he do that? Why does she behave in that manner? How many times have you considered, discussed and debated the behaviour of a partner, friend, family member of colleague when their behaviour has left you puzzled? Why do they always react in a certain way? Why do they behave in that odd manner? Most of the time it is an abusive action which is being delivered by a narcissist but the victim has no idea why this is happening or who they have tangled with. People may have heard of projection, triangulation or gaslighting but would you recognise it when one of those manipulations is being played out against you? Chances are the answer is no. Here are fifty real life manifestations of abuse which show up as a black flag in a relationship with a narcissistic abuser. Not only does this direct compendium detail what those forms of abuse show as, what they really are and what the effect can be, you will also learn from a master practitioner why this happens.

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One thought on “Black Flag and Red Flag

  1. Colliegirl says:

    8 years ago a friend of mine changed her job moved to a another city. She likes sports and because she hadnt new friends there yet, she went to fitness club to have something to do after work. She met there a personal trainer. He was her type, fit, muscular, handlsome, easy going, they started flirting and became closer and closer. After a month she was crazy in love. He was in love with her too. But he revealed he has some problems with ex girlfriend he recently broke up with – she doesnt want to let him go but he will try to end this once for good. It didnt went good. The girl hearing he has new girlfriend freaked out. She went to my friends home, told her she destroyed her life, told her she is b***ch and so on.

    My friend wasnt happy about it but she thought she doesnt do anything wrong, they are in love and the ex girlfriend is crazy drama queen. They were dating after all, the deal was done.

    The romance was great, after 6 months he asked her to marry him. After a year they got married. Everything was perfect. They were doing everything together. Trips, work – my friend started to help him with his fitness club, he was training her hard so she started to look like proffesional fitness woman (muscular fit body) herself.

    She totally focused on his passion and helped him achieve his work goals (making his gym popular place). She took his lifestyle, his friends, his goals as hers. They were this kind of popular “power couples” sharing everything on social media. After 3 years she got pregnant. So the kid became a fit kid. Dad was training him a lot, giving a lot of attention as good dad who wants to share his passion with the kid. They were taking great trips as family doing lot of sports together. So happy.
    After another 3 years she got pregnant again. Great news, both were very happy again.

    And then something happened. When the second kid was 3 months, my friends husband told her he is leaving. He had an affair with friend from work, another personal trainer. My friend knew her very well, they were close friends doind lot of things together. They liked ech other a lot. So this was shock and total distaster.

    They are going through the divorce right now. My friend is a total mess. He is shining on social media as a great dad who spends lot of time with his sons doing together great things. He is with a woman he left my friend for.

    I never met this guy personally. I only know him from her stories and from what I can see on social media. But there were many red flags from the beginning. He has this facade of great fit guy, great businessman, great dad, passionate sportsman.. I am sure my friend is victim of narcissist. Poor girl. It didnt start good and ended really badly.

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